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28 November 2007

The speech not heard

from Madrid to Annapolis
The speech none of the parties involved in the Bush Administration’s Road Map to Peace in the Middle East have wanted to hear begins with a proverbial picture worth 1,000 words, which President George W. Bush and every U.S. Senator have seen. At least it was hand-delivered to the Senate receiving office and received by the White House last July. It was also communicated to the White House and the State Department in the summer of 2003 following the protest march against the Road Map in Crawford, TX.
This partzuf, as the rabbis in Jerusalem call a “pictorial outline” defines Judea-Samaria, the New Testament name for the past 2000 years of the so-called “West Bank ” of the former Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the official name for the region for only 19 years before sovereignty was surrendered by the late King Hussein of Jordan.
When this region is understood as Judea-Samaria, facts emerge which have never been considered by the parties and politicians debating on how to carve "him" up.
The Birthright
The northern two-thirds of Judea-Samaria, the “head and crown” region called “Shomron” or “Samaria ,” is the major part of the Birthright territory that Jacob gave to his son Joseph.  These Joes are the children of Jacob and his beloved Rachel and Jeremiah 31:15-18 promises their return to their own borders.  The Bush Road Map gives this region to the people who the prophet Obadiah said would be residing there at the time Jacob would reclaim these possessions:  The House of Esau.
Even the Christian Right who claim responsibility for re-electing the president should realize that taking Jacob’s birthright and giving it to Esau goes too far.  In fact, it brings a curse.
The annihilation and ‘biblical Palestinian state’
Obadiah was himself a descendant of Esau. It is proper that his writing should warn his people, the Palestinians, whose only misfortune would be to live in the wrong place at the wrong time. He warns them to leave the territories of Joseph, the “fields of Ephraim and the fields of the Shomron.”
Zechariah Chapter 9 alludes to the borders of the biblical Palestinian state to which the Palestinians would move, but it is not to be located in the territories of Joseph and does not materialize for the Palestinians until the bloodshed and terrorism end and the pride of the Palestinian people is broken. That pride could be many things in weeks and months and years to come, but today it is best described as “ultra-Nationalistic fervor for a Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria.”   But Obadiah warned that those Palestinians who would not leave Joseph’s inheritance, would be annihilated to the last man, woman and child.
This means that the Bush Road Map and the State Departments since the former President Bush have been aiding and abetting false hope for the Palestinians … in hopes of courting Arab oil, which could be had in the Persian Gulf for less than it could be produced domestically.  Certain death is written for the Palestinians now living in Joseph’s Birthright and for the millions of refugees who would be invited to return.  Does America want this blood on its hands because of oil? By the spiritual principle of what you sow is what you reap, this too is a curse.
Now we get to why it is important to understand this region as Judea-Samaria. Judea defines the historical southern branch of the divided kingdom of Israel , called the House of Judah, which was ruled by the monarchy called the House of DavidSamaria calls to mind the exile of the non-Jewish Northern Kingdom called the House of Israel, which was ruled by the monarchy called the House of Joseph. (The Assyrians who conquered and exiled the Northern house replaced them with Samaritans).
These rival kingdoms once fought a bloody civil war and the Northern tribes aligned with the enemies of the Southern tribes.  In more than 3,500 years of this enmity -- and separate exiles 136 years apart -- there has never been a reconciliation between the houses of Judah and Joseph.
The Jewish house, the House of Judah is already returning.  The coming year, 2008, marks the end of the judgment pronounced on the House of Joseph, making possible their return.  (In 722 BCE, they were judged with a 390-year exile which was multiplied seven times to 2,730 years. Reckoning from 722 BCE, this judgment expires and their return is due beginning in 2008) For the Joes to be returned and reunited and reconciled with the Jews, the Palestinians must be removed to their own biblical borders to make room.
On his deathbed, Jacob told his son, Joseph, that his two boys, Ephraim and M’nashe would grow to be the majority population in their promised land.  This never occurred before the exile of the House of Joseph.
Jewish scholars say these Joes, through Cimmerian root stocks that emerged in Asia Minor, traversed Europe. Via   European colonization, their "seed" mixed with all ethnicities, races and tongues now comprises the majority population on the Earth. By a complicated Jewish law, when a nation exists in a settled condition, a sample population taken from, for instance the coastal regions of that nation, would properly represent the majority population. Jacob said the family of Ephraim within this House of Joseph would constitute just such a worldwide majority  (Heb. Rov) as the “fullness of the Gentiles.”
A family of M’nashe, may be massing in the American Southwest.  These legal and illegal immigrants, who have been traced to five nations of Apache and the Navajo in the Four Corners area and at least 32 other Athap(b)ascan Language Group nations and possibly the Hopi in ancient times, true to Hopi prophesies, are now returning en masse from the South.
It appears that as global earth changes inundate or make coastal regions uninhabitable, and the U.S. tightens its borders, that these territories of Joseph will become home for a representative slice of Earth’s population from all nations, who must reconcile with the Jewish people. They will come to the territories of Joseph as refugees. True to Isaiah’s decree, “Send me ( Israel ) your homeless, not comforted and tempest-tossed.”
So the Bush Road Map stands at loggerheads with the God of Israel and His plan to prepare for this refugee population in the territories of Joseph and resolve the unfinished business between these two families. That’s like tugging on Superman’s cape. If not a curse, it deserves a backhand.
The sell-out
From here it gets heavy and a bit sinister.  To secure the promise that Arab nations would not ally with Saddam Hussein in the 1991 Persian Gulf War, former President George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State James Baker plotted to curse Israel.  Their scheme pressed Israel to abandon its policy of building new settlements in the territories of Joseph.  The two went so-far as to extort Israel ’s millions in U.S. loan guarantees unless Israel complied.
Bush and Baker sold out the holy precincts of Joseph in favor of their energy interests in Iraq . Because they did this, a holy cause – preparing Joseph’s land for Joseph’s children – was circumvented in the name of defending U.S. energy and defense interests. This may be one of the spiritual reasons that America has been dragged into Iraq today trying to defend oil interests in a land that has long been cursed by the God of Israel.
‘Gog m’Gog’
“Today, the Bush State Department is attacking Israel ideologically and pressing her to relinquish the Birthright of Jacob as the northern two-thirds of a Palestinian State . Over time, ideological attacks have a tendency to materialize.
An especially infamous attack is eminent, according to Jewish spiritual leaders.  This is the invasion of the mountains of Israel (the self-same territories of Joseph) from the north by a nation led by a ruler named Gog m’Gog, who would attack Israel in the Last Days – to steal her oil.
Grandfather Prescott Bush led a raiding party to Ft. Sill , OK., that dug up Geronimo. His skull and a femur bone were brought to Yale University and used in an unclean ritual of the Skull and Bones society. Son, George H.W. and grandson, George W. both were members of this society. As part of their initiation, according to an expose by Yale graduate Alexandra Robbins published in The Atlantic and broadcast on 60 Minutes in an interview with Morley Safer, both took vows to Satan and adopted the name Gog m’Gog.

Editor's Note:  Maggid ben Yoseif delivered a note from Ada Fasthorse, greatest granddaugher of Geronimo, to the White House in July 2007 asking for the return of Geronimo's skull "before the curse gets much worse."  Since this time, some 20 direct descendants of Geronimo have joined in a federal lawsuit demanding that Yale University return the remains of Geronimo and other Natives used in this unclean ritual.  As explained below, the Apache link this skullduggery of the Bush family to the curse currently being felt by multiple aspects of American experience.

Ezekiel wrote that the attack for Israel ’s oil on the crown of the head of Joseph, would come from a northern region anciently called, Togormah.  Today, President George W. Bush, a professed Gog m’Gog is commander of an armed forces who control  the Tigris (note consonantal similarity with Togormah) River valley.  (Note:  at present President Barack Obama, the head of the U.S. Armed Forces, -- by Constitution the U.S. President also called Commander-in-chief -- occupies this power)

Both Jacob and Moses wrote that the blessings of the deep – oil -- would be on the crown of the head of Joseph. The partzuf defines this region as Megiddo , the site of future oil storage tank farms, trunk and distribution lines and refineries. It is also the infamous site for the future Battle of Armageddon.
Oil has been found and is believed to exist in several regions of the Givot Olam within these territories of Joseph. In fact, a major well was drilled at Rosh Ha-Ayin (the eye in the head). Curiously, Rosh Ha-Ayin is located at the eye in the head of the partzuf.
Joseph’s head on a platter
Just as the grandfather’s raiding party stole Geronimo’s head and robbed other young Apache graves, the grandson is proposing that Joseph’s head – in the partzuf -- also be handed on a platter to the descendants of Esau. Further the Palestinian State proposed by the Road Map would give the Palestinians ownership of the lands in which Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jacob’s sons are buried.  It is the plan of the Satan so that true to Pslam 83:13  they (Israel’s Arab enemies) may boast that the “ne’ot of God,” (green pastures where the righteous deceased lie) would become theirs for a possession.”
If what has already occurred at the tomb of Joseph in Nablus is any example under Palestinian rule, synagogues at these holy sites of prayer will also give way to mosques, completing this orchestrated theft at the hands of servants of Satan. Israel is today also under a curse for allowing this to happen at Joseph’s tomb.”
Metote: The nature of an Apache curse
Grandfather Prescott’s skullduggery with Geronimo has brought an Apache curse on the Bush family. Tenrivers, a Membreno Apache spiritual leader says such a curse is “like a wheel that rolls over and over the guilty parties” leaving “tell-tale markings” as to why the curse exists.  A curse without a specific and identifiable cause does not exist, the rabbis say.
An Apache curse also comes with metote – the fog of the mind.  This muddled thinking usually produces fruit that looks good in the beginning but turns out rotten or lacking the wisdom of  "thinking it through for seven generations."  The Apache leaders believe the Bush family curse for digging up their revered leader has attached itself to this nation through the Bush presidencies.

Geronimo wants to complete his journey,” declares Tenrivers.  He speaks while holding a monoto (statuette) of the revered Apache leader, a recent gift and sign to him from a Cherokee prophet.

Ada Fasthorse, the greatest granddaughter of Geronimo, also believes  the Bush family curse has been like a "hook in the jaw" to bring the U.S. into the Iraq war.
A courier to the White House
Fasthorse sent a courier to the White House this past July with a note asking for the return of her grandfather’s remains “before the curse gets much worse.” 
Neither President Bush nor Vice President Cheney nor her Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar nor his brother, Congressman John Salazar would receive the messenger or the note from Geronimo’s greatest granddaughter when the purpose for the visit was indicated in mandatory screening calls and faxes.
A copy of the note was received by Peter Dietrich, an aide to Sen. Wayne Allard, but Sen. Allard’s office could offer no assistance with the White House.  Finally, just before the July 4 recess, the note was received by Andrew Ciaferdini in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House. The recently appointed special assistant to the President, who earlier had been a protocol officer in the State Department, said he would bring the matter to the attention of the President.
To date there has been no response from the White House. To date, only three U.S. Senators have replied to this concern.



Other skulls alleged to be in the possession of the Yale University secret society include an unidentified 15-year-old Native boy, Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa and possibly Mangas Colorados, an even more revered Apache leader than Geronimo.  Colorados was tricked into surrender by the Army in New Mexico , then killed and decapitated. His skull has never been located. 

In addition to the Bushes, several presidents, senators, intelligence heads and would-be presidents have been initiated.  In her 2002 expose, "Secrets of the Tomb," and in an article for The Atlantic titled, "George W: Knight of Euloga," and in an interview by Morley Safer with CBS' 60 Mintues, Yale graduate Alexandra Robbins penetrated the veil of secrecy by interviewing past bonesmen.

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