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Thursday, December 13, 2007

School of the Prophets:

Note:  After years of coaxing I've finally decided to address more publicly some of the experiences I have had in my walk by the Spirit.  I am calling this "School of the Prophets" because of the promise from Hashem that prophets will appear. There are about 10 to 12 things I would like to contribute to this school and Hashem willing, plan to do so in the months and years ahead. Submissions are welcomed.

Middot One:

Read the night sky.  Be especially aware of the Moon and the planet Mars and the star-cluster called Pleiades, and the constellations of Orion, Virgo and Drago and any eclipses of the sun or moon.  Much of the unfolding prophesies in Isaiah and the Book of Revelation can be explained through the interaction of these heavenly bodies and constellations.

In Jacob's interpretation of his son, Joseph's dream, Jacob was the sun, Joseph's mother Rachel was the moon. The Hebrew word for Mars is Edom and is therefore Esau. Astronomers are reporting that the Moon and Mars are closer to Earth than any time since the days of the Hebrew prophets.  Indeed 2008 is a propitious year for the House of Joseph and the House of Esau, but we have been noting the Moon descending from the birth canal of Virgo and being chased by Mars for some time.

Meanwhile, The Hopi search the night sky awaiting the appearance of the Blue Star, which I am no longer alone in maintaining could involve a change in Kimah (the Pleaides), or rather a correction to its previous position relative to Earth before the flood of Noah. The Talmud written from the oral traditions of the Hebrew sages of the Torah, records this solitary change in the fabric of the Heavenly tapestry. It states that the Creator "moved two stars in the Kimah out of their place and caused the flood."  So as the Hopi await the appearance of the Blue Star, they do so during a certain special time of the year -- which I can't talk about right now -- when slits are cut in their kiva's roofs to track the path of the chariot across the sky. What do they know and could it relate to the sign of the coming of the "son of man"?

Without the distractions of television and bright city lights, the night sky was a "nightly" ritual for the prophet-in-training.  It has been my fascination since I was old enough to slip out of my bedroom window and sleep on the ground with a canopy of messengers overhead. (But I also saw cloud formations in the day sky, mostly of Indians on horseback and spears and buffalo herds and crying old ladies and once a Teepee with smoke coming out of an opened top).

And once, there is a witness to prove I'm not lyin' or otherwise I would have a hard time believing this myself:  but once while driving late, late one night on the Indian Nation Expressway in Southeastern Oklahoma  I and my then girlfriend, saw a black but starlit sky and "Someone" connecting the stars with a Light!

First, the Light drew the outline of a foot, below that an arm, then a leg and a hand. Then I stopped the car to be sure we were not seeing things. I have puzzled over the meaning of that sign for more than 25 years. "Were these all parts of the same body?"

Those of you who feel like misfits in Earthly bodies may find your reason d'etre as you simply ask the Great Mystery (Hashem, the Creator, Tunkashelah, Yo-He-Wah or He Who Goes By Many Names but is One) to do as He already has promised and "pour out of His Spirit" enabling visions and dreams.  This outpouring will be upon All Flesh, but the sons and daughters of Israel and their servants and handmaidens inclusively the "children of Zion," (Yoseif and Tzion have identical 156 gematria) will be given prophesy, dreams, visions. But always realize that a price is paid when pursuing any spiritual path or an elevation on that path.  Ask about that, too. And I should qualify my personal path to the Spirit as being enabled through my covenant renewal in the middot of the tzadik, Y'shua.  This was this tzadik's promise. Other tzaddikim might promise something else for those who would visit their graves and there to pray to Hashem. But Y'shua said, "Come to me and out of your bellies will flow rivers of Living Water."

If the Native American Hopi mixed with the family of Laman ben Lehi ben M'nashe ben Yoseif as the Book of Mormon alleges, then all of the Native American community may remain in covenant with the Great Mystery, like the Jewish people whose covenant also was not abrogated with the judgments in Hosea 1. Lehi as a legitimate prophet in Jerusalem, even though he hails from Joseph who had long been exiled, remained in covenant with the One for Whom he spoke.

Much is veiled in Native symbology, but any rabbi in Jerusalem would recognize the names of the God of the Hebrews in some of the Apache songs sung in the sweat lodges.

Maggid ben Yoseif

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Coming:  Middot Two.  Welcome and invite suffering. MbY explains the spiritual power and connection with the tzaddikim in the Native American sweat lodge and other means he has explored by which to afflict one's soul as one prays.