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Earlier disseminated by email Wednesday March 9, 2011 /  3 Adar II 5771

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A special message

re:  reunion and reconciliation between M'nashe and Ephraim   


O'siyo, Hoa (Ah-ho) Mitakuyase and Shalom,

After a prolonged silence, I am refocused and rededicated and more determined than ever to promote the Return of the House of Joseph among the House of Joseph.  There is a lot to bring you up to date on and I believe Grandfather has given me a special message to relate.

I begin by encouraging you all, friends, associates, rabbis and teachers, Ephraimites and fellow M'nashe “Joes” to purchase the March 2011 edition of Ancient American magazine or subscribe online.

This special edition includes the latest findings of the Native American Equahiyi-Wasi Society, also known as the Abraham-Moses project, researching links between Native tribes, Abraham and ancient Israel. 


This includes the landmark DNA research of Dr. Donald Yates (Panther), chief investigator with DNA Consultants Inc., one of the 13 Cherokee professionals tapped by Cherokee Central Band Principal Chief Joe “Sitting Owl” White.


Mitochondrial DNA advances make ID of clans possible


Since the March 2010 edition of Ancient American, in which the past 10 years of research of the society was unveiled, Yates has made more landmark discoveries linking Cherokee mitochondrial DNA to grandmothers in ancient Northern Israel and along the Eastern Mediterranean.   The March 2011 edition will for the first time trace all seven Cherokee principal clans by mitochondrial (maternal lines) DNA markers and relate what is known of that clan's history.  As other clans from other nations are identified, we are hoping it may be possible to locate our missing five clans, which the oldest Cherokee prophecy, "the Vision of Elohi" states will be found in the last days "and the Cherokee will reunite these clans."

The DNA advances of our Panther Brother prompted Chief Sitting Owl to name me as the Central Band’s “ambassador at large” shortly before Passover in 2010.  I am a teacher of Torah for the past 18 years, trained by rabbonim from Jerusalem in Halachah (literally “the Walk”) or practical means of living the Torah of Moses and in Kaballah (mystical interpretations).   Although I never converted to become Jewish, I  was charged by an elderly tzaddik in Jerusalem in 2001 “to go find Rachel’s kids and mobilize a remnant of them to return to their ancestral inheritances” (which just happen to be the same lands sought for a Palestinian state).   The Central Band of Cherokee also since named a foreign ministry which has been promoting a "biblical alternative Palestinian state" based on prophesies in Zechariah 9. (You can see more about this and the draft of a treaty with Israel proposed by the Equahiyi-Wasi linked on the home page of this website.  See BULLETINS FROM CENTRAL BAND OF CHEROKEE just beneath the OPEN LETTER TO CHIEFTAINS ... concerning the BIRTHRIGHT).


Suffering for the House of Joseph in sacred inipi

I am mixed Tzalagi (Cherokee) with ancestors on my maternal side who were part of the Cherokee Old Settler’s, including a great-grandmother who was Wild Potato Clan.  On my father’s side, I am the seventh generation since my gggg grandfather sat on the Cherokee National Council that voted against the sale of the Cherokee nation to the U.S. Government (before gold was discovered 17 miles away from our Sacred Fire at Little Chota, GA. and we were forcibly Removed).  I am an intertribal elder, who suffers every week for the House of Joseph in sacred inipi (purificaiton lodge) among the Apache descendants of Geronimo's warriors, who are my adopted brothers.


Since it is considered taboo for a Native American to be involved with politics in any form -- this is why there are no true Native Americans sitting in Congress -- this work has been a shakey fence indeed.  We "the Equahiyi-Wasi" have tried to limit our proposal to biblical and spiritual precepts and believe our proposal will eventually be the reality when the world's leaders become "like-minded" and stop pressing Israel towards a path of suicide, which in turn only brings more curses on Turtle Island.


Cherokee chief says 'return to Torah'

After a few meetings the chief was convinced that if the Cherokee principal clans are linked to ancient Israel, then the Cherokee people should return to the study and observance of the “everlasting commands” of the Torah of Israel "binding on all of Israel throughout their generations."   He also placed his personal endorsement and the Central Band's spiritual resources toward the establishment of a Western embassy known as Eldersgate American Indian Council at the eastern precincts of the Sacred Four Corners. AND ENCOURAGES OTHER NATIONS TO ALSO HAVE SIMILAR OUTPOSTS OR EMBASSIES IN THE REGION due to the possible fulfillment in this area of an ancient Ogalalah Sioux prophecy.

"Just before great fires will sweep the Plains, a place shall be prepared in the mountains for elders to come from which to steward the healing of the land."

Based on leadings by wambli (eagles), and a series of "synchronicities", the Natives of SW Colorado believe they know this location but do not have the resources to purchase or develop it according to the visions many have had of a monolithic dome that can withstand 600 mph winds and a gathering area.  The region shown us by wambli was anciently an Apache gathering area for ceremonies nearby.  This vision has been blessed by Hopi medicine men as well, since it really is a Hopi vision encompassing just one aspect of the massive return to Aztlan (the Homeland) in the North by the descendants of Hopi coming from the South.  Those who oppose immigration reform, kick against the pricks.  The Hopi descendants were promised the land long before anything American was attached to it, because they staked it out like Abraham staked out the Promised Land AND THEY VOWED TO LIVE ON IT IN PEACE, and that also means peace with Mother Earth, which is the point of this special communication, to which I will return.


Eldersgate is means to 'walk before we can run'

But to bring elders here to further this vision, we must walk before we can run.  Therefore, the establishment of Eldersgate, as a means to accommodate elders for short visits to the area, set up an Internet broadcast studio and the media infrastructure for what will be.

My five years of research living in this region among the descendants of Geronimo’s warriors who are  reuniting as Sundancers near the eastern gateway of the Sacred Four Corners will also be published in the March 2011 edition of Ancient American.


Migrations of Israelite East M'nashe

I attempt to integrate the earlier work of Assyriologist the late E. Raymond Capt., Jerusalem rabbi Eliyahu Avichayil and LDS Restorationist Donald A Rightmeyer,  to promote the theory that Israelite East M’nashe is located among the 38 Athap(b)ascan Language Group Nations. These migrated across the Siberian straits into the lands known today as Alaska and Canada.  But their migration began with their exile to an Assyrian outpost as military conscripts.  Once freed, they migrated from Assyria over tens of hundreds of years across Pakistan, through the Kyber Pass of Afghanistan and the Wakhan corridor toward Tibet, Mongolia, China and Manchuria, then northeast to and through the Siberian straits.


Six Athapascan nations migrated further south to the Four Corners region, descendants of whom still live in in the four-state region including here in SW Colorado. Most specifically, this includes the five nations of the Apachu and the Navajo.  The research from historical-cultural, archaeological, textual, spiritual and linguistic evidence is convincing. The Jerusalem Temple Institute found the weave described in Hebrew oral traditions for the sacred breastplate to attach the sacred stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel to the garment of the high priest.  It was found only one place in the world:  The Navajo reservation, although Apache weaving was once also geometric and with similar vertical and horizontal wafts and wefts.  Only in the Punjab province of Pakistan in the city of Lahore was a weave similar to that of the Navajo located and the Warrior-Priests of Israelite East M'nashe passed through this region enroute to the Kyber Pass of Afghanistan.


If never 'cut off' covenant remains intact


Revelations I have been heretofore withheld from mentioning, are unveiled in the link between Israelite East M’nashe and the Apache and Navajo.  Most surprising to most will be our long-held contention that since Israelite East M’nashe was exiled 17 years before the exile of the remainder of the northern tribes of Israel,  and depending on how long the prophecy about Hosea, his wife and children took to unfold, that Israelite East M’nashe was possibly never removed from its covenant -- with the declaration of "sefer critut" ( a "get" or literally "book of cutting") -- with the God of Israel.  If so, Native ceremonies such as the Sun Dance, the Ghost Dance (known as the Dance of Welcome when it was given to us at Walker Lake, NV., in 1890 by our Big Brother (Jesus)), our stomps, our medicines, sage, cedar, sweetgrass and tobacco, all used in a sacred way, all of it, is from the right spirit, the connected spirit, never cut off or the Holy Spirit.


The link between the priestly Machirite city bordering M’nashe and Gad, (Gilead), also could explain a heavy incidence of the extra-Y chromosome found among Native populations in the Four Corners area.  In this region the extra-Y chromosome has shown up from 20 to 24 times more often than in any other locale in the world even among totally Jewish population samples, although recent evidence in Northern Africa also attests to a large concentration.  The extra Y chromosome identifies the descendants of Aaron through the righteous Zadok or the Zadokite priesthood destined to "decide in matters of controversy" and "teach the difference between what is clean and not clean and holy and common."  In other words, these priests in the last days, according to the prophet Ezekiel, will teach Torah together with its precepts and decrees (another means of describing the oral traditions that helped define the Halachah or practical Walk of Torah).

Challenge to be involved with Native spirituality and the reconciliation


The March issue will be in Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million, Hastings and private bookstores.  Single copies also are available from Ancient American directly.  Call toll free 877-494-0044.  Cost is $7.95 + 1.50 for postage. (tell them you were referred by ben Yoseif).


After examining this evidence, and searching the conclusions yourselves, if you find it to be valid, I challenge you to be involved with Native American spirituality and specifically with our work here at Eldersgate attempting to facilitate this reunion and reconciliation with those of Ephraim who have the heart of their father Joseph for his eldest son, M'nashe and for his brother, Judah.


Sundance:  Yearly spiritual renewal maintains sovereignty

If Israelite East M’nashe was never removed from its covenant, then its spiritual sovereignty remains so long as there is a yearly spiritual renewal to the essence at least of the Covenant made at Sinai.  The yearly Sundance seems so orchestrated.   And from my vantage point, a covenant never abrogated, although long forgotten, trumps a renewal of that same covenant for those who were abrogated from it.  Surely there are not still Joes who believe their covenant was something totally “new.”  If so, consider the judgments of Hosea 1 and their remedy in the Gospel accounts, especially Luke 1-2, where the very buzz words of that judgment are mitigated with Creator’s "remembrance of his Mercy for His People Israel."  These are found in prophesies about Jesus before his birth and at his infancy, making his mission to repair this breach between Judah and Israel as much a part of the Gospel as anything else coming from pulpits.  But I also continue to hear in my meditations that Israel cannot reunite with Judah until "Joseph is reunited with Joseph" (Ephraimite settlers and Native M'nashe).  It certainly makes sense not to bring Josephite differences to the table with Judah.  This Ephraim-Mnashe reconciliation also involves Mother Earth, as explained below.


Orthodox script makes Passover seder kosher

 Also, as Joes prepare for Passover, I encourage all to celebrate an Orthodox Passover Seder from an Orthodox Jewish Haggadah, that makes clear that the third cup raised by Y’shua at his last seder was NOT the cup of Redemption, but rather, the Cup of Covenant (based on the Halachah which would have been known by Jesus) that the four cups follow the order of Exodus 6:6-8:  Rescue, Redemption, Covenant and Return.  In that context, and with a Torah foundation in mind, the cup raised by Y’shua mirrors the “blood of the covenant” declared by Moses after he read to the people the “book of the covenant,” represented at the seder by the broken unleavened wafer (afikomen) Jesus called "his body."  With those two departures from the traditional seder, Y’shua was reminding those who would be his disciples of their everlasting responsibility to the SAME Book of the Covenant and the Blood of the Covenant to which their ancestors had vowed at Sinai which would be binding on all generations who would be called Israel.


WITH ALL OF THAT SAID, a major failing among the descendants of Ephraimite settlers concerns our EARTH MOTHER, who is currently "groaning" and awaiting a manifestation of TRUE sons and daughters of the Covenant who recognize part of that Covenant is treating Her with respect, as they should the mother who gave them birth.


The disconnect with Mother Earth


Common sense (and my meditations) tell me there is a disconnect between the "transplants" and Mother Earth, which indigenous people the world over have never experienced.  Indigenous cultures around the world have ceremonies of some type honoring Her.  It is this "disconnect" of Ephraim that leads many to treat her as a disposable napkin or their personal or corporate latrine. THIS DISRESPECT MUST END!


It is no coincidence that even in the most ancient Hebrew, the word for the Earth is a feminine noun.  In biblical Hebrew, these nouns do not occur as often but they have in common the trait of being alive with the capacity to reproduce, give birth or regenerate life, grow or diminish, flourish, blossom, shrink, and die.  Non indigenous “Joes” must come to the place where they recognize these dynamics pertaining to our Earth Mother or Creator will call these VERY Heavens and the Earth to witness against us all.  This is not a threat. It is a promise in the Song of Moses.


Perceptions about the curse and its remedy or prevention


It is my perception -- for which I am seeking consensus and collegiality -- that the curse coming on the Earth is directly related to the enmity between Ephraimite Joes and Mnashe Joes (when America was settled, that was Cowboys and Indians) and the House of Judah (the Jewish people).  Their hearts being turned toward the father of each (Joseph and Judah were reconciled in Egypt) would reconcile and reunite them as foretold of Elijah's coming.  This would prevent the curse.   This will also require some kind of world peace, since Ephraim today comprises most everywhere Europe has colonized and M'nashe (aside from East M'nashe) is largely Southeast Asia.  Yes, we fought our brothers in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, North and South Korea and we dropped atomic bombs on our brothers in Japan.  When will the nations learn that war is not a solution?


Just as ancient Israel could not proceed toward Sinai until they got the observance of Shabbat right, and could not grow in Torah until then, so Ephraim must learn it can go no further toward reuniting with M’nashe unless and until it embraces our Earth Mother.  The Torah evidences for this dynamic relationship include the command to let the land lie fallow once every seven years and again at the Jubilee, the 50th year.  In the Prophets, we learn that when the people were righteous the land flourished and perpetuated the righteousness through its fruit, but when the people committed "pesha" (willful intentional sins), the land became defiled and its fruit corrupted, so that eventually the LAND would spew the people out!  Magnify that to a global scale and you can see the scope of this curse and its cause.


Brothers must become brothers' keepers

Finally, in meditating for the past several months on how to bring the Ephraimite settlers together with Native M'nashe (loosely make peace between descendants of Cowboys and Indians) one thought arises, which I am free to share.  Creator fills my spirit with this understanding:  Brothers must become brothers' keepers.  Had Ephraimite settlers recognized the Natives as their brother M'nashe, and respected their spiritual sovereignty instead of fearing it and trying to eradicate it, peace could have been made with simply an extended Nakwach (a special cupped handshake). 

Five hundred broken treaties later, because we hear our Mother groaning, and with the spiritual revelation among the Native peoples of Hoa Mitakuyase (Ah-ho, relatives), the greeting by Natives for all of Creation including the two-leggeds who come from Ephraim, that says "we are all related" this hand of friendship, fellowship, reconciliation and reunion" is possible for Ephraim. 

If Ephraim will recognize this word from M’nashe with the weight of Covenant toward our Earth Mother, healing, reconciliation and reunion can begin.


Hoa mitakuyase and Gah geh you e,

ben Yoseif


As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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