Maggid ben Yoseif / Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile

Interviews of MbY with David Mathews,

program host of Torah To The Nations,

Hebrew Nation Radio Network, Salem, OR.

May 31, 2011 -- The pre-1967 lines, union of Hamas and Fatah and the prophecy of Obadiah.

March 18-19 2011 -- These interviews focus on the spiritual trends within Native American M'nashe and DNA revelations.

Note:  More interviews during the week of Passover with David Mathews, pastor at Manna From Heaven Congregation at Escatawpa, MS., (between Moss Point and Pascagoula on the Mississippi Gulf Coast) as well as program host to TTTN,  are available from Manna From Heaven.  Some of these will be available FREE here on this page shortly.  There are particularly important interviews on what it will take to reunite Ephraimite Joes, M'nashe Native American Joes and Jews?  The discussion on a "common Halachah" about which the prophet Ezekiel wrote will be enlightening.  Manna From Heaven was also the venue of a recent "impromptu" (put together by the Spirit in two days) live PALNET seminar/teaching that included our insights on the Earth Covenant detailed elsewhere in this website.

As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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