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As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

(Literal translation of Isaiah 52:14-15)


April 20, 2011 / Nisan 16 5771


MbY sets record straight
re: Latest attacks by Yair Davidy




Shortly after the mourning periods had been completed for my late father, Dell N. Griffin, z''l, the late Rabbi Abe Raich, z''l, and the Ogalalah medicine man, John Wilson, z''l, and my wife and I were divorced and I moved to SW Colorado to live among the Apache of the Aztlan community, I posted a response to an email I had received earlier from Yair Davidy, which I felt required clarification.  This was posted on both my website and Yair Davidy's website.  However, Yair responded critically in his post and called it "Dell Griffin Refuted" and when I replied requesting that he post my objections to what he had quoted me as saying, he posted another post called "Dell Griffin Refuted Again."  I was approached by several friends who told me this public debate between us was "too public" and asked me to take the high road and "remove these posts from my website."  I did.


However, I learned this week, that Yair has since broadcast another post on his website, called "Some Background Facts About DG".  Below, I am responding to this latest attack.  Of a certainty, it will be removed from my site eventually, but this is the only defense I have against the attacks of Davidy and much of what he states about me are lies and innuendo.  Please allow me this space to set the record straight. Davidy's criticisms are in white.  I respond in blue.


Maggid ben Yoseif

3. Some Background Facts About DG
The account below is taken mainly from the publicized writings of DG himself along with other writings in the public domain. It therefore cannot be considered libelous.
Most of what you will read below from Yair Davidy is incorrect, intentionally worded to cast suspicion and based on innuendo, but my replies are below to set the record straight.
Dell Griffin is a "white man" or at least looks like one.
He says he is partly of Cherokee origin.
As a Lakota friend recently told me, "ben Yoseif you are Native as hell but trapped in a White body."  However, if it is important to anyone, I am the seventh generation since my gggg grandfather was on the Cherokee National Council that voted against selling Cherokee lands to the government.  Both my gggg grandfather and my ggg grandfather were on the Cherokee council at Little Chota, Ga., before gold was discovered 17 miles away and the Cherokee Nation was forceably Removed. Today,   I am the ambassador at large for the Central Band of Cherokee, an appointment from Central Band Principal Chief Joe “Sitting Owl” White in 2010, (who also recently stated that Cherokee should return to the everlasting commands of Torah binding upon all of Israel throughout their generations).  I am a member of the Native American Equahiyi-Wasi society (researching links to Equahiyi (the ancient Cherokee name for Abraham) and Wasi (the ancient Cherokee name for Moses) and a special messenger on Judea-Samaria and the Birthright before dozens of Native councils and chieftains.  I am a member of the Iglesia de Aztlan community and as an intertribal elder, support the Aztlan Sun Dancers (who show evidences of being Hebrew priests).  And with the help of friends and Aztlan members and blessing and prayers of Cherokee, Hopi and Apache elders and under the direct authority of Cherokee Central Band Principal Chief Joe "Sitting Owl" White, I am establishing Eldersgate American Indian Council at the eastern gateway into the Sacred Four Corners.  But if not for the high cheek bones and the fading Mongolian spot on one buttock, and turning red in the sun, you could not distinguish me from a white man.

DG came to Israel on at least two occasions. At first, he was the writer for the Jerusalem Post on Religions.
At first I was a missionary in the all-Moslem East Jerusalem villages of A'tur and Beit Phage, where Creator told me to tell the Palestinians (Avuhaval and Sa'ayad clans who had been more loyal to King Hussein of Jordan than the PLO) there that He was bringing home "Israel" and if they did not resist this, it would go well with them; but if they did, it would be like “pissing against the wind.”  (As a condition to live in this village, I studied Koran every week with a Moslem imam).
I did this until two days before the Intifada broke out on Dec. 10, 1987, at which time I was advised to leave the village by my Palestinian friends because of the trouble that was coming.  I moved to Tiberias and helped Eric Morey write the first draft for the Galilee Experience, an outdoor drama. 
Then I returned to Jerusalem hired to be the chief news writer and features producer for Middle East Television.  When owner Pat Robertson discontinued the English news programming, I was hired the same day my job ended by the Jerusalem Post as an assistant editor of the Metro and In-Jerusalem news analysis special sections.  I later became a day desk pagination design editor and a night desk news editor and design editor.  When the Post's religion editor took a sabbatical for a year, I filled in covering the religion beat.  A column I wrote for the religion page entitled, "The Speech Nobody Heard (in Madrid)," attracted me to the attention of many Orthodox rabbis and friends in Jerusalem.
He was later dismissed from the Jerusalem Post according to his own account (given on one of his web sites) for attempting to access files concerning his colleagues.
First, I still only have the one website, The same name without the hyphen was pirated several years ago.  But In 1992, when David bar Ilan was named executive editor at the Post, David asked me for my recommendations on how to consolidate the day and night desks as a cost-saving measure.  I was the only editor in management on the staff who had worked both the day and night desks and as a career daily newspaper editor and past executive editor, I had set up a so-called "universal desk" and had also worked on one for a metropolitan daily before coming to Israel.  I recommended a highly personnel sensitive "universal copy desk" plan that would balance the workload and then went on a month's accumulated vacation.  The plan was stolen from my computer que while I was away and maliciously circulated among the day desk copy editors (who were "not as productive" as the night crew) and others whose jobs may have been affected, (although no one would have been fired).   My duties also included that of assistant systems operator for pagination design coding giving me access to the system. Without authorization I entered the system and deleted the illegal copies of the personnel sensitive plan and noted the editors who had a copy in their que that originated from my que.  The next day, other editors complained that I had entered their files.  I did no such thing.  I merely did a global search for the illegal copies and deleted them and reported their names to David bar Ilan and the late Publisher Yehuda Levy, z''l, the next morning.  But I was the only non-Jew on the staff and to head off another walkout strike at the Post, I agreed to accept termination from Yehuda, who gave me a bonus of three months severance.  (He also told me in the presence of Ya'acov Peremba, who was his right hand in production, that he was not happy about this but did not know what else he could do to avoid a walkout strike).
DG may have had genuine journalistic achievements and connexions that evidently helped him at a later stage.
He became active in the "Ephraimite" movement and may even be considered one of its founders.
It is true that Yair’s friend Eddie Chumney, through whom he markets many of his books, and many other “messianics” knew not the first thing about the House of Joseph until I did a seminar in the Ohio area in 1994 (in the capacity as the shaliah for the Autonomous Jewish Authority in Yesha).  But I do not consider myself a leader of Ephraim.  I have a pretty well faded by now, Mongolian spot that indicates I may be from those Joes who migrated out of Asia.

He published at least one issue of an "Ephraimite" newspaper and put out a plan to fill up the West Bank with Ephraimite Bnei Noachites.
[DG has since turned against the Bnei Noach movement and refers to it negatively].
It was not an Ephraimite newspaper and there were three editions of the Jerusalem Torah Voice and Investigative Report.  It essentially was an attempt to publish the ideology of religious Jews for non-Jews and publish Yohanan Hevroni’s research showing the Bosporus was the Sanbatyon, (which had been printed earlier in B'or Ha-Torah, the publication of Lubavitch Jews, virtually in the same form he had submitted it after the Lubavitch editors had checked and double-checked his research for more than a year. Of course, Yair, this disproves your contention that the Sanbatyon was in Russia.  I do not refer to the Noachite movement negatively, except when it is forced on Assimilated Israel.

He also had a scheme whereby those interested could purchase from him some kind of "portion" of the Land of Judah and Samaria ("the West Bank") or a future claim to it.
This is absolutely not true.  At no time was I ever involved in such a land deal.  However, when an investigation was done as to why I was incarcerated incommunicado and all my rights were trampled upon at Ma’asiyahu (Israel’s highest security prison), I learned from a CIA contact back in the States, that I had “interfered” in some kind of transaction of land.  I later learned that it was all because Yair’s good friend and former neighbor Shimon Peres, now the president of the State of Israel, took millions of dollars under the table to guarantee a Palestinian state in the possessions of Joseph and had approached the State Dept and the Rothschild family for more funds.  I learned this in a meeting with Steven Lynn Rothschild in Dallas, TX., in 1994, when Rothschild asked me what I knew about a “West Bank Infrastructure Development Corporation.”  It was a scheme of Peres and the U.S. State Dept to buy off opposition to a Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria among the Israeli news media, the Knesset and various opinion leaders.  (Did you ever wonder why after every terrorist incident, before he became president, Peres would wait a few weeks and then jump start the same suicidal peace process?  It is because he was BOUGHT!!!!)
I advised Rothschild if he was a good Jew he would have no part of this and for several years after that Rothschild could not be located.  I was concerned that he may have been killed because he would not cooperate.  But when I was imprisoned, my lawyer learned that Rothschild was in Israel and had met with Peres.

These projects received publicity and favorable reactions in some circles while creating a scandal in others.
He had previously met with John Hulley and interviewed him.
[John Hulley  identifies the Lost Ten Tribes historically mainly with the Ancient Cimmerians and Scripturally identifies them today with nations of Western Europe and their offspring. As far as present-day identifications go the conclusions of John Hulley are the same as those of Brit-Am.]
But – and here is where Yair and I disagree – the Cimmerians populated all of Europe when they came out of Asia Minor, with concentrations of populations in Scandinavia, Normandy and from those concentrations into Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  This means all of European colonization not just British colonization was the means to scatter Ephraim to the world’s coastlands.  To state that only Britain’s colonization (White Anglo-Saxons) constitutes Ephraim, I repeat, IS RACIST.

At one stage DG appeared to have adopted the views of John Hulley and still quotes from him to back up his doctrines.
As far as their conclusions go however DG and John Hulley hold quite different views.
The only possible divergence is that the Cimmerian root stock comprised more than British colonization as stated above.  I have never had the opportunity to ask John his views about this.  I don’t know if he agrees or not.
DG had also made contact with Jewish right-wing activists and lead them to believe that through him they could possibly harness numerous potential Bnei-Noachites in support of Israeli control and settlement of the West Bank.
This is also incorrect.  I was contacted by right wing rabbis and Jewish settlers about helping them.  Initially, as we were attempting to define this movement, we thought all comers who were not Jewish should be willing to comply with the Seven Laws of Noach.  Then it became evident to me that we were not addressing Noachites but assimilated Israel.  Most all of the founders of the Autonomous Jewish Authority in Yesha were imprisoned or placed under house arrest.  I was told that if I made an attempt to return to Israel, I would be "arrested or worse" (and that did happen when I returned with my family seven years later with my first arrest at the airport shortly after landing).
But I  was totally on my own supporting this cause in the States and was prohibited from making contact with anyone in Israel for concerns that it could cause them problems with the Jewish Brigade of the  Israeli Secret Police (Shin-Bet) started by Yair’s good friend and former neighbor Shimon Peres, when he had been acting prime minister.  There is a special arm of the Shin Bet called the “Jewish brigade” which – at Peres’ direction – would persecute and prosecute anyone opposed to a Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria if they became too vocal about it.  This Jewish brigade has been tied to several assassinations in Israel, including the son of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and many Kahane supporters, and still does Peres' political dirty work for him.
DG championed the cause of Robert Manning who was extradited from Israel to the USA on charges of murder.
Robert Manning was a friend of several leading personalities including Rabbi Avraham Feld. Robert Manning had a good reputation in Jewish Nationalist circles.
It was considered that an injustice had been done to Robert Manning.
By DG championing the  cause of Robert Manning he earned the gratitude and appreciation of others.
This much Yair has correct.  The first edition of the Torah Voice, my underground newspaper, did focus on the illegal political extradition of Robert Manning and his wife for trumped up murder charges to placate the Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee who was pressing the Dept. of State to extradite.  My investigation showed that the U.S. Postal Service falsified fingerprint evidence to extradite Manning.  It is still linked on the index page of the website for all to read and judge for themselves. 
DG met with and befriended quite a few Rabbinical personalities who though they disagreed with his outlook still may have let themselves be associated somehow or other with his activities.
He also took up with a Bratslaver Hasid  ("Shani ben Dor"? Rabbi Schnieder?) some of whose teachings he incorporated into his own earlier doctrine.
The Breslov Hasid now known as the Rebbe Shani Dor of the Sanhedrin court and I were best friends and traveled together to many tombs where we davened Tikkun Ha-Clali of Rebbe Nachman.  Of course my Orthodox friends would not embrace Y’shua, nor would I expect them to, nor did I ever ask them to do so.  It is my feeling that Hosea 1 represents a covenant abrogated with the House of Israel but still in tact with the House of Judah and that the three judgments of Hosea 1, which apply only to the assimilation of non-Jewish Israel, were remedied in prophesies about Y'shua before his birth and at his infancy as Hashem's means "to remember his mercy for His People Israel."  Coupled with the words of Y'shua/Jesus that "I am sent only to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel," it seems pretty lame to suggest that Jesus had anything to do with the Jewish people except to chastise some of their leaders for not observing the Torah they were teaching.

The above account is correct but the events described may not have occurred in the exact consecutive order as that given. Some took place in Israel, others in the USA. At some stage DG had returned to the USA and continued his activities from there.
The above is correct only as qualified.
He gave numerous "seminars" on "Ephraimite" subjects and built up a following mainly amongst "Ephraimites."
Beginning with a program on the then Trinity Broadcasting Network called Footsteps in Messiah with Joseph Good in 1993, shortly before the Palestinian autonomy was declared, I received more than 300 letters and phone calls inquiring about the Return of the House of Joseph.  This led to a series of seminars across the States, in which I encountered much opposition from so-called Ephraimite leaders who held to Christian dogma.
His emphasis seems to have been on settlement of people who believed they were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes in the Land of Israel and their acceptance by the Jews.
DG came to Israel again (ca. 2000-2001) along with his wife and son.
His wife was evidently Hispanic and believed herself descended from Captive Jews.
The whole family began a process of conversion to Judaism which DG did not complete but his wife and son did and the family separated.
Again, the facts as presented by Yair are not correct.  My now ex-wife, a direct descendant of King David, was descended from a family of Anusim.  These were assimilated Jews from Mexico, who had converted to Catholicism apparently as a life-saving measure during the Spanish Inquisition.   She was the first in her generations to make her return to the Jewish faith and I helped her return every step of the way.  But in becoming an Orthodox Jewess, the Halachah forbidding mixed marriages came into play.  We were forced to live apart and when her conversion was completed, maintained separate quarters in the same house, (bought a house that could be so configured) so she could comply with the Halachah.   At first, that worked out,  because at that time I was caring for my elderly father in another state.  After his death,  however, as Creator led me more and more to seek Israelite M’nashe among the Native population, and she was not inclined to live among the Apache, it was clear that our paths were diverting. We waited until our son was bar mitzva'ed and raised and divorced in 2007.
After my earlier release from prison, 10 years ago on Yom Hatzmaout, (see FREEDOM PARTY being planned), I returned to the states about six months ahead of my wife and son, who needed to finish the semester at his Hebrew Orthodox elementary school.  I had encouraged them both to remain in Israel while I worked with Rabbi Joseph Radinsky in Houston to complete my preparation to convert WITH THE CONDITION THAT I WOULD NOT GIVE UP A JOSEPHITE IDENTITY (contrary to Mishnah Ma’aser Sheni 9).  This is when I first realized that the Halachah discriminates against Joes, by requiring conversion.  When you convert you have no inheritance at the Yovel (Jubilee), since it clearly states that converts to the Jewish faith have no inheritance at the Yovel.  It appears that the framers of this Halachah believed the House of Israel would never return until the messiah’s coming.  This may not be the case.  And if so, there will be millions of Joes who are refugees looking for their ancestral homeland.

In Israel DG had began learning in the Rabbinical Institute, "Or Sameach", that had a program for prospective converts.
I was invited by the rosh yeshiva at Yeshiva Ohr Someah, one of the most prestigious yeshivot in the Mea She'arim, Jerusalem area, to study there after an elderly tzaddik contacted him about me.  The tzaddik earlier charged me to “find and mobilize” the House of Joseph in exile.  I was not there to convert.  In a conversation with the rosh yeshiva before I was admitted, that was made clear.  I would remain a Joe, but I wanted to know more about Halachah and be able to study there with the Rebbe Shani Dor.  I was so welcomed there, that my son and I were invited to lift the cloth to raise the shmurah matzot when the rosh  yeshiva prayed to bless the production.  I continued studying there until the day of my incarceration the morning following the meeting at the Jerusalem Hilton with Yair Davidy's group.
He lived in the Jerusalem suburb of Giloh which was subject to Arab sniper attacks from the neighboring villages.
DG wrote frequent reports describing the situation in Giloh and in Israel in general.
These reports were well received and quite popular.  It was at this time that he met with Yair Davidiy. He attended a Brit-Am meeting along with an entourage that included three rabbis and his lawyer. None of the "entourage" agreed with his views and they emphasized their disagreement.
I don’t remember it this way.  I remember Rabbi Chaim Richman calling the lack of an Halachic category for Joes “a conundrum”.  I remember Rabbi David bar Chaim describing the dilemma of not being able to change Halachah as a “ship with a broken rudder in still waters” and Halachah stipulating that you could not even look at an owner’s manual to fix it.  I remember the Rebbe Shani Dor, and my lawyer, Jack Golbert being very sympathetic for the cause of Joes and encouraging me in this work.  I remember obstacles as well, notably YOUR Ephraim Frank, who wanted to classify me and people like me as “Jewish Joes” meaning I’m not sure what, except to confuse the issue.
Nevertheless they attended the meeting apparently in the expectation that something might come of it while giving the impression that they did not necessary want anything to do so.
HAD SOME SHIN-BET PLANT AT YAIR’S MEETING NOT CIRCUMVENTED OUR EFFORTS SOMETHING WOULD HAVE COME OUT OF IT.  We had scheduled meetings to follow up on determining an Halachic identity for Joes, but all of that was cut short with my illegal arrests and imprisonment.
The lawyer held views similar to those of Rabbi Avichail and specializes in representing "eccentrics" such as DG.
The lawyer also suspected Rabbi Feld and Yair (because of his friendship with Shimon Peres) as being the source of my troubles with the Shin Bet.  Rabbi Feld, I later learned, was the only visitor I was allowed during my incarceration, but he did not visit with me; only with the authorities at the Russian Compound where I was in a cell block with Russian Mafioso before my transfer to Ma’asiyahu.
At the meeting itself various declarations and speeches were made mainly reflecting the personal opinions of those attending and nothing more than that.
At the time Yair Davidiy, Ephraim Frank, and Dell Griffin all posted fairly comprehensive reports of the meeting that were sent out to the Brit-Am mailing list.
It later transpired that DG had hoped to bring the Brit-Am membership over to his point of view that all (or most) Gentiles were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes.
If you mean away from YOUR racist point of view, this is correct.  But I have never stated that all Gentiles are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes, this is ludicrous.  I believe it is the contention of your friend, Eddie Chumney, that all Christians are so descended.  But I believe there is as much of Esau assimilated within the non-Jewish world as Israel.  Anyone would be a fool to blindly open the gates to all Gentiles or Christians.
DG had given a lot of publicity beforehand to this meeting.
He had also promoted himself as possibly about to make a breakthrough with the authorities that would enable "Ephraimites" to settle in Israel. Most of the people DG appealed to at that time were "Anglo" American "Ephraimites".
He was also then very open to Afro-Americans but recently (possibly due to his intensified "Chicano" associations who tend to be anti-black) has not mentioned them.
This is pure hogwash meant to confuse the issue and imply that ben Yoseif has an undeflatable ego and a prejudice.  Talk with the people who really know me.  They will tell you.  The only prejudice ben Yoseif owns is one against those who spread lies and innuendo.  As a career journalist, I find this particularly heinous and undefendable.

DG later accused Brit-Am of being racist though at our meeting with DG and his entourage Brit-Am attendees included a partly-African teacher of Hebrew and a lady of Indian descent both being from Jamaica.
[People of any race who are intelligent and sensitive usually prefer the truth to empty platitudes. Brit-Am serves as "home" to a lot of different personages.].
THIS MUCH YOU HAVE CORRECT.  You and your message are racist.   And Arnella, the partly African teacher of Hebrew from Jamaica, was MY FRIEND before she ever attended a Brit-Am meeting.  I knew her in Jerusalem before I even married, we played tennis a few times and hung out.  After my wife and I were married, she visited us in the states before our son was born. And she had spoken at a Torah study I taught in Palestine, TX., in 1990
 About a day or two later DG was arrested and we were told that it was on suspicion of associating with Christian Terrorists (?).
There was then a group of Christians in the Jerusalem area who had been plotting terrorist attacks against Jews in order to bring on the Millenium (?).
Rabbi Avraham Feld had helped expose their activities.
Rabbi Feld at that time had contacts with the Israeli Police and tried to clarify what the suspicions against DG were based upon. He was informed that "Interlocking" intelligence from at least two sources had placed suspicion on DG but no details were given.
Dell Griffin later explained that he had lodged in a boarding house opposite the room of one of these terrorists.
Later when the terrorist was arrested DG went to the jail to inquire after him.
WHAT A PACK OF LIES AND INNUENDO.  But I am beginning to see a clearer picture now.  Associating me with these whackos is your means to marginalize a serious breach of justice.  I just happened to be contacted by email by one of these kooks who claimed to be Elijah.  I never answered him, but because my name was on his email list, I was associated with him.  I explained this to my interrogators and my lawyer explained this to my interrogators during my first four-hour interrogation.  This had nothing to do with my incarceration.  It is a smoke screen to protect your good friend, Peres’ involvement.
I would not call him a Christian terrorist, but there was a Christian missionary by the name of Brother David who used to bring a large wooden cross onto Egged No. 1, the bus in Jerusalem that goes from Mea She'arim to the Western Wall.  This would upset -- perhaps this is the terror about which Yair speaks -- a lot of Orthodox Jews.   Most people thought it was funny and just laughed at him.  He happened to live in the same boarding house across the hall from me.  One day he had a mental breakdown and vandalized the library of the boarding house, which belonged to a very polite elderly Holocaust survivor, with whom I had been good friends.   But it traumatized her.  He was arrested.  I was called at the Jerusalem Post to help him because he did not know anyone else to call.  Yes, we were friends, as I would befriend anyone in genuine need. He was eventually deported, but it was not for terrorist acts.  It was for wearing his faith too publicly on his sleeves.  David thought he was to come to Jerusalem to open a homeless shelter and he did some good with limited resources, but opposition from some religious quarters shut him down.  After that he lost heart and I believe went off the deep end.  HE WAS FAR FROM A TERRORIST.
But I find it interesting that Rabbi Feld was exposing this.  That I did not know until now.  Surely Rabbi Feld knew I was NOT a terrorist after personally meeting with him at the meeting in the Hilton with three rabbis and a lawyer present!  He COULD have gotten these charges dropped, Right?  Of course not  right.  Because this was really a political vendetta of Shimon Peres, your good friend and former neighbor.  If what you say is true -- and I don't believe you for 10 seconds -- and I was incarcerated in 2000-01 for associating with Brother David in 1988, when he lived across the hall from me in the boarding house; and my second point of contact with him was when I went to visit him in jail, as an employee at the Jerusalem Post in 1991 or 1992, then RABBI FELD IS GUILTY OF GROSS PRESUMPTION AND BEARING FALSE WITNESS in connection with my incarceration.  At least I would know who to hold responsible for the misery that has been caused me and my family these past 10 years.   But my CIA sources tell me Peres wanted me dead and the Shin Bet agent had been planted in my cell block to make that happen before it was all circumvented when I was unexpectedly released on Yom Hatzmaout in 2001, just as the sirens sounded to begin the holiday.

DG also said that in his attempts to gather support he had contacted, or responded to contacts from, numerous groups that he could not keep track of and had no idea as to what their ideology was.
I do not solicit and I do not spam (and I do not steal names off of others' email lists, which is how Yair got my entire email list, when I accidentally CCed it instead of BCCing it). If I was contacted by these "numerous groups" however, their email addresses automatically went into my email list.  Yes I do hear from people with different ideologies every day.  I believe it is what makes them Joes.  But I try always to steer those serious about making aliyah to Israel to Orthodox Halachah.

DG was incarcerated and then returned to the USA.
This was a traumatic experience for him as it would have been for most of us. DG later claimed that his incarceration was due to Shimon Peres (an important Israeli politician and the present Foreign Minister) having had a vendetta against him.
This is true however, I was not deported.  The arrangement made on my behalf by my lawyers was that I would not be deported, but in exchange for my release, I would agree to take a “voluntary vacation from Israel” until such time that the "message of the Return of the House of Joseph as the biblical alternative to a Palestinian state in the territories of Joseph was no longer considered a threat to Israeli national security," by the Israeli Security Services.   I have not made any petition to the ISS to return as the tzadik told me “You will want to return but will not be allowed to do so.  You must do your work outside of the land.”  It is this inability to return that ultimately led to the divorce with my wife, who I met in Jerusalem, whose home was in Jerusalem and who will someday return there.
DG wrote that in his early journalistic days in Israel he had spoiled some kind of real estate deal that Shimon Peres had been involved in.
I wrote that this is what I was told by a CIA contact when I returned to the States.  But the only thing involving Peres had been the meeting with Rothschild explained above.  (The CIA told me nothing about any clandestine meetings with "Christian terrorists," -- HOGWASH.

Barry Chamish wrote a few lines in support of DG protesting against the way the authorities had treated him.
I never saw this if Barry, then a reputable investigative reporter in Israel himself being persecuted by Peres, wrote it.  Barry did mention that Shimon Peres was behind my arrests and imprisonment, however.  And he arrived at this conclusion independent of any contact with me or my lawyers.
Back in the USA DG engaged in private correspondence along with a public article or two in which he criticized Brit-Am and gave a misleading impression of us.

Later, Norman Willis came to Israel with DG stating that Norman was his representative. Norman Willis proceeded to formulate a scheme to obtain Israeli Government permission to settle Ephraimites in Israel.
NOT TRUE. I did write an introductory letter for Norman hoping it would help him to follow up on the Halachic identity issue for Joes.  But Norman misrepresented himself to me.  I had given him a list of CONTACTS, MOSTLY RABBIS AND ENCOURAGED HIM TO LEARN HALACHAH WHILE IN ISRAEL.  I LATER DISCOVERED THAT NORMAN HAD HIS OWN MESSIANIC AGENDA AND IMMEDIATELY CONTACTED THOSE RABBONIM TO WARN THEM.  WHAT NORMAN DID IN ISRAEL I WAS NEVER PRIVEY TOO, AFTER THAT, AND HE QUICKLY DISMISSED ME ONCE HE HAD MY CONTACTS.  The only indirect contact involving Norman since has been through a messianic congregation in northern Georgia who invited me to speak the week before my father died on the sixth day of Succot in 2006.  I thought it strange that a messianic group would want to hear from me.  The meeting ended quickly when it became obvious that I was teaching against the deity of Jesus and the other stumbling blocks that separate Joes and Jews and that I was NOT Norman.  Apparently there had been a case of mistaken identity on someone’s part or they thought I believed as Norman.

This was accompanied by a public petition on his web-site of Ephraimites interested in settling in Israel.

After receiving some publicity and quite a bit of support from various Ephraimites, Norman then declared that the whole idea (which he himself had initiated) was a plot [by DG?] to get Messianic Christians out of the USA (where they were liable to proselytize Jews?) and in to the Israeli West Bank where the Palestinians could massacre them!
DG dissociated himself from Norman.
THIS IS UTTER NONSENSE.  Yair, every Orthodox Jew who knows me – be he a rabbi or a lay person, yourself included – knows that I have never proselytized as I believe the covenant between Hashem and the Southern Kingdom has never been abrogated.  But to imply that I would send any Jew to his death is absolutely insane.   In fact, just the opposite is true.  When the Israeli Defense Forces were withdrawn from Itamar, which did not even have a security fence from the surrounding Palestinian villages, I was asked by the mayor, security chief and rabbi to help.  My email list raised about $30,000 (the funds to buy bullet proof vests, night vision goggles and night vision rifle scopes to protect Itamar).  This was one of the file cabinet of alleged crimes with which a second attorney I had to hire who had security clearance reported to me. Then Interior Ministry Eli Yishai told the Israeli Security Services when asked about this, “You want to incarcerate him for saving Jewish lives.  You should give him a medal!”
JOES, on the other hand, belong in this region and I believe will have the protection of Creator when they are allowed to return.

DG has now resurfaced and supports an alliance between Amerindians and Chicanos whom he now declares to be Israelites. He has also returned to emphasizing his Christian beliefs and added Mormon doctrines along with Amerindian sweat lodge sacred dance lore to his theological arsenal.
The latest research, published in the March-April 2011 edition of Ancient American magazine identifies Israelite East M’nashe in its migrations throughout Asia among the 38 Athapascan Language Group Nations of Canada and Alaska and specifically among a family of Joseph separated from his brothers who migrated further south to the Four Corners area, where I live today:  The five nations of the Apache and the Navajo.  The Navajo weave is found on the Choshen (breastplate of the High Priest). Also,  I gave the Book of Mormon the benefit of my many doubts until completing a five-year review of the book and LDS doctrine.  This link is found on the index page of the website for any interested.  It disputes the book and the doctrine as not lining up with Torah and disqualifying those who would be called Ephraim among the LDS without a Torah-based revival.

DG in effect at present is a New Age Universalistic type activist who also believes in the Lost Ten Tribes.
He describes himself as communicating with God from his belly and hearing voices.
After making the full circuit from Native spirituality to graduate Christian theological seminary, study with a Moslem imam and study with rabbonim, I am most comfortable with Native spirituality, which observes much of Torah as second nature.  I do occasionally hear a voice in my belly usually accompanied by an “inward witness” and lately speaking to me from the dust of the ground inside “inipi” (Native American purification lodge).

Because of his background, the earlier impressions he gave to others, his former "Ephraimite"-orientated activities, the initial publicity he managed to achieve, contacts he made or gave the impression of making, and a certain following he built up over the years he has an importance that otherwise would not accrue to him.
Yair, I am trying to do day by day what Creator impresses I should do, nothing more and nothing less.

DG states:
<<The Aztlan Membreno Apache have made 'ben Yoseif,' who is mixed Cherokee, their blood brother. He is helping them with their spiritual obligation to serve the wave of Chicano migrations, who MbY claims comprise at least one clan of the lost Israelite tribe of M'nashe and a lost Hebraic priesthood so concentrated that it could comprise the long-prophesied re-emergence of  the "sons of Zadok."

DG is here admitting that he has sold his soul.
He is encouraging Amerindians "to serve the wave of Chicano migrations".
This is a betrayal of Ephraim and by implication also of Judah.
I stand by all of the above.  The only thing portrayed above is Yair Davidy’s prejudice and racism against Amerindians and Chicano.  Ephraim must deal with these descendants of M’nashe before they can think about reuniting with Judah.

As for his religion,
DG can believe what he likes. Brit-Am is NOT in the business of debating religion with others.
DG has become a bad egg or at least is acting like one. There are a lot of bad eggs in this world however and normally he would not concern us.
DG would not overduly interest us if he would not refer to us and if in the eyes of others he would have no connection to the Ephraimite movement.
So I am a “bad egg” because I challenge you to rethink the Rov of Ephraim and consider that it is a worldwide Rov and not just a British Israel Rov?

The very nature of the reactions that we have had from "Ephraimites" asking us in the name of "Unity" to resolve the conflict indicate that our criticism of DG has indeed been a valid one.
For several years “Dell Griffin Refuted” and “Dell Griffin Refuted Again,” have been on your website.  You have selectively edited my comments and implied things that are not true and you have done it intentionally to discredit me and my work.  But your latest attempt at character assassination, about which I have just learned “background facts about DG” goes too far.  
I will be posting this on my website as my only defense against your attacks.

Maggid ben Yoseif



As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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