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Teaching and travel itinerary of Maggid ben Yoseif

ben Yoseif is again accepting general speaking invitations following a quietus of several years dedicated to research and other projects and priorities.

He shared on the ministry of Elijah, the attributes in the heart of the Patriarchs being turned to the children and the current spiritual ministry of Elijah at the Manna From Heaven congregation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a guest of Pastors David and Brenda Williams on Shabbat Ha-Gadol (the Great Shabbat before Passover).  The following night, March 27, 2010, he conducted the most recent "Mystical Passover Seder" with the intent of restoring the Passover Seder to the Assimilation of the non-Jewish House of Israel.  This teaching also included insights from Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson from lectures at Yeshiva D'var Y'rushalayim (Word from Jerusalem) in 1988 on the purpose of the Seder in our day of remedying the sins of the tongue and offered other mystical insights about Passover while leading the congregation through the 15 steps of the Seder.

Both teachings were aired on Paltalk and live over the Internet.  CDs and DVDs are available from Manna From Heaven ministries.

ben Yoseif has been unavailable for general speaking invitations (except for Passover seders and teaching seders) from August 2009 until Shabbat Ha-gadol (the Great Shabbat before Passover) 2010.  This is because he has set apart the entirety of the winter of 2009-10 in connection with his duties with the Equahiyi -Wasi, a First Nations society organized by Central Band Cherokee Principal Chief Joe 'Sittingowl' White to examine cultural, archaeological, historical, linguistic, DNA and spiritual links between First Nations tribes and Equahiyi (Abraham) and Wasi (Moses), assist in the documentation of the Jerusalem connection to at least one clan of the Hopi and his weekly Torah teachings at Eldersgate, NAC.

On May 1, 2009, he was a repeat guest of Jewish talk show host Andrew Feder on BBS and his program "When Pigs Fly."  He also made three appearances on Prophecykeepers First Nations radio.

From April 8, 2009 - May 8, 2009, he led Orthodox Passover Seders among Native American groups in the Pacific Northwest.

Red Elk, Native American elder and member of the Heyoka, Twisted Hair  and Red Web societies invited Maggid ben Yoseif to speak on the restoration of Native American spiritual sovereignty to open his November 14-15, 2008, meetings at the State Street Armory in downtown Fairview, Utah. 

ben Yoseif also made rare speaking appearances to Mormons and other LDS offshoots through April 2009 at several venues in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon and Washington State following the meeting in Fairview.

If interested in having ben Yoseif share, please contact him at the "Contact information" in the right column of the home page.

Past Itinerary

March 10, 2009,  Meeting in Richland, OR., and Hells Canyon, OR., with Loren Zanier and friends.  Introductory House of Joseph seminar

March 8, 2009,  Passover Seder with Nez Perce and Chiracawa Apache (Terry Woods)  Host:  Andra Walton

March 4-5, 2009,  LDS Convention, Salt Lake City

March 3, Meeting with Dave and Diana Chadwick, Logan, UT

Feb. 2, 2009,  Meeting with Robert Maryboy (Navajo elder and artist) and Navajo medicine man.

Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2009, Meetings with Paiute medicine man at Kabab and Hopi elders on Third Mesa, Old Oraibi and Hotevilla and LDS missionaries on Second Mesa.

Jan. 25, 2009,  Follow-up seminar with Howard Studhorse and LDS.  Sweat lodge with Paiute elders at Kabab reservation.

Jan. 24, 2009,  Introductory seminar with LDS and Howard Studhorse and Dakota John at Alumni House in St. George, UT.

Jan. 12-13, 2009,  Meetings in Logan and Menden, UT., with Ryan Higbee and prayer at Native American burial grounds at Menden.

Jan. 3, 2009,  Seminar on Return of the House of Joseph and restoration of Native American spiritual sovereignty with Native Americans in Boise area (Downtown Riverside Hotel 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Dec. 23-30, 2008,  Meetings with Nez Perce elder Steve Rubin, and medicine women, White Dove and Quinna,  Christmas with Loren Zanier,  Kooskia and Grangeville, ID.,

Dec. 18-22, 2008,  Private meetings in Logan, UT., with LDS delegation.

Dec. Dec. 9-17, 2008,  Meetings in Sanaquin, Manti and Ephraim, UT (Guest of Al Ryder and SW Cherokee elders), "The Restoration of Native American Spiritual Sovereignty"

Dec. 5-6, 2008, Community Center, Kooskia, ID., introductory seminar on the Return of the House of Joseph

Nov. 17, 2008,  Windwalker Guest Ranch, Spring City, Utah, 7 p.m.

Nov. 16, 2008,  Spaulding Guest Home and Library, Manti, Utah, 7 p.m.

Nov. 18-20, 2008, private meetings in Wyoming

Nov. 14-15, 2008, State Street Armory Building, downtown Fairview, Utah, approximately 1 p.m.  (Guest of Red Elk)

DUE TO THE OCTOBER 14, 2006 death of ben Yoseif's father, he will not be accepting speaking engagements for at least the next 11 months but will be present for engagements already scheduled, including:

June 4-7, 2006, a guest speaker at the 2007 Shavuot gathering of Lion of Judah congregation in Ruffin, SC.

October 8-15, 2006, guest speaker at the 2006 Succot gathering of Lion of Judah congregation in Ruffin, SC.

Below, is a flier from an earlier seminar conducted by MbY.  He is willing to address any topic your group may desire from an exegetical view.

He does so with respect, dignity, kindness, compassion and the opportunity for all to express their views.

10 October 2005 / 7 Tishrei 5766



An interactive seminar* on:

The biblical two-state solution and road to ‘PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST’

with Maggid ben Yoseif,

Past senior editorial staff member and religion writer, The Jerusalem Post; past chief news writer & features producer, Middle East Television; founder of the Jerusalem Torah Voice; international lecturer, of mixed Cherokee and Eur-Asian Royal descent,  smichah (spiritual authority) from the Rebbe Shani Dor of the revived Jerusalem Sanhedrin, student of Talmud/Torah and author of:

"Od Yoseif Chai (Joseph is Still Alive)"

 and his '05 Thesis' "The Disputations:  Reconciling the Stumbling Block between the House of Joseph and the House of Judah,"

 and a pending book:  For Whom The Shofar Sounds:  The Return of the House of Joseph.

 When:     Thursday, Dec. 22 – Friday, Dec. 23 see schedule below

Where:    Holiday Inn, Cleveland, Tenn. in the Bradley Room

(take I - 75 North or South to the 2nd Cleveland Exit). The Holiday Inn is on top of the hill.

Limited seating:  RSVP contacts below: 

 Tentative topic schedule

Thursday topics:

9 a.m.  The conditional Palestinian State in Gaza and regions contiguous: The two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict according to 8th Century BCE prophets: An exegesis of Zechariah 9:1-6 and the book of Obadiah.

11 a.m.  The map the Bible promises will startle’ world leaders:  The biblical inheritance of the non-Jewish House of Joseph in Judea-Samaria (the West Bank)

2 p.m.   Birthpangs of the Messiah: The conflict between the houses of Esau and Jacob-Joseph -- The End-Times according to ancient sages of the Torah.

4 p.m.   Who is and where are the House of Joseph? An original exegesis of Genesis 12:3.  Cimmerian and Native American links to the non-Jewish children of Rachel. Note: MbY will be assisted by Cherokee Native Tikvah Hoster.

7 p.m. “Son of Joseph, you will find Israel!” Maggid ben Yoseif relates his personal testimony validated by a bat Kol [voice from Heaven] and rabbis on the revived Jerusalem Sanhedrin.  A special “anointing” service will follow in lieu of questions and answers. 

Friday topics:

9 a.m.  How Jesus and the New Testament relate to the ‘Joes’: The worldwide Gospel of the ‘Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel.’ Jesus’ last words (Acts 1:6-8) and the Divine commission the Church has missed.

11 a.m.  2008:  The deadline for the Return of the House of Joseph, reconciliation and reunion with Judah and the atonement for the sins of Jereboam.

2 p.m.  The revived Jerusalem Sanhedrin and its review of the Halachic status of the House of Joseph. (Maggid ben Yoseif will explain his petition to obtain recognition for the House of Joseph and response from Israel’s religious leaders)

4 p.m.   The stumbling blocks: Reconciling the enmity and vexation between descendants of Joseph and descendants of Judah.

(Special 5-minute Sabbath candle-lighting service at 4:31 p.m.)

7 p.m.  First things first: The first word of the first verse of the first chapter of the first book of the Hebrew Bible -- The Joes’ first step toward reconciling with Judah.   

Other topics to be woven in, if time permits:  “The empty pit and the indwelling spirit of the children of Joseph”

“The marriage of Judah and Tamar: Towards explaining the ‘son of God’ according to Halachah (Jewish Law)”

“I promise that your Bible will become a new book.”   -- Maggid ben Yoseif

* Each topic will begin with an illustrated, 30-40-minute teaching followed by up to an hour of Q&A and discussion