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10 October 2005 / 7 Tishrei 5766

George W. Bush,

Gog and the


A few months ago, pundits in Israel were saying that President George W. Bush shows every sign of being the legendary Gog of Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Revelation 20. They were soundly castigated and laughed off of the Internet blogs. "He's a Christian and believes in God for God's sake. How could he be this notorious figure in the Bible?" "And, yeah, that means Jesus Christ is Santa Claus" were some of the disparaging comments.  I withheld my opinion at the time, wanting to search this out and pray about it before concluding anything.

First, I should mention that I don't believe there is an "anti-Christ" or figure to rival the coming/returning Messiah son of David.  The Greek, "christos" from which the English, "Christ," is derived is rendered "moshiah" (messiah) in the first complete New Testament text, the Aramaic Peshita, which some date to the late First Century. Moshiah has absolutely no connotation of Deity as we have endeavored to explain in our '05 Thesis: The Disputations." It simply means "anointed one." A better translation for "anti-Christ" would be "one with (or given) a false anointing."

Not Messiah ben Yoseif

There are some who believe that George W. Bush is the anticipated Messiah ben Yoseif, (anointed son of Joseph) because this MbY is also referred to by the sages of Torah as the "moshiah milchamah," (the one anointed for war). His reputation as a war monger certainly follows him and especially in the Middle East and for the most inhumane of motives. However, the war for which this "MbY" is anointed is the war between the House of Jacob and the House of Esau ... after first doing all in his power to convince the House of Esau to abandon its claims to the inheritance of  the descendants of Joseph.

The House of Esau is defined in a latter day context in the prophet Obadiah as those residing in the "fields of Ephraim and the fields of the Shomron (Samaria)" at the time "Jacob reclaims his inheritances." The House of Esau could be different next year or in the next decade, but at current, it can define no others than the some 1.5 million Palestinians who call the inheritance of the House of Joseph their home. Obadiah, himself an Edomite descended from Esau -- according to the sages of Torah -- warns of a dire fate for all of the House of Esau who do not "disengage" from the inheritances of Joseph.  "The House of Jacob will be a fire; the House of Joseph the flame and the House of Esau for stubble and they shall kindle in them and devour them and none shall remain from the House of Esau," he wrote. However, Zechariah 9 alludes to a two-state solution with the Palestinians residing in the Gaza and regions contiguous, once the bloodshed is removed from their mouths, the abominations from between their teeth and their pride (ultra-Nationalism) is broken.

Since the Bush Road Map to Peace in the Middle East advocates ... removing this birthright Jacob gave to Joseph and returning it to Esau ... Bush does not fit the mold of this MbY. Rather, his vision as reflected by his Road Map directly opposes that of MbY's mobilization and return of the House of Joseph. Because the Christian world has no or limited understanding of Hebrew eschatology, (End Times events), most will be deceived by the one with the false anointing and probably brand the real MbY as their "anti-Christ."

Haftorah Vayeilech and the Tz'foni

This past week with the reading of Haftorah Vayeilech, (Joel 2:11-27), I noted something that I've never seen in more than a dozen years of reading this Haftorah. Verse 20 states:  And the TZ'FONI will I distance from you, and oust it into a land arid and desolate, its face toward the eastern sea and its end toward the western sea; and its foulness shall ascend, and its stench shall ascend for it has done great (evil)."

Traditionally, and in the context of Joel 2, the TZ'FONI is referred to as an army of locusts. I find it curious that especially among the ranks of American charismatic Christians a popular song, "They rush on the city; they run on the wall. Great is the army that carries out His word," relates this verse to themselves and "blowing the trumpet in Zion."

But removing the locusts far from Israel in an arid region is how most interpret this verse. The TZ'FONI, often translated "northerner"  or "something hidden" may be alluded to in the prophecy of Gog from the land of Magog in Ezekiel 39:2:  I shall lead you astray (Gog) and seduce you and I shall cause you to advance M'YARK'TEI TZAFON (from the fartherest north -- some translations say from the "uttermost places of the north"), and bring you to the mountains of Israel (Judea-Samaria)."

The revealing of the Tzafon

Joseph was given a special name by the Pharoah in Egypt:  TZAFNAT-PANEACH, which is translated, "the one to whom the TZAFON is revealed." In this context, Tzafon is usually translated "hidden things," since Joseph had dreams about many things that were revealed to only him. Joseph, through his descendants is told that in the Last Days they will be returned "from the land of the enemy."

If it is permitted to interpret Joel 2:20 with the revelation of Ezekiel 39:2 by the principle of interpretation known as remez, (which allows one to place the same context on a passage where the same word or phrase appeared earlier -- provided it does not contradict the literal rendering of the text) then the land of the TZ'FONI, the northerner or "Gog," has a sea or ocean on its eastern border and on its western border. Further, a remnant of the House of Joseph in exile also resides in this region called the land of Magog.  The Gog also has aims against the mountains of Israel. The mountains of Israel are confined to Judea-Samaria, the so-called "West Bank," which the Bush Road Map to Peace in the Middle East designates as part of a non-contiguous Palestinian State.

Togormah of the north

In the past, I have believed and written that Gog will invade Israel from the region of Turkey after forming an Islamic alliance with bordering nations. This is based on the phrase Togormah YARKEI TZAFON in Ezekiel 38:6, or "Togormah of the north quarters" and the fact that while Turkey is itself quasi-Islamic, the nations now bordering Turkey are largely Islamic.  The question becomes: Where is Togormah?  The Hebrew root T-G-R, places Togormah in proximity of the Tigris River or logically, the Kurdish region of Turkey ... and modern Iraq.  But neither Turkey nor Iraq are bordered by seas on both sides.

The only nations in the Middle East not landlocked on either side (see map at right) are Saudi Arabia, which is bordered by the Persian Gulf on the east and the Red Sea on the west, Yemen, bordered by the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea and three provinces in the Russian Checnian territory known as Azerbaidzhan in the 1940s, the Alans of 1200 C.E. and the Empire of the Khazars in 700-900 C.E. Today, this includes the Caucasus north of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. This extreme southern tip of modern Russia is bordered on the west by the Black Sea and on the east by the Caspian.

But Saudi Arabia and Yemen are located to the south not to the north of Israel. Neither could the former Empire of the Khazars, an extremely mountainous region that could hardly be considered the "uttermost places of the north," since there are lands that lie further to the north.

'Uttermost' north and 'four corners of the earth'

Further due north of the 36th longitude east of Greenwich, which locates modern Israel, lies Russia. The current boundaries of Russia are landlocked on the west except for the ancient region of the Khazar Empire as stated. Further north lies the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean and continuing still north until one is forced to travel south from the Arctic, lies North America, (Greenland, Canada and the United States).

Canada and the U.S. DO have eastern and western seas; the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Further, the western coastline of North America includes a little tucked-in tail defining its end, which juts into the Pacific called Baja (Baha) California. The Baja is actually part of Mexico.

Another clue to the identity of the land of Gog and Magog is found in the Aramaic rendering of Revelation 20:8, which is translated from the Greek,  "and (Satan) will go forth to seduce the nations that are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog; and to assemble them for battle." The reference to the four "corners" (Greek gonia), is the Aramaic gonyatha, and points to the land of Gog and Magog as a much wider geographic area than just the Middle East. This is because the Aramaic is rendered "quarters," and parallels the Hebrew pinot or "faces."

A worldwide alliance

This means "Gog" may be the ruling power of a specific region in the Middle East -- Togormah, which may include modern Iraq, but he also assembles a much wider alliance for battle against Israel. This is also hinted in Ezekiel 38:5-6 with the inclusion of  Paras (Persia or Iran), Cush, believed to be but not necessarily Ethiopia, Put, believed to be Libya, Gomer and all of his bands and the house of Togormah and all his bands and many people with you." This describes an alliance of the descendants of Noah's two sons, Ham and Yaphet. While the Shemite Arab nations bordering Israel are omitted, the rabbinic sages are quick to mention that Esau -- which they interpret to be the Roman Church and its offspring -- also shares complicity in this alliance.

Returning to the prophecy in Ezekiel 38, a literal translation of verse 2 renders, "Son of man, set your face to Gog, land of the Magog, n'si rosh (chief prince) of Meshech and Tuval and prophesy against him." At the time of the Assyrian Empire in the 8th Century B.C.E., the territory of Meschech was located in the kingdoms of Lydia and  Phrygia in what is today, southwestern Turkey. Tuval was also part of the retrenched Assyrian Empire in what would today be called central Turkey. However a Wadi Tuval runs from northern Jordan into southern Iraq. Assuming the accuracy of these ancient maps, the chief prince or this Gog would be the ruling power over this region.  Because of energy concerns in the Persian Gulf and what may turn out to be our extended stay in the region, this could be construed to be the United States, even though it may have a puppet representative democratic government. Alternatively, the Islamic resistance to the U.S., once the U.S. would leave the region may have been unified by the hatred of the U.S. and direct that hatred against its perceived alliance in Israel. Either way, the U.S. has played the role of the provacateur.

Judea-Samaria's oil may be the spoil to entice Gog

The prophecy of Ezekiel about this Gog never explains WHY the God of Israel is against this man and his alliances.  Since he has aims against the "mountains of Israel," (Judea-Samaria), it can logically be concluded that this is the reason. Since the area of Megiddo lies on the crown of the head of the territory of Joseph in Samaria (see our logo above), and contains the "blessings of the deep," the spoil for which the Gog alliance may invade is probably related to energy resources. As we have written earlier, a huge reserve of oil lies in the region of Rosh Ha'ayin (literally the region of the eye in the head of Joseph logo above) and the so-called givat olam (ancient hills) also within the territory of Joseph. But these reserves are not readily accessible without directional drilling from a precise region, which has yet to be revealed.

Running the numbers on George Walker Bush -- 866

There is a sure sign to determine the identify of the "son of perdition," which the Church calls the anti-Christ. It is a gematria of his name that will add up to 666. Gematria assigns a numerical value to the 22 letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet. This means that the first 10 Hebrew letters have a numerical value of 1-10, the next 9, have a numerical value of 20-100 in intervals of 10, and the last three 200, 300 and 400.  For years, as a kind of a hobby, I've been running the numbers on modern world leaders and potential leaders. No one has come close to the magic number of 666, not even George Walker Bush, whose gematria was 866. Bush's name transliterated into literal phonetical Hebrew is a RESH or R sound off, since the RESH has a numerical value of 200.

However, in modern Hebrew, Gog (spelled GIMEL-VOV-GIMELalso spells the name Joj (the Hebrew equivalent of "George" with the Resh or "r" sound dropping out. Otherwise there is no "J" phonetic value in biblical Hebrew. The fact that his father is also named George,” would make him a George from George, “Joj from Joj or Gog m'Gog in biblical Hebrew since Magog means literally "from Gog."

Fraternity links to Gog and Magog

Both Bushes attended Yale University and were members -- along with several of America's recent presidents, senators, intelligence heads and would-be presidents -- of the highly secretive, "Skull and Bones" society.  In her 2002 expose, "Secrets of the Tomb," and in an article for The Atlantic titled, "George W: Knight of Euloga," and in an interview by Morley Safer with CBS' 60 Mintues, Yale graduate Alexandra Robbins penetrated the veil of secrecy by interviewing past bonesmen.

An initiation rite requires all members of the society to have nicknames. The nickname allegedly chosen by George W. was "Gogi," which in literal Hebrew means "my Gog." (George H. W. was reportedly also linked to Gog, so in the ranks of this secret society "W" would be a Gog from a Gog." Averell Harriman was Thor, Henry Luce was Baal, McGeorge Bundy was Odin according to Robbins. A number of senior members of our intelligence community also have been bonesmen, including John Negroponte).

Unclean rituals

The hazing is not unlike many other college fraternities and includes mild torture. However, Skull and Bones initiates also kiss a human skull, which they call "the skull of Geronimo" and have a human femur bone pressed to their backsides. They also act out a throat-slashing ritual murder and lie nude in a coffin while performing an act of self-gratification. The name Magog, (from Gog) is traditionally associated with the one incoming bonesman among the 15 yearly admitted to the exclusive elite of the elite society, who was deemed to have been the most promiscuous. This bonesman pledges his allegiance to a figure dressed up as Satan.

Documentation from the records of the society show that the skull of Geronimo was stolen from the Apache leader's tomb at Fort Sill, OK., by a raiding party of bonesmen led by Prescott Bush, the president's late grandfather. Other skulls alleged to be in the possession of the society include a 15-year-old Native American boy, Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa and possibly Mangas Colorados, an even more revered Apache leader than Geronimo. Colorados was tricked into surrender by the Army in New Mexico, then killed and decapitated. His skull has never been located. 

Whatever else one might conclude about these rituals, innocent or not, they cater too heavily to the dark side. The contact with a human skull and femur bone and secret pledge to Satan, would according to the Torah, and I would think the New Testament as well,  make one unclean and thereby subject to demonic possession by an "unclean spirit." The biblical language for this as it pertains to the "son" of perdition is in one word, the "seduction" that would lead J-O-R-J  "son" of J-O-R-J astray. 

Such a use for human remains is also disgraceful and humiliating to the Native American population and to the memory of these Apache leaders who trusted our Government and were betrayed.

A note about uncleanness

The command to keep oneself pure from the realm of the unclean is indicated in next week's Haftorah, portion Ha'azinu, which I once had the opportunity to teach in an all-black church on the south side of Chicago in a message I called, "Power in Purity."  A marvelous wave of repentance and revival erupted in that church.

The Lord recompensed me according to my righteousness; He repaid me according to the cleanliness of my hands. For I have kept the ways of the Lord and I have not departed wickedly from my God. For all His Mishpatim (Judgments or a category of commands in the Torah that includes the logical laws of "clean and unclean") are before me and I shall not remove myself from His Chukim (Statutes or another category of commands in the Torah that includes the unexplainable laws of "clean and unclean"). I was perfectly innocent with Him, and I was vigilant against my sin. The Lord repaid me according to my righteousness; according to my cleanliness before His eyes.  For all His Mishpatim are before me, and I shall not remove myself from His Chukim. (2 Samuel 22:20-23)

The need to maintain a state of ritual purity also is reflected in the commands given to the early church to abstain from four categories of defilements:  idolatry, pniktos, porneos and blood. Pniktos deals with the kosher diet as reflected in the Classical Greek definition:  "meat from animals that are not slaughtered according to the manner of the Hebrew Law." Porneos deals with the whole gamut of immorality and is the root of what we know today as pornography. The apostle Paul also warned his protege, Timothy to "touch not the unclean thing."

The sages of Torah have written that the unclean spirit may enter into a person if that person remains in a state of ritual uncleanness. This is why the mikveh (ritual bath for cleansing the flesh which is the basis for the baptism of Christianity before one could partake of the Holy Spirit) is emphasized in the Jewish faith.

Rerunning the numbers

Given this uncleanness, the vow to Satan taken by bonesmen, the nickname for our president, the geographical clues to the land of Magog linking it to the U.S. and most significantly the anti-biblical foreign policy in Israel and Iraq advocated by both Bushes -- which is a political attack against Judea-Samaria, I decided to run the numbers again ASSUMING that the president's first name could be Gog.  Here is what I concluded:

GEORGE         G-O-G   (Gimel or G = 3,  Vov pronounced as a long O as a vowel letter = 6,  Gimel = 3 ) . Total=12

WALKER        V-L-K-EY-R  (Vov pronounced as a consonant W = 6, Lamed or L =30, Kof or K=100, Yod as vowel letter EY=10, Resh or R=200)  Total =346

BUSH               B-V-SH  (Bet or B=2, Vov pronounced as a long U as a vowel letter = 6, Shin or SH =300)  Total=308

12 + 346 + 308 = 666

The Bush legacy, Israel and the Holocaust

There are other factors to consider, some which are too troubling for me to detail. The president is saddled with the legacy of his father whose administration extorted Israel's $10 million in U.S. loan guarantees at the conclusion of the 1991 Persian Gulf War to press Israel to abandon its policy of building new settlements in Judea-Samaria. This was the strategy of "H.W." and his Secretary of State James Baker in order to gain support from Arab nations in the war the U.S. launched against Saddam. See the Manning File.

The president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, who is linked to the disappearance of Geronimo's skull, reputedly helped fund the Nazi war machine. Auschwitz was reportedly built near coal deposits so that slave labor could be used in one of Prescott Bush's holdings, the Silesian American Corporation.  Even after the US declared war on Germany, Prescott Bush allegedly continued violating the Trading With the Enemy Act, until late in 1942. In other words, if these allegations are true, the Bush family became a power in American politics and has sustained itself under the most  horrific of events and unclean of rituals greatly disgracing the Apache Nation and the memory of Geronimo and Colorados.

New World Order, secret societies and uncleanness

These occult (secret or hidden) societies also ring ominous with the mention of the New World Order first introduced in political rhetoric during the presidency of George H.W. Bush. The involvement with occultic activity during the Nazi regime is well-documented. Adolf Hitler himself was an enthusiast who dabbled with the dark side. That alone is reason enough for Americans to be concerned when their presidents are linked to such forces and make vows to Satan.

Is President George Walker Bush the notorious "falsely anointed?" He claims to be a born-again Christian and has stated publicly that his faith has made him a different man. I can myself, attest to the power of God to change a person if they repent of their past. As an 8 and 9 year-old during Halloween, before we knew better, my grade-school friends and I would sneak out of our homes and pedal our bicycles up a steep hill to the local cemetery. We had a ritual at midnight in which we would dare and double-dog dare one another to do various foolishness including laying on the tombstones. But we had our clothes on and there was no vow to Satan.  We DID know better than that.

The language in the text that the God of Israel would personally lead this Gog astray and the ominous explanation given in Ezekiel 39:24 as to why:  "According to their uncleanness and according to their transgressions have I done unto them and hid My face from them."

Bush should repent, apologize

I would like to believe the president is sincere and upright and a true Christian as the Religious Right who takes credit for his re-election seems to believe.  But, unless he has a change of heart about his unbiblical Road Map to Peace in the Middle East, either renounces or repents for his family's complicity with the Nazis and apologizes to the American public for being the stooge of the energy and defense interests, and stops lying to the American people about why we are in Iraq, I'm inclined to lean with the pundits. The president should also take the initiative to end this repulsive use of the skulls of Apache Native Americans or any skulls and be certain that they are returned with dignity and proper decorum to the Apache nation. Otherwise, a very great curse will come upon the guilty parties and that will lead to the revival of the Ghost Dance, which the U.S. Government has outlawed since the 1891 massacre at Wounded Knee.

I'm also still waiting for President Bush -- or someone from the White House or State Department to answer my letter and acknowledge that he has read the Bible passages marked up by the some 150 Joes present at a rally at Crawford Texas in the summer of 2003 against his Road Map to Peace in the Middle East. That KJV Bible outlines the biblical Road Map to Peace in the Middle East ... the biblical two-state solution ... and the letter pointed out in clear language how the Bush Road Map goes against the God of Israel's plan for this region. That plan: To reunite and reconcile the assimilated non-Jewish House of Joseph and the Jewish House of Judah in Judea-Samaria while at the same time accommodating the Palestinians with a conditional Palestinian state in the Gaza and regions contiguous.

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