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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Burmese refugees


are Beit Yoseif


MbY calls for 'Mideast consortium' to bring Burmese Joes home


Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria should form a Middle East consortium to return and welcome the millions of Burmese refugees who have been left homeless by the world's latest disaster.

Specifically, they should be located in the biblical birthright territories of Joseph.

In alluding to the parameters of a biblical Palestinian state in the Gaza, regions contiguous and the fertile Sh'felah, Zechariah 9 continues in Chapter 10 with the prophesy of the Return of the House of Joseph.  "They will be so numerous," the prophet writes, that they will "spill over into Lebanon and the Gil'ad (modern Jordan).

Jerusalem Rabbi Eliyahu Avichayil, founder of Ami-Shav (Return My People) was interviewed for Middle East Television in 1988 after he had published his book, "The Tribes," in Hebrew.  His research of more than 30 years as the past chief rabbi at Hebrew University informed that the Israelite tribe of M'nashe migrated out of Asia-Minor (Assyria) and along the ancient southern Chinese trade routes, settling in India, BURMA, Thailand and along the southeast Asia coastlands.  During his tenure at Hebrew University, he sent yeshiva students to Burma to make Jewish converts of these M'nashe, who he numbered about two million along the border of India with Burma alone. About 4,000 -- a token number -- have been received by the State of Israel as "Jewish" citizens and converts.

Jeremiah 31:15-18 promises the return of this family of Rachel's son, Joseph TO THEIR OWN BORDERS.

The cyclone that struck Burma is a tragedy but it may also be one of "horns of the re'eim" (translated "unicorn") to "push the people together" from the ends of the earth (Deut 33:17). If the Burmese refugees are returned to their biblical borders enmasse, they could easily outnumber the Palestinians residing today in the territories of Joseph.

Perhaps many Palestinians could then be persuaded to move to their biblically ordained Palestinian state -- in the Gaza and regions contiguous -- in the hope of saving their lives according to the warning by the Edomite prophet, Obadiah.

Perhaps the Jerusalem Sanhedrin Court would realize the error of its ways and focus on accommodating the Return of the House of Joseph, rather than the Noachite agenda of some of its members.

Perhaps the Return of the House of Joseph is under way in 2008.

Certainly the Bush Road Map to Peace ('Hell' - mby) in the Middle East would have a few new "roads" to consider.


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