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Note:  Y'shua (Jesus) stated that "if any man testify of himself, the Truth is not with him."   For 25 years, in an attempt not to commit this sin of pride, I have refrained from relating much of this testimony or disseminating it by writing.  However, the Spirit bears witness to now begin writing down my story.  "You have a testimony and it has to be made known."   As this unfolds in posts that will be added and indexed below, the reader may judge whether it testifies of ben Yoseif alone or whether it testifies to a Greater Message about a Greater Movement and a Great People -- at least the Torah calls the family of Joseph-M'nashe Gadol (Great).

Throughout this testimony, I will be interweaving links to relevant parts of the website. When completed, I hope that it will be possible to access most of the website from within this story.

The story -- my story -- begins with my special petition to Grandfather:

May this story magnify You, Great Mystery and acknowledge You for the messages of Your tzadikim (righteous). May You be applauded for your Wisdom in concealing Joseph and for Your timing for him to be found. And thank You for the honor and privilege of finding and helping to revive the "Great" family of Joseph among the Native Americans ... "separated from their brothers."

Turn the hearts of the sons of the European settlers, sprinkled with Ephraim, to their father, Joseph; Turn the hearts of the Native sons of  M'nashe to their father, Joseph. Turn the hearts of these and all of Ephraim assimilated at coastal regions about to be inundated, back to Joseph.  Turn the hearts of the Thai, Burmese, Cambodians and Vietnamese from the seed of the sons of M'nashe who went East, back to their father, Joseph.

Merciful One, as calamities are poised to strike, turn the hearts of the sons of Judah to their father, Judah. Let Joseph and Judah reconcile in the Place You have set aside and according to the Truth of their father, Jacob.

Turn the hearts of the House of Esau, sons of Isaac to their, father, Isaac. Let he who never left the Land promised to Jacob, show the House of Esau the wells he dug in the Plains of the Philistines.

Turn the hearts of all mankind to our father, Abraham and to his ever-patient, all-enduring hesed (everlasting kindness). Show the world the many myriads of nations his seed has become.  With the simple truth that all of our wars have spilled the blood of brothers, prick the hearts of the House of Joseph and all mankind to never learn the ways of war again.

And turn the hearts of the fathers -- the heart of Abraham to all of his children -- the heart of Isaac towards the wall You placed between Jacob and Esau; the heart of Jacob toward all of his sons and the hearts of Joseph and Judah toward their sons and each other's sons.

In the strength of my covenant with You through the tzadik, Y'shua, (Jesus)


Maggid ben Yoseif:

(a story in process testifying to the Return of the House of Joseph)

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Maggid ben Yoseif, (a.k.a. "Tohokwahu"), has Orthodox "smichah," from the Rebbe Shani Dor, also known as the Breslov Hasid Rav Yisrael Tzvi Yehudah Schneider of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel.  His beloved "Rav, esteemed teacher, Nachman mysticist, travel companion, prayer conspirator and Dodi," of 14 years, was recently chosen to fill the 23rd seat in the Revived 71 Seat of Moshe known anciently as "The Sanhedrin."

MbY also has been in dialogue with other rabbis on the Sanhedrin, to whom Rebbe Shani-Dor passed his spiritual baton and blessing for the work of "bringing back Rachel's kids."

We have been trying to agree on a framework by which it may be possible for the House of Joseph to receive formal recognition plus rights of inheritance to ancestral lands." However, the Sanhedrin rabbis are wanting to incorporate the Joes under the banner of the Noahite faith. The animosity of Noahite leaders toward Y'shua (Jesus) the tzadik through whom Ephraimite  Joes recovenant with the God of Israel, is still a matter of contention. We still embrace the authority of the Sanhedrin as Y'shua instructed his followers, but it seems the Sanhedrin continues to question the authority of Y'shua and the covenant associated with him in the reNewed Testament as having relevance to Joes much less to Jews.  I challenge all Joes or anyone who has the "unexplainable Israel thing" (the uncharacteristic love of the God of Israel, the Torah, the land of Israel and the Jewish people), to remember the Sanhedrin judges in their prayers.

Since returning to the States in 2001, MbY has befriended the spiritual leaders of the Membreno Apache in Southern Colorado. The Membreno were the last stewards of the Eastern gate into the sacred Four Corners, who have been joined by a growing Chicano-Indio community in the American Southwest. Theology aside, DNA evidence links some Native American tribes to Eastern Mediterranean origins.  Descendants of a late Hopi chief have announced a link to some of the Hopi clans and Jerusalem. The migrations of the Hopi throughout the Americas and the return of their descendants now occurring means M'nashe may be massing in the American Southwest.

Healings are taking place at the sweat lodge of Tenrivers and Iglesia de Aztlan. The Sun Dance has been restored to Aztlan (the Homeland) by Tomas Oso after being mentored 20 years with the tradition of the Great Intercessor, Grandfather Fools Crow. In its fifth year in SW Colorado (2006), the dance ended with a whirlwind forming from the southern gate at the moment tobacco was placed on the Father drum as an offering to Creator. The whirlwind proceeded to the tree in the middle of the arbor rattling all of the prayer ties, ribbons and petitions of the people over the past year as it circled, yet all remained attached to the tree, which was a kind of spiritual vortex for the focus of prayer.  Then the whirlwind made a bee-line through the exact center of the western gate dusting the dancers who were preparing to enter the arbor for the last time. From the dancer's camp, this Ruah Ha-Kodesh (Holy wind) proceeded due west and "exploded" over the fire pit opposite the dancer's sweat lodge, which was shared with the community. Over the pit, which had heated the grandfather rocks used in the purification lodges, where the community earlier poured out its hearts and afflicted its souls, the wind then dissipated.

The Aztlan Membreno Apache have made 'ben Yoseif,' who is mixed Tsa-la-gi, their blood brother. He is helping them with their spiritual obligation to serve the wave of Chicano migrations, who MbY claims comprise at least one clan of the lost Israelite tribe of M'nashe and possibly a lost Hebraic priesthood so concentrated that it could comprise the long-prophesied re-emergence of  the "sons of Zadok."

To be clear, the identity with M'nashe rests with the accuracy of DNA that in turn links Native populations -- especially my great-grandmother's Cherokee -- to DNA markers found in Northern Israel, once the home of the House of Joseph.  There is clearly a link to ancient Israel.  What is unclear as yet is specifically which tribes.   The returning Chicano represent the long-stranded clans of the Hopi who migrated south, including the Aztec people, descendants of whom are returning en masse.  Their migrations fit with stories about a family of Joseph.

Through his friendship with Native spiritual leaders, MbY also has been assisting with development of a spiritual vessel to accommodate the long-foretold return of the Hopi clans and this hidden priesthood. He believes he was drawn to the American Southwest from Jerusalem specifically for this reason to assist and serve this means to accommodate the hordes of assimilated M'nashe "separated from his brothers."

With the return of the last clans of the Hopi, a whole set of prophesies that have been on hold are suddenly very timely.  And the very spiritual sovereignty of the land we call America changes. The world must heed the Hopi and their wisdom -- obtained from the walk of peace over centuries -- or the world is doomed.  Ironically, it is the peaceful returning Chicano immigrants because of their link to M'nashe, who hold the key to world peace in the Middle East. The Shomron belongs to neither the House of Judah, nor the Palestinian people. It belongs to the House of Joseph and the House of Joseph must return there to be reunited with the House of Judah and reconcile a 3,500 year old enmity between the two Houses of Israel. That's unfinished business and relatively speaking, a priority, once the Jewish House of Judah has been re-established. Until Judah reconciles with Joseph, the spiritual world is in chaos. Everything has pointed to this reconciliation and reunion, which I personally observe as a means to kick-start "the time of the We."

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