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House of Joseph


Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Torah and New (Renewed) Testament

Things to come: Prophecy and current events

Meditations on Hebrew years


House of Joseph


The re-interment of the bones of Joseph allow a Scriptural precedent for the re-interment of the bones of the tzaddikim, perhaps necessary to establish the Land of Israel as a "heritage" for the Children of Israel and allow the Return of the House of Joseph.

        See The Bones of Joseph & the Re-interment of the Tzaddikim


A mystery written into the foundation of the universe mandates that the recipient of a gift remedy the Bread of Shame associated with the gift, by sharing it or giving a portion of it to someone who was not a party to the gift. The scattering of the House of Joseph to be mixed among Gentiles and then to be regathered in the Last Days may be Hashem's remedy of the Bread of Shame associated with the exclusive gifts of the Torah and Eretz Yisrael to Israel.  

        See the Remedy of the Bread of Shame


Revelations about the blessing on the head of Joseph, point to discovery of oil in a region contiguous with the unannexed West Bank territories that belong to the House of Joseph in the inheritance of M'nashe. This discovery could loose the stranglehold Arab oil has on the nations and make Israel the wealthiest nation on the planet. But Hashem may have hinged the discovery to the long-awaited Return of the House of Joseph as His serum for the plague of Palestinian ultra-Nationalism. 

        See the Blessings on the head of Joseph


ben Yosef shares the inspirational words that have helped tens of thousands realize their identity as part of the Assimilation of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

          See The Song of Joseph.


What could the man in Tzion (the N'zir separated from his brothers because the region of the territories has not been annexed) formed from the head of Joseph and the heart of Judah (logo at the top right of this page) mean?  And why does he look so Orthodox? We may find the answer in ancient Jewish writings. 

        See What's in a face? and Why the N'zir wears sidelocks. 




Territory once inhabited by Moslems -- such as Eretz Yisrael during the Jewish exile -- changes its status.  It becomes dar-al-Islam, the "Home of Islam." The final aim of Islam as stated in the Koran and in the literature being circulated by Hamas is to see the whole world as dar-al-Islam. Regions of dar-al-Islam that remain outside of the control of the Moslem realm -- including the unannexed territories --  are called in the Koran, the "House of War."  The Koran allows a declared peace to exist only until the Koran-faithful are stronger than the enemy; then the war must resume and be fought to the death. So "peace" to the Moslem Palestinians means something different than "peace" to the Western world.

        See Wrong Ideas About Islam


Israeli-Palestinian conflict


The 8th Century BCE prophets foretold a conflict between the descendants of Jacob and the descendants of Esau and a contiguous state for the Palestinian descendants of Esau ... but not in Judea-Samaria. They also foretold calamity upon an arrogant nation who would attempt to vanquish the people who inherit the ancient land of Babylon.

        See Black Roads in Israel and Iraq


The peace talks in Oslo mirrored more of the same ungodly rhetoric and again occurred at a time in the Torah cycle when Hashem made clear His will to the contrary.

        See For the Life of Sarah!


We revive THE MANNING FILE to show how Arab & Palestinian influence have shaped the attitude of the US State Department AGAINST Jewish settlements in the unannexed territories.

See The Manning File.

Torah and New (Renewed) Testament


NOTE: While we do not embrace the theology of Christianity in totality, we do recognize that the vast majority of JOES today are re-entering the stream of pure Torah faith with a background from Christianity.  Our efforts to assist them, include "redefining" many key concepts alluded to in the New Testament in a context of Torah and Halachah (Jewish Law) that offers at least a "transition stage" as Moshe ben Maimon -- Maimonides or the Rambam hinted, may have been the purpose of Christianity.

One of the most frequent questions asked at each Passover Seder is “What is the meaning and  significance of the Afikoman – the larger part of the unleavened bread after it is broken, which is wrapped in a napkin and hidden away to return just before the Third Cup.  To understand why Y'shua used this occasion to institute a "renewal of covenant" we need to first understand its Torah foundations:

        See: Yosef's Birthright & The Hidden Priesthood and The Four Cups of Pesah Seder:  How They Could Reconcile Orthodox Jews and Joes.


Isaiah 49 defines the mission and message of messiah (the anointed one) in the context of a more complete Gospel than has been preached by the Church: the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel.

        See: Redefining the Mission and Message of Messiah.


A Jewish Tzaddik whose mission -- true to that of a Tzaddik -- was to become a covenant for the people and to embody the soul of Torah -- initiated the regathering of the Assimilated Northern Kingdom of Israel 2000 years ago. He was born during the festival of Succot after having been conceived during the festival of Hanukkah.  Is there a core of TRUTH obscured beneath the pagan elements in the Christian gospels? And is it convincing enough to persuade the Orthodox Jewish community to receive Orthodox "JOES" back into the family?

        See Succot-Channukah: The Festival of Joseph (the 2001 edition of "A Holy Torah 'Christmas' Story") and the  Story Behind the Story.


A re-examination of the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion of Y'shua (seen through the spectacles of Torah), strongly indicates that the evening he was laid in a tomb commemorated the first day of the counting of the Omer … while an unblemished lamb was being offered as an "ascent" offering on the altar in the Temple courtyard. This identity may challenge the traditional association of Y'shua with the Passover Lamb and traditional understandings of his role as "Redeemer."

        See Counting the Omer: Understanding the Spiritual Body


Things to come: Prophecy & Current Events:


A "time of Jacob's trouble," was declared by the leading Torah sages in Israel on March 22, 2001. 

See The Time of Jacob's Trouble

If the sages of Torah are correct and Y'shua the Nazarene's predictions come to pass, the world may shortly see a dramatic sign in the Heavens above.  Two stars in the star-cluster Kimah (a.k.a. Pleiades, the Seven Sisters and part of the bull, Taurus) could appear to move from their place and form a Cocav David (Star of David) in the early pre-dawn sky. 

        See The Heavenly Sign the World Awaits


Saddam Hussein continues to rule the Iraqi opposition and will rattle his sabre the last time only after the nations recognize the intent of the God of Israel in Iraq.   When that day comes, Hashem will complete what has already begun ... the vengeance for the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple.

        See Hashem Remembers His Alamo


Rosh Hashanah in the year 2000, (September 30, 2000, by the world's reckoning), is believed to be the end of 6000 years since the Creation of Adam and the end of man's "promised time."  This raises the question of whether we are now living on "borrowed time."

        See The World's Last Hurrah?


If Hashem (G-d) is wanting to let us in on the little secret about the End Times, there’s a better way of doing it than counting down 2000 years. It is called the Seder Olam Rabbah, a Jewish instrument written in the year 240 C.E. (about 1,760 years ago) that records historical events from the start of Creation according to a pre-determined 6,000-year plan. And it might be interesting to know that credible adjustments to this calendar tell us that the year 6000 coincides with the year 2000!

        See Millennium Fever  (this link has mysteriously disappeared)


Meditations on Hebrew Years

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What about  the Hebrew year 5760? Was it the year of the establishment of the Foundation of Tzion? And what did 5761 reveal?

See 5761 Meditations

What does the gematria of the Hebrew year 5762 reveal about Yasser Arafat, the tomb of Joseph and the Return of the House of Joseph movement?

        See 5762 Meditations