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1.    'Little Qatar' (Katrina), her 'Pearl' (Rita) and America's 'Shames'


In a court of Halachah, the U.S. Government may be guilty of the murder of those who died in the aftermath of Katrina. MbY also submits esoteric links between hurricanes Katrina and Rita that possibly may point to a Judgment on America -- according to the Torah's definition of "Allah"  and the Koran's purpose for its "Holy Winds." For those who have eyes and ears for the Hebrew of God, MbY suggests materialistic addictions, the rape of the Persian Gulf and foreign policies in Israel and the Middle East were middahs that brought these storms to our Gulf Coast.   He calls for a Square Deal for the American People who Katrina's aftermath has shown may play second fiddle to private interests protected by the federal government. Particularly culpable re: provocateurs of Islamic hatred of America:  Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush.  Note: This article has been withheld by MbY for 40 days out of respect for the 1,224 persons who died in 'Little Qatar' and its aftermath.


2.    George W. Bush, Gog and the 'anti-Christ'


At first glance, the gematria of the name of George W. Bush is 866. But the president's blatant identity with Gog in an "unclean" secret society initiation, in which he would have kissed the stolen skull of Geronimo and made a vow to Satan, is cause for a second look. MbY ran the numbers a second time. His verdict:  George W. Bush may indeed be the notorious figure the Christian world calls the "anti-Christ." 

"Since the skull may have now served its purpose -- betraying the anti-Christ with a kiss -- Washington must order Yale University to return it to the Apache nation," MbY said. "Its further use in unclean rituals is an affront to the Apache Nation and a great leader whose trust was betrayed by the American government. Unless the skull of Geronimo is returned with the proper respect and decorum, a very great curse will come upon the guilty parties ... and revive the spirit of the Ghost Dance.


3.    Sanhedrin judge rules 'no diplomatic dialogue' for Joes


A judge on the Jerusalem Sanhedrin has informed MbY there can be "no diplomatic dialogue" with Joes, who the judge stated are not part of the b'nai brit and do not obligate themselves to the covenant of Noah. MbY responds:  It is evident that the enmity of the descendants of Judah toward the descendants of Joseph still exists, but I did not expect to find it on the Sanhedrin of Judah. Rabbis are entitled to their prejudices and agendas. But not shoftim. Read MbY's full response.


4.    Joes celebrate birthday of Y'shua in succot

Each year since 1987, MbY has updated and published his treatise based on a Torah foundation of the New Testament showing that Y'shua (Jesus) was born during the Feast of Succot and probably on Simhat Torah when there would have been "no room in the inns."


5.    Return of the House of Joseph seminar, Dec. 22-24, Cleveland, Tenn

On High Ministries of Cleveland, Tenn., has invited MbY to direct a  possibly landmark interactive seminar at which MbY will detail the biblical two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  This plan was considered a threat to Israeli national security by Shabach and resulted in MbY's three arrests and imprisonment without ever being charged with a crime, without appearing before a judge and in violation of the treaty between Israel and the U.S.  See the complete tentative itinerary, which will include MbY's latest revelations about the biblical Return of the House of Joseph and his personal testimony, which he rarely gives.


6.    Rainbow-colored cloud leads MbY to ancient engraved stone in N.M. mountains


MbY followed a cloud containing the colors of the rainbow to be led to a Paleolithic Hebrew writing in the New Mexico mountains. The message is as relevant today to Americans as it was to those who engraved it in stone some 2,000 to 2,500 years ago.




T'sha b'Av comes and goes with no Ark of the Covenant

In his Shavuot 2005 newsletter, MbY reported that Vendyl Jones of the Vendyl Jones Research Institute (formerly the Institute of Judaic-Christian Research), was quoted by Israeli media and on hundreds of Internet blogs as stating he had received the blessing of a leading but anonymous kabbalist to bring out the Ark of the Covenant by T'sha b'Av (August 14, 2005). Jones believes the Ark is hidden below the floor of a cave rediscovered by MbY in 1988 and excavated 37 feet to bedrock in 1992.  Jones says he was misquoted by the Israeli media and on the Internet blogs adding that the kabbalist told him "it would be good" for the Ark to be revealed by T'sha b'Av. Jones maintains that the Holy Ark is hidden below the floor of the cave but needs the funds to drill a bore hole to prove it. Earlier, pits carved into the bedrock were found to contain a substance identified by a chemical advisor at the Dept. of Nuclear Physics at the Weismann Institute in Jerusalem and at Bar Ilan University in Haifa as containing the esters of 11 of the 14 ingredients that make up the pitu'um ha-ketoret.


Rebbe Shani Dor reassures Joes, MbY of his unqualified support

Despite the ruling by Sanhedrin Judge Moshe Kerr that there can be 'no diplomatic dialogue' with Joes, the Rebbe Shani Dor, who occupies the 23rd seat on the 72-member body, maintains his unqualified support of Joes, their return and MbY.

"Dear Joe brothers. I remain supportive of Maggid ben Yoseif and the Return of the children of Rachel and continue to pray for the time that we can again be together in Eretz Yisrael," wrote the rebbe, also known as the Breslov Hasid Rav Yisrael Tzvi Yehudah Schneider of Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Still no takers to debate MbY's '05 Thesis': The Disputations

Since publishing online his '05 Thesis' disputing both the deity of Jesus and the notion that Jesus bucked the authority of the Sanhedrin and Halachah, voices are asking MbY to debate church leaders. MbY is willing to confront New Testament ideas through the eyes of Torah but no other way. "The Torah came first, then the Writings and Prophets and only then the New Testament. And the Oral Traditions later codified into the Talmud had an influence since the time of Moses. When you put the cart back behind the horse, and consider all of the influences and writings that preceded New Testament times, then you have a much different book than the church has taught, MbY said, adding that so far, he has had no takers.