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3 Sivan, 5765        June 10, 2005
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1.    The Ark of the Covenant Cave  

2.    Must Joes be Noahites first?

            -- An unedited clarification from Sanhedrin ruling council spokesman

                     Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar Ron

            -- Response from MbY

3.    Does Jesus haunt the Chamber of Hewn Stones?

4.    Updates:

            -- MbY welcomes debate about '05 Thesis'

            -- Roads still black in Israel and Iraq

            -- Regional representatives needed to assist with Sanhedrin contacts

5.    MbY sings Blue Star Kachina dance: The end of 


6.    When the day of Shavuot was 'fulfilled':

          -- Torah insights about the beginning of "Christianity" reveal how the Church

                missed its calling

1.    The Ark of the Covenant Cave

A cave complex just to the north of Qumran is claimed by Vendyl Jones to hold the Ark of the Covenant. A leading but anonymous kabbalist has blessed Jones to "find the Ark" by T'sha b'Av (Aug. 14, 2005).

Jeremiah said the place shall remain unknown "until God gathers His People together again and shows His ruhamah (mercy)."  (2 Maccabees 2:7 NRSV)

"Before the place is made known, or shortly thereafter, the revived Great Sanhedrin must accept the descendants of Hosea's whore," said Maggid ben Yoseif, admitting to being one. If God says the judgments for our whoredom end when the place of the Ark is made known, then who is the Sanhedrin to argue? But if the Ark is found in the Cave of the Column complex, which includes the northern entrance rediscovered for Jones by MbY in 1988,  "it will be a theological Pandora's box for the Sanhedrin and revive the ghost that haunts the Chamber of Hewn Stones," MbY said.

2.    Must Joes be Noahites first?

Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar Ron, spokesman for the ruling council of the revived Great Sanhedrin, now says Joes must pass for Noahites for a period of 2-3 years.

The following is a reply to a private communication from MbY to R. Michael in which MbY asked R. Michael to clarify 1) Changes and additions to the original conditions he listed in order for the Sanhedrin to consider the rights of inheritances of Joes. The changes include mandatory classification of Joes as Noachites for 2-3 years; 2) A comment that Joes could "strengthen the Noahite movement" and 3) his request for MbY's email list to contact Joes directly.

Read the unedited statement of R. Michael Shelomo Bar Ron

Read the response by MbY

3.    Does Jesus haunt the Chamber of Hewn Stones?

Opposition to Joeish citizenship and right of return to tribal inheritances is surfacing from Noahite leaders alleging that Joes pray to Jesus as a world tzaddik. (See No. 2 above).

"Joes do not pray TO their tzaddik," said MbY explaining that Y'shua/Jesus has become a tzaddik (righteous man) whose fame has spread worldwide because his mission of regathering the Assimilation of Israel has been worldwide.  Like every other tzaddik, he is an intercessor for Joes, having "one foot in this world and another in the World to Come."

Jesus embraced Sanhedrin and Halachah

"Ever since his resurrection from the dead, the ghost of Jesus has haunted the Chamber of Hewn Stones, (the traditional meeting place of the Sanhedrin)" MbY said.  But there is nothing to fear, he added. "Jesus supported the Sanhedrin in his day and will be a support to the Revived Sanhedrin. He embraced Halachah and expected his followers to do so as well. The Jesus you fear is the one judged by the misguided acts of those who purport to be his followers. He, himself, condemned them: "I never knew you, you who "work against or without the Torah." (Matthew 7:22-23)

More on the ghost who haunts the Chamber of Hewn Stones

4.    Updates:

MbY welcomes debate about '05 Thesis'

Since publishing online his '05 Thesis' disputing both the deity of Jesus and the notion that Jesus bucked the authority of the Sanhedrin and Halachah (Jewish Law), voices are asking MbY to debate church leaders. MbY is willing to confront New Testament ideas through the eyes of Torah but no other way. "The Torah came first, then the Writings and Prophets and only then the New Testament. And the Oral Traditions later codified into the Talmud had an influence since the time of Moses. When you put the cart back behind the horse, and consider all of the influencesThe Torah came first, then the Writings and Prophets and only then the New Testament. And the Oral Traditions later codified into the Talmud had an influence since the time of Moses. When you put the cart back behind the horse, and consider all of the influences and writings that preceded New Testament times, then you have a much different book than the church has taught, MbY said. Do we have any takers for a debate?

Roads still black in Israel and Iraq

The economy and the popularity of President George Bush continue to plummet as casualties mount in Iraq and nuclear threats proliferate among Islamic enemies of the U.S.  An earthquake of magnitude 7.5 has occurred in the Pacific 90 miles from the coast of Northern California. More climate and weather changes in Africa -- which affect America's weather patterns --  include melting the snow and glacier peak from the top of Mt. Kilmanjaro for the first time in recorded history. Another deadly, devastating and costly hurricane season is upon us, with disaster relief funds already stressed. More mad cow disease, the threat of bird flu, out of control obesity in young adults, the meth menace. It seems the U.S. is either getting hammered on all fronts or all of these axes loom.

"Can we have peace in a region where we have sown war and destruction and greed ?" Mby asks. "Can anyone with the name 'Bush' rally the support of the Iraqi citizens to raise up their own army?  W hat kind of fruit will result from seeds of fighting a war with a third party on another's turf so as to protect our own?  The president calls this 'taking the war to our enemies.' In truth, we are sowing our own destruction.  One curse after another is coming on our nation because our leaders are ignorant of the spiritual repercussions of their actions."

U.S. Mideast policies since the presidency of former CIA director George H.W. Bush have led to a united Islamic opposition against America and its energy interests. But MbY says the curse is not just about America's thirst for oil, but also the State Department's "Black Road foreign pollcy in Israel. U.S. foreign policy is at odds with the Holy One of Israel's plans to reconcile Joseph and Judah. America is wanting to hand the fields of Ephraim and the fields of the Shomron -- the birthright Jacob gave Joseph -- back over to Esau.  Stealing his birthright merits this curse upon America from the Holy One.

Regional representatives needed to assist Sanhedrin contacts

If and when the Great Sanhedrin dismisses the Noahites sitting at the table so Joes and Jews can have some privacy to reconcile and reunite,  MbY is wanting to find local representatives -- in every nation of the world --  to assist the Return of the House of Joseph according to Halachah under the authority of the Sanhedrin. Also, after a quietus of more than four years since his imprisonment in Israel for promoting the Return of the House of Joseph as an alternative to a Palestinian State in Judea-Samaria, MbY is again making speaking appearances. If interested, please contact MbY at .

5.    MbY sings the song of The Blue Star Kachina dance:       The end of religion

The Native American Hopi have centuries-old tablets engraved with prophesies about their Return to Tuwanasavi (the center of the Universe).  Two daughters of the former Hopi chief in Oraibi, AZ., confirm the great secret (the sod gadol) related by their father in 1998 when he announced , "Our fathers' fathers told us that we came from Jerusalem."

The end of the Hopi religion and the return to Tuwanasavi (Jerusalem is considered by sages of Torah to be "the center of the universe.") awaits only a dance in which a tribal elder will throw a blue star down to the floor of the kiva.

6.    When the day of Shavuot was 'fulfilled':

          Torah insights about the beginning of "Christianity"

             reveal how the Church missed its calling

The church's failure to renew a yearly oath to "do and understand" the Torah, a condition of its covenant renewed by Y'shua/Jesus is a major reason Assimilated Israel should leave the Church, MbY says.

Shalom Shalom & Hashem's love & blessings,

Maggid ben Yoseif