Maggid ben Yoseif / Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile
30 Iyar 5766 / May 28, 2006

'Send Israel your afflicted, tempest-tossed and not-comforted'

The immigration issue threatens to divide this nation.  In an era of suitcase nukes, it does seem vital for America to have secure borders. But if America does not reform her immigration laws to accommodate this Last Days move of the Creator, we should chisel the "send me your afflicted, tempest-tossed and lo-nuhamah (not-comforted)"1 off of the Statue of Liberty. She would be lying, otherwise. We would no longer be a nation of God's grace and mercy because of the grace and mercy denied the Chicano, who were promised at least the mercy and this land by the Creator. (SEE: Whose America?).

If limits are set on Chicano immigration, it should be to divert some -- the long foretold biblical remnant -- to their distant ancestral Homeland. The love of the God of Israel, the Torah of Israel and Israel is already engrained in many Chicano who have independently arrived at the truths that they are Joes or an admixture of Sephardic Jews and Joes.  Either way, they are children of Israel and they offer the modern Jewish state a real and lasting solution in Judea-Samaria. Those with Zion in their hearts from the Chicano also offer the U.S. a peaceable alternative to present to both the modern Jewish State and to the Palestinians:  the sons of Rachel who belong there ... who would have basically a peaceable nature ... and who would otherwise overflow America's borders.

Let these Joes purchase the land of their ancestors. Samaria would become neither Jewish nor Palestinian. With the money they get from the sale of their homes, the Palestinians can relocate in the contiguous area mentioned in Zechariah 9 or should be allowed to choose from the existing 22 Arab nations.

The Hebrew prophets also singled out the ee'eem (coastlands often referred to as islands) as the regions from which a displaced people will "wait for My Torah," and eventually return to the land of Israel.  With melting glaciers, warming oceans, and events like tsunamis and super-storms, experts now predict the submersion of coastal regions around the world. Already tsunami and category 4 or better hurricanes and typhoons are making many coastal regions uninhabitable or difficult and costly to reclaim from the seas. Because of the ingenious plan of the LORD2, scattering the House of Joseph into all nations, cultures, races, ethnicities and lands, beginning with colonizing the coastal regions, the refugees from these Earth changes are legitimately and thoroughly mixed descendants of Joseph.

Maggid ben Yoseif

1 Nuhamah is from the root meaning mercy or compassion and is the passive form of the verb used in Hosea 1 as one of the three judgments that cut off the House of Joseph from God's mercy. This, because the Joeish leaders had led the entire House of Israel into idolatry departing from the ways of the Torah."

2"When you begin to see and understand Elokim's ingenious plan, you will see a kingdom reigning and your place in it as my eyes, my voice, my hand.

Then, the sweetest of mysteries I will reveal along with the rest, why Jacob said of Ephraim and M'nashe in his dying breath, "By you shall Israel bless."

From "Thy Light Is Come:  A Song to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel," a 77-stanza yet unpublished poem given to Maggid ben Yoseif during Hanukah in 1984.