Maggid ben Yoseif / Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile

10 October 2005 / 7 Tishrei 5766


Sanhedrin judge rules
'no diplomatic dialogue'
on petition for Joes
Hate mail asks Sanhedrin to place ban on MbY

In response to the petition seeking recognition and Halachic identity for the House of Joseph in exile, Maggid ben Yoseif has received a significant amount of "hate mail," including one demanding that the revived Sanhedrin place a "ban" on him.
Shortly after this ban demand, he received the following note from Rabbi Moshe Kerr on Sept. 8, 2005:


No diplomatic dialogue can exist with non bnai brit peoples, to date you reject the formal oath of bnai noach there is nothing more that needs be said.
Judge Kerr


MbY offers the following response:

When I was a young boy and was an irritation to my four sisters living at home, one of them used to play a game. She would wave her hand and say, "Poof! You don't exist. And then nothing I said or did would bother her."

Essentially the Sanhedrin is doing this. "Since you (MbY) do not embrace the covenant of Noahites for Joes, 'Poof, you don't exist! Therefore, your petition does not exist and we are not obligated to respond to it.' "

He said that he has petitioned Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the head of the revived Sanhedrin, to determine whether Rabbi Kerr's opinion represents the position of the entire Sanhedrin. To date, Rabbi Steinsaltz has not responded.

To the Joes awaiting an Halachic identity out of respect for the Halachah, which Jesus said his followers should obey, MbY says:

  It is evident that the enmity of the descendants of Judah toward the descendants of Joseph still exists, but I did not expect to find it on the Sanhedrin of Judah. Rabbis are entitled to their prejudices and agendas. But not shoftim. Judges are held to a higher standard. They are obligated to turn over every leaf to find the Truth -- even leaves that might fall from the tree of Halachah (Jewish Law) and be swept away by the wind.

We should pray for a change of heart by the leadership of the Sanhedrin. For the time being, the Sanhedrin leadership is more inclined to cater to the Noahites, some of whom think it is their mission in life to persecute Joes because we may still hold to some non-idolatrous beliefs about the Nazarene who they have categorically denied.  Several of the rabbis on the Sanhedrin have Noahite agendas, as we have stated earlier.

This unfortunate prejudice, which stands in the way of Halachic recognition for the Return of the House of Joseph, has caused me to rethink my support for the revived Sanhedrin. After some soul-searching, I still support them and encourage Joes to support them, and lift them up in prayer.


But we should also pray for Hashem to give them a spiritual transformation similar to the one that validated the first Sanhedrin as occurred during the leadership of Moshe in the wilderness. When God took from the spirit of Moses and rested that spirit on the 72 elders who already had been selected, they spoke in tongues or prophesied to themselves things they did not comprehend, "V'hitnavu v'lo yasofu."


That experience changed these men. A similar sign should validate and change this revived Sanhedrin, and given time for these religious leaders to realize that they should represent God and His agenda and not themselves or their agendas, it will happen.

Be patient. Continue to study and live the Torah as best you can. The Sanhedrin will eventually come to the realization that the "Israel of God" cannot be complete and the Sanhedrin's other plans that require this kind of unity will be stymied without the Return of the House of Joseph, which they should invite.

Maggid ben Yoseif