Maggid ben Yoseif / Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A personal note:


Dear Family of Joseph and friends,


This newsletter is abbreviated due to the recent death of my Dad and a number of details that have had to be handled.

It will take some time for me to get caught up with email correspondence and thank you notes for your sympathy cards, which I deeply appreciate.

I also had hoped to include more about the Message to the Coastlands seminars in this newsletter and revise and update the format of the website. For now, this is all on hold, while I recover from this personal loss, relocate and try to attend to personal matters.

I also want to use this forum to thank those of you who had prayed for me during the emergency drive back to Texas and for me and my family in the wake of my Dad's death. He was like an old, sturdy oak tree to us and a very great source of stability, encouragement and most of all, love.

I did arrive at the hospital in Longview in time to spend the last night with my Dad before he passed.

He was mostly incoherent and fighting for each breath, but did have the presence of mind to know that I was present and to give me his final blessing:

"Son, go with God. Godspeed."

I invite your email or snail mail correspondence and telephone calls and appreciate your continued prayers.

Shalom Shalom & Hashem's love & blessings,

Maggid ben Yoseif