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Whose America?:

Chicano immigration may be the massing of M'nashe


1.  Ancient ruling spirit gave 'America' to descendants of Hopi 
Fate of America may rest with peaceful way of 'Hopi'

Hopi prophesies bleak but contain hope ... for Hopi

The sign of the coming of the son of man and Hopi ceremony
2.  Chicano, M'nashe have 'great' things in common

The messianic vision and the Return of M'nashe
Esoteric evidence of M'nashe-Chicano identity

3.  Many Chicano related to Aaron, brother of Moses


4. AZTLAN:  Homeland of the Chicano (Red People)

The Spirit of the Chicano

5.  What would Jesus say about the Chicano immigration?
'Send Israel your afflicted and storm-tossed'
Welcome M'nashe

6. When the Day of Shavuot (Pentecost) was fulfilled:

7. Spiritual dimension of Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

More than a year has passed since MbY published online his '05 Thesis disputing both the deity of Jesus and the notion that Jesus bucked the authority of the Sanhedrin and Halachah. While there have been no takers to debate The Disputations by the rules MbY has stipulated, a piano teacher from South Carolina poses this challenge:
Will God's relationship with Israel in the future be as ishi (her husband) as stated in Hosea 2:18? If so, how can He remarry, without contradicing Halachah, the harlot wife he earlier put away?  Also, as it pertains to non-Jews, can the "son of God" stand in the place of God in this union?

See:  The Remarriage of God and Israel

1.    'Little Qatar' (Katrina), her 'Pearl' (Rita) and America's 'Shames'


2.    George W. Bush, Gog and the 'anti-Christ'


3.    Sanhedrin judge rules 'no diplomatic dialogue' for Joes

4.    Joes celebrate birthday of Y'shua in succot


5.    Return of the House of Joseph seminar, Dec. 22-24, Cleveland, Tenn


6.    Rainbow-colored cloud leads MbY to ancient engraved stone in N.M. mountains



T'sha b'Av comes and goes with no Ark of the Covenant

Rebbe Shani Dor reassures Joes, MbY of his unqualified support

Still no takers to debate MbY's '05 Thesis': The Disputations


1.    The Ark of the Covenant Cave  

2.    Must Joes be Noahites first?

            -- An unedited clarification from Sanhedrin ruling council spokesman

                     Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar Ron

            -- Response from MbY

3.    Does Jesus haunt the Chamber of Hewn Stones?

4.    Updates:

            -- MbY welcomes debate about '05 Thesis'

            -- Roads still black in Israel and Iraq

            -- Regional representatives needed to assist with Sanhedrin contacts

5.    MbY sings Blue Star Kachina dance: The end of 


6.    When the day of Shavuot was 'fulfilled':

          -- Torah insights about the beginning of "Christianity" reveal how the Church missed its calling

1.    Rebbe Shani-Dor

2.    Petition to revived Israeli Sanhedrin re: Return of the House of Joseph

3.    Response from Sanhedrin spokesman

4.    Your opinions sought

5.    Passover BC

6.    '05 Thesis' challenges church doctrine that stands between reunion of Joes and Jews

7.    Joseph is Still Alive online manuscript

8.    Black Roads in Israel and Iraq

9.    Regional representatives sought

10.   Who will be a light to the World? -- a diatribe by MbY