Maggid ben Yoseif / Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile
2. To help find, identify, awaken and rescue the non-Jewish Assimilated Northern Kingdom of Israel comprising the House of Joseph .
If you know nothing about the House of Joseph and its prophesied Return to be reunited with the House of Judah, we suggest you begin by reading:
The Return of the House of Joseph

Does Rachel’s comfort await aliyah to the Shomron by Torah observant non-Jews?

Hundreds of thousands of non-Jews are gravitating toward the Torah roots of their faith. Tens of thousands are studying about the Jewish Sabbath and festivals. Many of these are starting to observe these special times. Some are even adapting their diets to the laws of kashrut and a few are plunging still further into the purifying waters of mikvaot (to observe the Torah laws of family purity). Everywhere Bible studies are focusing on the study of Hebrew and Torah, many according to the reading schedule listed on Jewish calendars. Interest by non-Jews in the land and people of Israel and Torah has never been more noticeable.
FOR COMPLETE ACCOUNT, SEE Return of the House of Joseph