Maggid ben Yoseif / Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile

Od Yoseif Chai

  (Joseph is still alive!)

    2005 Maggid ben Yoseif

Table of Contents

Part 1: Portion Vayeitzei -- His birth & the root of the enmity with Judah

Part 2: Portion Vayishlach -- Portents of the conflict between the House of Joseph and Esau and the root of the enmity with Judah

Part 3: Portion Vayeishev -- Portents of the enmity and vexation between Joseph and Judah

Part 4: Portion Mikeitz -- Joseph's redemption, the tests of his brothers and more roots of enmity with Judah

Part 5: Portion Vayigash -- Joseph reveals himself and is reconciled with his brothers

Part 6: Portion Vayechi -- Ephraim and M'nashe -- Prophetic portents in the blessing of Jacob

Summary of major points of this study

Epilogue: The biblical alternative to a Palestinian State in Judea-Samaria

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