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17 Nisan, 5765        April 26, 2005

Newsletter of Maggid ben Yoseif
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Jerusalem Torah Voice/Maggid ben Yoseif, Passover 5765/2005
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1.    Rebbe Shani-Dor

2.    Petition to revived Israeli Sanhedrin re: Return of the House of Joseph

3.    Response from Sanhedrin spokesman

4.    Your opinions sought

5.    Passover BC

6.    '05 Thesis' challenges church doctrine that stands between reunion of Joes and Jews

7.    Joseph is Still Alive online manuscript

8.    Black Roads in Israel and Iraq

9.    Regional representatives sought

10. Who will be a light to the World? -- a diatribe by MbY

1.    Rebbe Shani-Dor

The Breslov Hasid Rav Yisrael Tzvi Yehudah Schneider, good friend and spiritual mentor of Maggid ben Yoseif for the past 14 years has been named to one of the 71 posts of the Revived Sanhedrin of Israel with the smichah of a rabbi as "Rebbe Shani-Dor."

Rebbe Shani-Dor fully shares in MbY's vision of Joes and Jews with the hearts of their fathers, Joseph and Judah, reconciling Israel and becoming a Light to the World in the process.  He has spent time in the trenches praying for the reunion and reconciliation and together with MbY has appealed to the tzaddikim by praying Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun Ha-Clali at tombs throughout Israel.  Turns out, the same places the two of them prayed are now represented on the Sanhedrin!

Read the whole story and how the Revived Sanhedrin, possibly resurrected from the dead by the petition of the tzaddikim to Hashem,  may open the doors for the House of Joseph's return.

2.      Petition to revived Israeli Sanhedrin re: Return of the House of Joseph

One of MbY's silent projects over the past year has been his petition addressing what he believes to be discriminations against the House of Joseph in exile within the body of Halachah (Jewish law).

Read this somewhat technical petition to the revived 71-member Sanhedrin, the only biblical authority MbY recognizes with power to address revisions of Halachah that stand in the way of Joseph's return and reunion with Judah.

3.    Response from Sanhedrin spokesman

In response to the petition mentioned above, the permanent overseer on the 9-member ruling council of the 71-member Sanhedrin has introduced a paper for consideration by the full Sanhedrin on the rights of the Ten Tribes to their ancestral lands.

Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron, responds to the petition of MbY with six statements which reflect the conditions by which he thinks the Sanhedrin may consider a giyur la-humra (conditional conversion). This would allow Joes and others of the Ten Tribes to retain a tribal identity if they so please, at the time of conversion. "Conditiional" tribal identity would be retroactive for those who already have converted.

4.     Your opinions sought

A representative of the Israeli Sanhedrin has invited MbY to meet with him in California this August to discuss the parameters by which the revived Sanhedrin will consider the Return of the House of Joseph. After reading the material on the website, MbY invites your comments to prepare him for that meeting with the opinions of Joes worldwide. Also, if subscribers to this list who live in California may welcome an opportunity to combine this landmark meeting with an opportunity to meet with MbY, please contact him at

5.    Passover BC   

Did your Passover Seder call to mind the reason for the exile into Egypt and its remedy? Did the Afikomen you ate for dessert taste anything like the Book of the Covenant Moshe read and the House of Israel broke? Read Maggid ben Yoseif's thoughts on Passover about taming the tongue and why the salt water Judah currently experiences could be related to the dipping of Joseph's garments into the blood of a goat ... in our time.

6    '05 Thesis' challenges church doctrine that stands between reunion

MbY has revised, edited and placed online a manuscript that challenges church leaders to rethink doctrine that stands in the way of reconciling Joes and Jews. 

7.    'Joseph is Still Alive' online manuscript  

Another silent project of MbY's over the past year has been the revisions and editing of each of his Torah studies from the birth of Joseph until his death into an online manuscript, which provides the Torah foundations for the message of the Return of the House of Joseph.

8.    Black Roads in Israel and Iraq

To understand the current Bush Administration view seeking a contiguous Palestinian state connecting Judea-Samaria and the Gaza, this article written shortly before the US elections and circulated to Israeli cabinet officials is a must read.

9.    Regional N.A. reps sought as MbY looks to Scotland

To coordinate anticipated upcoming meetings to host members of the Israeli Sanhedrin, MbY is seeking regional representatives of Beit Yoseif (the House of Joseph) to represent the East and West Coasts, the Gulf Coast, Midwest, Canada and Mexico ... in short all of North Armerica.

"I believe the message of the Return of the House of Joseph is ready to return to the Scottish Highlands, Wales, Ireland, the coast of Normandy and the Scandinavian countries as a beachhead to retrench back across Europe," MbY said. "This is in keeping with writings of the sages that when God returns the captivity of Israel, these non-Jews will return in reverse of the order in which they were scattered,"  If interested in being a part of this move of the Spirit of God, please contact MbY at

10. Who will be a Light to the World? -- a diatribe by MbY

A Jewish rabbi around whose teachings the church evolved, declared in the First Century that all in covenant with G-d/Hashem should not hide their light under a basket, but to let it shine before men. Rabbis today would agree but might want to qualify that light as emanating from Torah. But if this is the case, why have neither Christianity nor Judaism already saved the world?

This link reveals heretofore hidden and obscured dimensions of the gospel "of" Y'shua/Jesus as presented by Y'shua himself in parables and which he had hoped his followers would witness concering him.  This stands opposite the Gospel "about" him. Rather, Y'shua's gospel defines and reveals Hashem's plan to relocate, recovenant with and return the scattered exiles of Israel or "restore the Kingdom to Israel." This is the good news that is to be shared worldwide at the time of the End and ultimately manifest the Light of Hashem to the World. The prejudice of the church hierarchy against the Torah has caused it (the church) to miss the simplicity of this "good news" ... But what may be most surprising is that the leaders of Judah today should have no problem embracing the gospel "of" Y'shua, which prods Israel and Judah to reunite and become Hashem's Light to the World.

            Shalom, Shalom&Hashem's love&blessings&Hag Someah!

            Maggid ben Yoseif

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