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'05 Thesis

The Disputations

Removing the michshol
(stumbling block)
between Joseph and Judah

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Isaiah spoke of a time in the future when those who would put their trust in the God of Israel would possess the land and inherit His holy mountain. (Isaiah 57:13). At that time, verse 14 states, one would say, " ... take up the michshol (stumbling block) out of the way of My People."  The michshol is defined by Strong’s as an "obstacle or enticement -- specifically an idol -- that causes one offence or to fall." The reference to My People -- Ami, in Hebrew – should bring to mind the promise of restoration made by the God of Israel to the Assimilation of the Northern Kingdom.

            The following Disputations suggest a means by which this stumbling block -- the idolization of Y'shua as Deity -- can be reconciled by the non-Jewish House of Joseph who should think of Y'shua as a tzadik. This role should not offend the Jewish House of Judah yet it fully describes the work of atonement and the ministry of reconciliation.


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