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June 16, 2005 / 9 Sivan 5765
MbY sings
the song of Blue Star Kachina dance:

'The end of religion'

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The Native American Hopi have centuries-old tablets engraved with prophesies about their Return to Tuwanasavi (the center of the Universe).  Two daughters of the former Hopi chief in Oraibi, AZ., confirm the great secret (the sod gadol) related by their father in 1998 when he announced, "Our fathers' fathers told us that we came from Jerusalem."

The end of the Hopi religion and the return to Tuwanasavi (Jerusalem is considered by sages of Torah to be "the center of the universe.") awaits only a dance in which a tribal elder will throw a blue star down to the floor of the kiva, a circular meeting place dug into the ground and covered with a slit roof from which to observe the night skies.
Hopi chief received Blue Star from Ketoowah apostles  
That blue star -- in the form of a Cocav David (Star of David), was made for the Hopi by The Lady in White of the Cherokee Nation and presented to the Hopi chief in July 2000 by Cherokee Ketoowah society Elder and Rabbi John Duke Red Hat, z"l, who died in December 2003. Native American tribes agreed long before America was colonized that the Ketoowah would be their ruling authority on spiritual matters.
The other part of the great secret (sod gadol)  for which the future Hopi chief awaits, starts the dance that will end his religion and all he had observed. Part of the secret, the hidden part, must come from the shaliah (one sent such as an apostle) who must be sent -- not from the Ketoowah, but from Jerusalem. The sod gadol tells the chief whether the shaliah is legitimate.
What religions can learn from the Hopi:  How to die
Religious leaders habitually defend their turfs. But the Hopi know their religion must and will end.
Lets assume that the churches and synagogues and mosques and shrines across America could learn something from the Hopi.  Their beliefs told and acted out on the dirt floors of kivas should be of interest, especially the star cluster Pleiades sailing across the night sky like a chariot along the east-west slit in the kiva roof. But few today have the patience to look up into the Heavens as the signs of the End are revealed. Rather, what all religions need to learn from the Hopi is that their religions also must and will end.
Rabbi Red Hat John Duke
In the case of the Cherokee and the Hopi, Hashem has already sent emissaries to prepare them for this day. Rabbi Red Hat John Duke played with Jewish boys as a child. The father of one such playmate was a Levite, who taught Red Hat Torah and Hebrew. He went on to become a rabbi and later befriended the late Rabbi Joseph Jansin of California, z"l. Rabbi Red Hat brought Torah concepts to the Cherokee and Hopi, teaching them about the Shabbat and the Festivals and the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, which must occur.
Rabbi Red Hat also was critical of the church and its odd three-in-one monotheism. But mostly, he was critical of those who claimed to be followers of Jesus who did not act like Jesus and instead profaned God by their actions.
Two books, Red Hat Speaks and Red Hat's Wisdom, each about 60 pages contain the essence of Rabbi Red Hat's teachings. They have been written posthumously by Red Hat's No. 1 disciple, the Cherokee Nation's Lady in White, Dottie Daigle, a retired computer systems analyst.  ISBN 0-595-35447-5 available through .
The dance already has begun
The Blue Star Kachina dance needs to occur in churches throughout the world and in a manner of speaking this dance already has begun.
Jesus answered his Jewish disciples, when asked at his last appearance to them, "Master, will you at this time restore the Kingdom to Israel?" It is not for you to know the times or seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power. But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and ye shall be my witnesses (contextually, to the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel) both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea-Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth." (Acts 1:6-8)
Traditionally, this is thought to have been fulfilled on the day of Shavuot, (Pentecost), which we celebrate this week to commemmorate the giving of the Torah. However, in the days following Jesus' resurrection, the Gospel preached was not the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel. In Jesus own words, that was reserved for a future time known to God alone.
Spiritual landmarks of Israel have parallels within the church
Rather, the restoration of the Kingdom to Israel began with the modern Zionist movement bolstered by the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that allowed the Jewish people to begin returning to their historical inheritances. It gained momentum in 1948 when Israel became a nation for the Jewish people. And in 1967, the city of Jerusalem was reclaimed. These years -- 1917, 1948 and 1967 have parallels to landmark spiritual movements within the church.
1917 was the culmination of a great wave of the Spirit known as the Azuza Street revivals, a kind of holiness movement, which started in Wales and spread to America. 1948 was the advent of great healing evangelical ministries such as Oral Roberts and Cathryn Kuhlman. It was also the year Billy Graham began his ministry. And there were others caught up in the wave of healing evangelism. Finally, in 1967, as Jerusalem was again in the possession of the Jewish people, the modern charismatic renewal began at the University of Notre Dame and swept the nation with the understanding of the spiritual gifts, which were at that time being revived.
The judgment of charismatic religious practices without the Torah
Each of these moves had something in common. The God of Israel was saying to His People enmeshed in the denominational churches, "Come out of her, My People." Those who left have learned something of the life lived by faith, the power of God in healing and deliverance, and something of the operation of the gifts of the Spirit. But it has meant for them -- the end of denominational religion and Catholic and Protestant dogmas.
However, the charistmatic faith has itself become a religion even more inflexible and judgmental than its denominational predecessors. Even more corrupt through the abuses of television evangelists, mega-ministries and mega-funding without a proper accounting. The same silk "finery," and pompery openly flaunted by the church leadership in Rome, while the poor and hungry and needy starve, go naked and are often homeless is exemplified in the Rolex watches, diamond rings, fancy cars, Swiss bank accounts.  Which of today's Charismatic Christian leaders would leave 99 and go after 1 lost sheep much less 9,999 or 99,999 to go after 1?  Unless he or she was a major contributor, the answer is sadly, "None!"
Jesus was especially critical of these who would be endowed spiritually to prophesy, cast out demons and do many mighty spiritual works, common practices among charismatic Christianity. "I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work without or against the Torah." (Matthew 7:22-23)
Visitations from the Lady in White of the Cherokee
The Lady in White of the Cherokee Nation has now made three trips to the Colorado Rockies to visit with Maggid ben Yoseif, to tell him of Rabbi Red Hat and the Ketoowah who must authorize the Return of the House of Joseph message before it may be received by the Hopi or any other Native American tribe. MbY also recently met with the family of the former Hopi chief in Oraibi to verify the "Jerusalem connection." "It appears that even the hairstyle of the Hopi with bangs in the front and squared side bangs that grow long in the back was intended to be a "window" from which the Hopi could recognize their White brother, who would come to them from Jerusalem.  The same hairstyle is mentioned in the tradition of the Church of Latter Day Saints as applying to the House of Joseph.
But if the Ketoowah must first approve of this message, it a a spiritual watchguard that MbY said he welcomes to further guarantee that the Return occurs "in the timing and in the way of the Grandfathers' (the tzaddikim of the Native Americans) prayers, which are recalled when Native Americans afflict their souls in their tribal sweats and re-enact their prophesies in kiva rituals."
The experience in Rabbi Red Hat's tallit
At her third visit, the Lady in White brought Rabbi Red Hat's tallit, (prayer garment) which had not been worn since his death in December 2003. At her request, I put on Red Hat's tallit. I carefully inspected and untangled the tzitziyot (fringes), said the blessings, put it on according to the Orthodox way and started to pray. But there was not much Orthodox about this prayer, which turned into a song. As I sang in a language or languages I did not understand, my mind floated. This was no dream or vision, just something I was thinking about while wearing Red Hat's tallit.
I thought about  men and women from every race, culture and ethnicity draped in the flag of Israel, which is modeled after a tallit (or prayer garment) with a blue Star of David positioned between two thick blue stripes against a solid white field. In my thoughts, they were dancing with the flag as though it was the wings of an eagle. These dances were going on everywhere, streets, shopping malls, in offices and homes but not everyone was draped in the flag and dancing.  The dance in my mind stopped but I continued singing. Then the thought reoccurred without my prompting it. Flags started dropping and in each instance, the Blue Star of David could be seen from the pile of white and blue stripes. And a voice was heard, "Ko amar Y-VH: Shelach Ammi v'ya'avduni," (Thus saith Hashem: Send out My People that they may serve me!)

Shalom Shalom & Hashem's love & blessings,

Maggid ben Yoseif


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