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12 Iyar 5766 / May 10, 2006  

Whose America?

Ancient ruling spirit gave land claimed  during migrations

to descendants of Hopi

Xicano (Chi=Xi=Red, cano=People) returning to the American Southwest have permission from the ruling spirit of this land, according to prophesies of the Hopi that predate anything 'American' by about a millenium.

Hopi tablets record the command of Ma'asau, variously called the Guardian, Protector and Caretaker. Ma'asau told the Hopi essentially the same thing that the God of Israel told Abraham. "Everywhere the soles of your feet tread will be yours for a possession."  Advised by Ma'asau, the Hopi divided into clans and embarked on 16 migrations, four toward the glaciers, four toward the Atlantic and Pacific and four as far south as they could go. Everywhere they traveled, the Hopi clans were directed to leave "migration marks," (see below) showing the number of the circuit and the direction plus a symbol representing the clan.  But always, they were to be mindful to return.

Hundreds of such rock and cave drawings exist throughout the Americas, with the greatest concentration in the American Southwest. But just as Abraham's descendants did not have ownership of the land of Canaan until some 470 years after he began his sojourns, Ma'asau stipulated that the Hopi claim to the land they would stake was for the Last Days when all of the clans had returned to Aztlan (the Homeland).

A 'great' assimilated people

In a massive wave, the Xicano people are fulfilling the last migrations back to the Hopi Homeland. Legally, morally and spiritually, these migration marks -- with never more than four concentric circles in a spiral -- represent the Hopi-Xicano claim to not just the American Southwest, but to all of the U.S.A. The petroglyphs also appear in Mexico, Central America and South America. Save Canada, all of North America is staked with the evidence of the Hopi methodically and faithfully carrying out Ma'asau's directive.

For the past 2000 years, the command of Ma'asau has been not to get too comfortable in one place. Even a clan that remained in the South Country, which most believe became the Aztec people, coined the name Aztlan as the Homeland in the north that their descendants must never forget.  If this latest wave from the South fulfills the migrations, there will exist grounds for legal, moral and spiritual challenges to the very sovereignty of the U.S.

PERSONAL NOTE:  Spiritual princes over geographic regions have biblical precedent. Ma'asau's direction and guidance have continued for more than a millenium, proven by the ensign raised for the movement, AZTLAN.  That any vision would endure over a millenium or more attests to the reality of the Return to Aztlan in the soul of the Chicano. It also marks the Chicano as a great people.  The prince of such an 'ohmmm gah-dohl (great people) is well able to carry out the Creator's plan. Any government -- which is considered the people in America -- should think twice and pray before opposing the Chicano return on any claim of sovereignty.  The Sovereignty for this movement is from Above as pre-supposed because of who the Chicano are.

Maggid ben Yoseif


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