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6-6-06 Newsletter 10 Sivan 5766 / June 6, 2006 

Because of the spiritual energy focused on this day toward the Sitra Achara (the Other Side) and the gematria of the so-called "anti-Christ" and in a move of g'vurah (fighting fire with fire), opposite the forces of darkness -- and because circumstances beyond our control made it impossible to publish this newsletter before June 6, 2006.


Proclaiming the Return of the House of Joseph from 'somewhere' in the Rockies
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Whose America?:

Chicano immigration may be the massing of M'nashe


1.  Ancient ruling spirit gave 'America' to descendants of Hopi 

More than a millenium ago, the spiritual prince of the land we call the Americas directed the Hopi to stake out the land in the same way Abraham staked out the land of Canaan; by walking its length and breadth. Ownership of the land was promised to the Hopi in the Last Days when the mandatory migrations were completed. Xicano (Chicano) arriving from the South into the American Southwest represent the descendants of the stranded Hopi tribes. The migrations will soon be complete signaling a change in the Sovereignty of this land.



Fate of America may rest with peaceful way of 'Hopi'

Hopi prophesies bleak but contain hope ... for Hopi

The sign of the coming of the son of man and Hopi ceremony

2.  Chicano, M'nashe have 'great' things in common

M'nashe, one of two tribes of Israel destined for "greatness" in the blessings of Jacob, has much in common with the Chicano. The returning Chicano are linked to the Hopi migrations. The Hopi are linked to the American Southwest, where we find the Grand Canyon, the Great Colorado River and the Rio Grande among the "great" landmarks.


The messianic vision and the Return of M'nashe

Esoteric evidence of M'nashe-Chicano identity


3.  Many Chicano related to Aaron, brother of Moses

An article published in the Denver Post relates the story of a Catholic priest in Albuquerque who had an unusual interest in the Jewish people. He had  his DNA tested and found that he was also a Hebrew priest.  Other Chicano in his parish were tested and also found to be carriers of the extra Y chromosome identifying the Hebrew priesthood. To date, some 4,000 Chicano in southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico have been tested and the Aaron gene is showing up in concentrations 30 times greater than in known totally Jewish populations. Either the Hopi were priests themselves or somewhere in their migrations they encountered a very pure Hebrew priesthood.  In this concentration, could these be the long anticipated sons of Zadok?


4. AZTLAN:  Homeland of the Xicano (Red People)

The ensign uniting Chicano entering the American Southwest is "Aztlan (the Homeland)." It was so-named by Aztec who did not return from an early Hopi migration yet engrained in generation following generation the remembrance of Aztlan to the North.



The Spirit of the Xicano

5.  What would Jesus say about the Xicano immigration?

A parable of Jesus hits close to home for any who would be envious of the late-coming Chicano having jobs and citizenship.



'Send Israel your afflicted and storm-tossed'

Welcome M'nashe


6. When the Day of Shavuot (Pentecost) was fulfilled:

Torah insights about the beginning of Christianity reveal how the Church missed its calling (back by popular demand)


7. Spiritual dimension of Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

Torah insights about Esau, 'Allah' and Islam



More than a year has passed since MbY published online his '05 Thesis disputing both the deity of Jesus and the notion that Jesus bucked the authority of the Sanhedrin and Halachah. While there have been no takers to debate The Disputations by the rules MbY has stipulated, a piano teacher from South Carolina poses this challenge:


Will God's relationship with Israel in the future be as ishi (her husband) as stated in Hosea 2:18? If so, how can He remarry, without contradicing Halachah, the harlot wife he earlier put away?  Also, as it pertains to non-Jews, can the "son of God" stand in the place of God in this union?

See:  The Remarriage of God and Israel

Spiritual advisor:

Rebbe Shani-Dor

(the Breslov Hasid Rav Yisrael Tzvi Yehudah Schneider),

c/o Nakar

8/7 Nachal Lachish

Ramat Beit Shemesh




Mazel tov to Victor Melson upon his acceptance to Yeshiva Torat Chaim in Denver.


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