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October 9, 2008 / 9 Tishrei, 5769

A word for the House of Joseph for Kol Nidre 5769 – the end of the 2,730 year judgment

Tonight is the hour of your Redemption.

Tomorrow you are My People again.

Creator could not betroth you in your exile

Korban to Him, He gives His ben.


O Harlot with an evil tongue

Seduced by idols and flesh

Hear the shofar that sounds long tomorrow

Feel within the harmonic Resh.


But this is not your wedding night

So why tonight do you wear white?

Listen, I will tell you

Through a maggid of mercy

Details of your 2,730 year plight.


A heifer stubborn and proud led into exile and yoked

House of ‘Omri you were branded and poked

But in the Land of Gomer, Gom’ri became O’mri’s name

Shem and Yaphet, as Noah said, became one and the same.


390 years a Judgment without Mercy was decreed and sealed

At its end, Alas, no repentance, so you were driven into another field.

Seven times longer now Creator watched you Scatter

That you weren’t His to you, didn’t change you or seem to matter.


Across the Bosporus where West and East meet

And all across Eurasia you traveled on your feet

Leaving sons behind to settle everywhere you went

Until Scandanavia where you permanently set up a tent.


Still further your sons scattered to Normandy and the land of the Celts

Scotland, Wales, Ireland where they wore kelts.

But all of Europe spread your seed

Colonies far and wide, you settled and would lead.


So the Seed Creator Scattered also reached America’s shores

Bringing the dregs of Europe, convicts, thieves and whores

The seed of Ephraim with hate in your sails

You trampled your brothers and ignored his wails.


You stole his rights to steward declaring Creator’s possessions yours

And now your Manifest Destiny has turned His land into a nation of sewers.

The Wilderness awaits you! Not what many planned

Trying hearts and healing tongues through trials and fires and judgments of Dan.


But miracles and places of refuge can be found

For those who call to Creator in Spirit and Truth

Shade Trees and oases in the Wilderness

Prepared to keep you safe under the cover of Creator’s Booth.


One thing to note, Ephraim, you be sure you hear

In Creator’s heart, the Native sons of M’nashe are dear

Seek out those who travel  ancient paths

They can save you body and soul … if you can forgive your past.


And now, Chieftains, elders of M’nashe the time is here

Bring out the Sacred Fire and drums Grandfather wants to hear

Remember the fire and drumbeat of the first Arkansas Travelers as the Old Settlers fled

Ahead of the Trail of Tears … and the Dead.


Heaven and Earth and Creator thereof

Witnessed, Heard and Saw:

Treaties signed by brothers

Torn apart by an evil rule of Law


Eagles forced to fly as Crow; their Red Spirits squashed by their own blood brother

Decimated by plagues and diseased blankets, pillaged and raped by the sons of their own mother.


The Chaff of Esau in Joseph

Lechem ‘Oni, (Bread of Sorrow) Hatred the leavening inside

Rachel crying … shrieking … screaming

“Benoni, Benoniiiii, Benoniiiiieeeeeeeee” (son of my sorrow)

Her children torn from her grasp and insides.


Should Creator not be angry?

Should Creator not banish you from His  sight?

Only because none are completely innocent

Can you stand and bow before Him This Night


But now … the Almighty is the One Who Is All Mercy

If and when you have your heart right.

The judgment decree now comes to an end

The choice is yours Ephraim, will you now bow and bend?


Seven times more of the same is yet by Torah decreed

If you don’t listen and repent and heed

Joseph needs a righteous son to carry on his name

Native M’nashe is getting there, Ephraim do the same.



M’nashe and Benyamin too need your blessing and might

Prove you are worthy and clean and prepared

To sit at your Father’s table in his son’s Birthright


And do you even know your brother, Judah?

At his table, do you know How And Where to Sit or even how to behave?

Dare you come to your Birthright without your hat in your hand?

Only from a distance you might get to wave


But come those yoked to Creator, His servants tried and trained.

Come now to help Judah, plow and furrow and till

The son according to Halachah  presents his first fruits

A doubly fruitful Sh’mitah year; Jacob’s basket to fill


But tonight you will cry for Mercy.  Your hearts must cry for Creator’s reach

You are but dust to be blown away at Creator’s will to Judge or to teach.

Tonight there will be no Judgment. All Mercy comes from the Judgment seat.

Your exile ends, Ephraim.  Throw yourselves down at Creator’s feet.


Bemoan yourselves O arrogant ones, dumb and stubborn heifers

Tonight howl for Mercy in Spirit and in Truth

The Verdict’s not sealed quite yet.

For the time you come out of your Booth.


But don’t come to Creator without going to your brother first

Unforgiveness, contentions and strife will ensure you are cursed.

Reconciliation, reunion and restoration is the love of Heaven

That’s the fast you begin tonight and that is a fast without leaven.


And Judah, shall I turn now to you?

Where is your Mercy or compassion for a heifer untrained and late

Remember your sins were worse than your sister’s

A promise to David alone kept you from her fate.


Welcome Ephraim

With your shouts at the gates.

Pray, and let enter the nation that tries to be righteous.

And also those who keep the faith.


Don’t forget M’nashe from the lands of the East.

A tzaddik saved them, too. Their souls are prepared at least

Torah Torah Torah, For all of Joseph, the bread of life to eat

And Halachah to live by, tzedekah and deeds all so sweet.


Finally the family of M’nashe set apart.

Do you know where he is?  To look do you know where to start?

Seek the four winds, the four directions from their destiny to their start.

Get that far, and the sweetest of mysteries Creator will impart.


Given to Maggid ben Yoseif at 2 a.m. on 9 Tishrei, 5769.


As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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