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el Huerfano (the Orphan) blog of February 25, 2014


‘Untrained heifer’must heed ‘Mama’ on how,

where to make‘perfumed methane pies’

Ephraimite technology outpaces spirituality needed for balance

WALSENBURG, CO. – America is sick and without Apache Earth medicine, annihilation of much of the population is certain.

Earth must literally play “Mama” to keep an arrogant and rebellious family of Abraham – Ephraim – from advancing civilization into extinction with technological after-effects.

Ephraim leader of non-Jewish ‘House of Israel’

Ephraim was the most influential and largest of the Ten Northern Tribes, biblically called, “The (non-Jewish) House of Israel.”  In Assyrian exile, this “House of (King) ‘Omri”’ as they were known in Assyrian manuscripts, assimilated with the native people, a family of Gomer, grandson of Noah through Yaphet (Japheth). Yaphet was a younger brother of the Shem through whom Abraham and his family descended.

The assimilation of Yaphet (Gomer)  with Shem (Ephraim and the Ten Tribes) was one of the earliest prophesies recorded in the Torah scroll of Genesis. Noah rewarded his two righteous sons with the promise their descendants would “dwell together in the tents of Shem.”(Genesis 9:27).  Under the laws observed by the family of Abraham, such assimilation was forbidden.  That is until Grandfather got pretty disgusted with especially the children of Abraham’s great-great-grandson, Ephraim.

Ephraim lost to Judean world

The Ten Northern Tribes were cut off from their covenant, scattered like seed across the Earth to mix with Gentiles and removed from the mercy of Grandfather! (Hosea 1).  So the (Kosher-as-long-as-they-stay-far-far-from-Me) biblical marriage of Hosea to “Gomer,” was called “Gimmerai,” when these “rabble-rousers” were expelled from Asia Minor and the later land of the Seven Churches.

They crossed the Bosporus into Macedonia and Europe.  They were lost to the Judean world, who remained in covenant, until the Apostle (Heb. shaliah or “sent one”) Paul was told in a night vision to cross over the River of Bythnia. Jewish legends connect the San (river) Batyon (Bythnia) with the Ten Tribes’ route out of Asia minor, identified as the Bosporus Strait (to my satisfaction) by Yohanan Hevroni ben David of Jerusalem.  Paul who had been born in the region but who became a Pharisee, meaning he knew his Torah, was directed to cross the ONLY waterway in Western Bythnia (Turkey), the Bosporus. In Macedonia, he began to preach with the good news that after some 800 years, Grandfather was restoring the House of Israel! He especially wanted to bring this message to Spain, reasoned to be a concentration of one branch of Ephraim, known to have headed west before crossing by sea into Wales.

Renewed to Torah covenant with body and blood of Jesus

Y’shua/Y’hoshua/Jesus had made it possible for even Ephraim to be forgiven and renewed to covenant. Ephraim was the brainy great-great-grandson of Abraham and son of Joseph who Jacob placed ahead of his older brother, M’nashe. Ephraim, from his abode in the Birthright of Joseph on the West Bank started so much trouble on the East Bank that Grandfather earlier banished him to other parts of the planet.  But now a Jewish tzaddik, Y’shua, had overcome his evil inclination, death, Hell and the grave. With the heart of Judah, for his pitiful little brother “Joey,” he was the anointed one sent to suffer for these pesky, ornery, rebellious Israelites led by arrogant Ephraim.

Even Ephraim, Paul realized, could now be restored to the Torah his ancestors had vowed would bind him no matter what faith he used to hide from it. Even he was forgiven IF he would be renewed/restored/repaired (literal meaning of Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew “New” Testaments) to his covenant with Grandfather.  That covenant is explained and spelled out at the Passover Seder, which occurred at the Last Supper of Jesus.  This was the evening following the First Day of Unleavened Bread (the hours before the seder began once leaven had been removed from the home).  The terms of that covenant:  The Book of the Covenant (recorded in the Torah as the Commandments (Exodus 20) and Ordinances (Exodus 21-23) and binding on all of Israel, eternally) must be renewed with the Blood of the Covenant, (the Torah context of the Christian Eucharist). Exodus 24:6-8.

Cimmerian root stock of Europe and British Isles

Known as “Kymry” and “Cimmerians” when the name was later Anglicized, Ephraim populated most of Europe settling largely however in western Europe, Normandy and Scandinavia, They also are the believed progenitors of Anglo-Saxons and Celtic peoples in Scotland, Kymri (Wales) and Ireland.  Consequently, they comprise the European colonization of America and the heart of the British Empire into all nations.

There is no question of this White Anglo Saxon/European work ethic in America, which many Natives see as “chasing your tails to get rich.” The resulting technological genius is also evident in America due to Ephraim’s know-how.  Both subsets of Ephraim arrived on Turtle Island with a strong and independent backbone as well but without Torah ethics or understanding. Among these early settlers were as many outcasts and the dregs from Europe and the Isles – convicts, thieves, con-men, gypsies, tramps and whores – some really lively characters to spice up the American experience.

Spiritual makeup of corporate mentality

At some point, some lines have gotten blurred.  The judgments for ignoring the Torah, coupled with Ephraimite technology messing with male and female hormones, have resulted in the LGBT community, just as Paul wrote in Romans 1. I might add that no church of Ephraim should close its doors to the fruit IT has created and the LGBT community is welcome in the Native inipi, as well, WITHOUT JUDGMENT.  But the worst of Ephraim has emerged into a near amoral profit-motivated/oriented society ignoring its social and environmental responsibilities and/or costs. This is the spiritual makeup of the corporate mentality of Ephraim without a soul or conscience except to profit centers and stockholders.

Ephraim’s financial technology in America, despite rescue attempts by the wisest of the wise of Judah, appears near its cyclical end before quite reaching seven generations. Ephraim is obsessed at being first at everything. Its “improvements” over the European financial model, which was bad enough, gave rise to “usury-driven capitalism” sold to the public as “free enterprise.” This system challenges the Torah’s demands of tithes and offerings to provide for the needs of the POOR and legitimate Levites, such as the Apache priests of the Four Corners, whose ceremony fulfills the “goring of the re’eim” of Deuteronomy 33:15ff. Levites also are dedicated, meaning provided for, and set-aside to study and teach Torah.

Church offering plates ‘rob God’ unless tithe paid to Levites, poor

The “system” near failure without immediate humbling Earth medicine, specifically takes aim at and penalizes the poor and lower classes. Its arrogant greed and alternative “Church system of tithes “ ignore Levites and the poor, the protected classes in the Torah, protected by Grandfather Personally.  The Church system also “robs God,” despite Malachi’s warning.

The economic system is artificially resuscitated for now. Since the era of Foreign Direct Investment, engineered by elder brother, M’nashe,(from China) the dollar has been kept afloat, awaiting a momentous time to be devalued or collapse.  These are examples of Ephraim’s hell-bent on technology answers to all the world’s problems and schemes and attempts to profit off of them at the same time.  In the end, they fail because they oppose not only the wisdom of Elders, but Grandfather,( the God of Abraham and Moses), and the eternal vow and covenant made with Him and His Allah. (Deut 29:11-13 considered in context of the “enforcement” of the curse of Deut. 28)

Native American ‘voice of reason’ for Mama

Hopi, Apache, Cherokee and spiritual elders from other nations comprising the late Mad Bear Anderson’s now defunct “White Roots of Peace” council, tried earlier to be this voice of reason for Mama.  In the 1960s and 70s, they warned U.S. and world leaders in Washington and at the United Nations.  The message was simple; that these technologies must be thought through for seven generations or technology would outgrow the spirituality necessary to balance it and it could hurt the Earth.

The compassionate word and warning, I am told, came from Mama, a subtle way for Her to speak to a rebellious, impudent, and arrogant son growing too big for his pumped-up moccasins… knowing his future if he didn’t get her message, “Keep doing what you’re doing and you will hurt your Mother.”

Return of sovereignty promised to Gileadite priests of Seventh Generation

Many Native nations prophesies’ pointed to a return to sovereignty in the seventh generation since the treaties were broken with all 500 Nations.  “Our sovereignty … and lands … will be restored and returned,” the council, then a late 4th to early 5th generation, maintained. Remember, these Apache at least, are never without covenant Gileadite priests whose prophesies are given by Wakhan-Tanka, the Great (correct, sacred, and true) Spirit.

To evidence a taste of the supreme Hebrew priesthood they represent as Gileadites, Wakhan is a composite of WAH, the third letter of the Sacred unutterable Divine Name chanted in permutations of the Name in Native ceremony.  It means the same in Native inipi as it does to Hebrew mystics, “the Spirit of the Sacred.” KHAN comes from “Kohein,” the name for the priesthood ordained by Aaron, brother of Moses to administer/minister to “the Spirit of theSacred.”  In the Four Corners region of SW America, DNA samples have revealed the Kohein haplotype in indigenous males from 20 to 24 times more often than in totally Jewish population samples.

Work of Apache priesthood is ceremony ordained in Torah

The Gileadite priesthood represented at the eastern precincts of the sacred Four Corners by humble, untribed and poverty-stricken Apache continues to see its job as “ceremony,” many still unable to cope with the outside Second World.  These represent a stream of never-unCovenanted priests more than 200 years older than anything Jewish!  Further, their priesthood is ordained in the Torah as an End-Times work that should be supported with Levitical tithes, to “gore together Ephraim and M’nashe.”

In the 70s, America was also told that Native Americans and especially spiritually-minded Native Americans can be better stewards of national parks and forests and waterways and sacred precincts than the increasing network of bureaucrats with  “hidden agendas” to map and mine Native resources.  This “spider web” was foretold in Hopi prophecy.  But since every federal, state and local agency is now armed to the teeth and defended by stormtroopers, I mean Homeland Security, it is much worse than the Hopi or even the Jews of Germany and Eastern Europe feared.

Billy Jack goes to Washington after Native council snubbed

The White Roots of Peace council led by Apache Mad Bear and its simple message from Mama “to think it through” was not welcome at all in Washington and was given a (yawn) early a.m. (yawn) time spot before a virtually vacant United Nations in New York City.

The popular movie series, “Billy Jack” ended with another Apache attempt in the 1970s. These soiled their priestly garments to warn of an emerging OLIGARCHY today openly ruling our unresponsive, broken and incredibly not credible government.  In “Billy Jack Goes To Washington,” a mixed Apache from Colorado is played by Tom Laughlin who also wrote the script. After surviving multiple bites from a rattlesnake Billy Jack is given permission by full-blood elders, to detour onto the black road of rattlesnakes, I mean politics.  A Vietnam veteran who witnessed a Milai-style massacre and became a pacifist (except with his boots off), he vowed “to do all he could to change the system before JUDGMENT DAY,” the musical theme of the series.

Spiritual motives for defending sacred use of land

Billy Jack faced a marriage of government and corporate interests wanting to get rich by building (you should remember this) A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT on Apache land that was WAKHAN (sacred).  See related bog, Voice of a Wooden Indian: The call for a national initiative to counteract Super PACs and Congress bought by lobbies.”

This hits pretty close to home here in the Eastern precincts of the WAKHAN Four Corners.  In this corner of Colorado, elders are prophesied to assemble “just before great fires sweep the Plains, to steward the healing of the land.” Untribed Apache – who never surrendered –here “gore with the horns of the re’eim.” The grandson of Crazy Horse and his apprentice, Cryingeagle here seek land to begin an especially prophetic sundance.  And we fight FRACKING and a “fracking mayor and council.”

Ephraimite Cowboys on Walsenburg City Council

The Ephraimite Cowboys here used an unconstitutional municipal gag order to keep me from speaking against fracking in making an appeal for the City of Walsenburg to restore water service to the premises of Eldersgate-Standing Tree American Indian Council, also once my home, but destroyed by fire a year ago tonight.

I was going to conclude that if the city could sell Shell Oil Co., a million gallons of our water to “frack us” there was no reason to deny us a few hundred gallons a month at Eldersgate to flush toilets, shave, brush our teeth and water the garden.   Consequently, two habitable dwellings and a garden behind the ruins destroyed by fire Feb. 25, 2013, are still denied city water. I’ve already lost an apple tree and could only plant tomatoes and onions last summer having to haul water in to do that. (The Colorado Division of Civil Rights for the Department of Regulatory Affairs is charging the City with racial, religious and retaliatory discriminations and HUD is also investigating).   

The National Initiative to fight Congress bought by Corporataucracy

Billy Jack, like many other Apache-Gileadite prophets who see the future -- predicted exactly what I am confirming today.  Our government has become a “Corporataucracy.”  He proposed a National Initiative to overturn any act of Congress with a simple majority vote from the American public. A mixed Apache who had done most of his talking with his feet before coming to Washington, he convinced even his enemies in a memorable filibuster to break down the Congressional resistance.  With corruption in Congress today reflected in the lowest congressional approval rating since ratings began, 7%, this is perhaps an idea whose time has finally come. Since Tom Laughlin recently passed, “Billy Jack” may be able to help with his feet and Stetson, from the Other Side.

‘Corpeople’ interlocking boards control economy

Today less than 150 mega corporations with interlocking boards of directors and no specific loyalty to any nation unless it comes with tax breaks and other perks, have magnified the greed and exploitation of Ephraim worldwide.  These corporations aggregately control more than 85 percent of the world’s economy. And that percentage promises to grow.  Their arrogance here in America, has gone so far as to petition the Supreme Court for status as “people.” And the Court, under the pretense of “justice” perverted justice by establishing a higher class of citizens on paper, who I call “Corpeople,”(CORE-PEES for short).  These are non-human corporate entities given some human rights!  When justice perverts justice, which is the business of Grandfather (The Almighty), you can bet Grandfather’s judgment is close at hand.

The looming judgment for Ephraim’s out-of-balance technology

In the first generation of nuclear power, Chernobyl (popularly translated “Wormwood”) should have warned us that Ephraim’s technology with no spiritual balance, would eventually be used as predicted of Wormwood in the Book of Revelation:  To poison the oceans, rivers, streams and inland waterways.

Three Mile Island hit closer to home but Ephraim’s blind greed to profit off of “dirty” electric generation, which Nicolai Tesla showed us can be cleaner and shouldn’t cost us a dime -- just fed more money into the PR and marketing budgets.  The industry recovered with slick lies, I mean brochures, and assurances but from the start the technology has not survived seven generations of forethought.

3 Generations later comes the ‘sinking ruin’

Here we are now approaching only a “third generation” and Japan’s “F’kasheema” (Happy Island) is the fulfillment of the gloomy prophecy of Wormwood, at least for the nation now most evidencing the arrogance and hubris of Ephraim and in the path of F’kasheema radiation:  the United States of America.

It is a gloomy prophecy for Ephraim in America. In Aramaic.   Fukah “sinking” Sheemah “ruin or waste” is also prophetic of the economic winds blowing across the United States since the Bonesman Satanist Pres. George W. Bush placed the Bonesman curse of the Bush family on the nation with his attempt to steal the Birthright of Joseph for a Palestinian state.

‘Gog’ (12) Walker (346) Bush (308) = 666

Gog (Joj, the way “George” is pronounced and written tongue-in-cheek in Hebrew) Walker Bush, gematria 666, evidenced this “hubris” as a puppet for the Corporataucracy.  He involved America and the world in wars to retrieve not nuclear, but CHEMICAL WMDs, now in Syria. The wars kept the military/industrial complex thriving and showed off the latest Ephraimite military technology. In the aftermath, carpetbaggers in Iraq got all the graft they could conceal from taxpayers on the other side of the world.  Billions.

Despised throughout Israel, the Middle East and the World, Bush also relaxed the rules for the financial and insurance sectors who raped the American public before the government was handed over bankrupt to the Obama regime.  Satan cometh not but to “steal”, “kill” and “destroy” to quote Jesus. The words of my late father, of most blessed memory, also come strongly to mind:  “Why son, if it even appears this nation will elect a black man president, (he told me during the 1968 Democratic campaign of the Rev. Jesse Jackson), “they’ll bankrupt it first and I’ll tell you how they will do it,” tossing his copy of “The Federalist” at me to read.  The bigotry and prejudice of “un-renewed” Ephraimite White Anglo-Saxons, Ephraimite Europeans and Ephraimite remnants of Britain where the sun was to never set on the Empire will require judgment without a good dose of Mama’s medicine. And Ephraim’s technology remains poison until then.

Detachment from Earth

The common denominator of the environmental abuse of the seventh generation of these European immigrants is their detachment from the land (Mama).

Indigenous peoples are often so attached they are difficult to uproot and over time become as intertwined “spiritually” as the roots of trees and grass embrace Mama physically. This is one reason why the Removals and relocations to reservations were criminal from the perspective of Grandfather. Without that attachment, there is no awareness of environmental responsibility. The “untrained heifer” as Ephraim was known scripturally, otherwise raises its tail and lays its methane perfumed manure piles wherever it pleases, even in precincts that are Wakhan, which is forbidden in Torah.  As heard in the dust of Apache inipi, “Until Ephraim respects your Mother, Ephraim cannot respect any life that comes from her or that She nurtures.”

‘Bad boy’ strategy resisting Affordable Health Care Act, Social costs

Resistance to the Affordable Health Care Act is a good example of Ephraim’s obstinate, “bad boy” strategy to take advantage of who it considers to be “those not so bright.”  Resistance comes from the same Ephraimite interests – insurance, pharmaceutical and medical mega-corporations -- who until now have exploited the American public for profit, giving “not a holy damn” – MbY about families’ financial welfare.

The G’yana Shagowa (Great Law) of the Iroquois, which was the model for the U.S. Constitution held up by Jefferson, Adams, Madison and others, has at its preamble, “NO POOR, NO ORPHANS, NO JAILS.”  This entails “social costs” as America has never been the lie adopted to the contrary, “Land of the free.” That responsibility begins with one’s own family and extended family but extends to neighbors. And for those who want to be Abrahamic about it to “strangers.” And for those who want to be Jesus about it, to “enemies.”  In inipi, (Apache purification lodge), we just cut to the chase and call anyone willing to suffer with us and covenant with the four-legged, winged and crawling creatures  “relatives” responsible for ourselves first, but also one-another.

The unlevel playing field of corporate campaign financing and black road of politics

The Resistance  has attempted to intentionally undermine the President’s reforms.  The campaign financing behind virtually all of the sitting members of Congress – explains why Native spiritual elders, chieftains, medicine people, grandmothers, braves, squaws and papooses know politics to be a “black road” and why there are no “full bloods” in Washington! The rules have been broken and the ground is not level on campaign financing. Corporations are now “corpeople” who can contribute to campaigns the same as humans. But  now corpeople contribute on a scale impossible for 20,000 Americans to match, violating the Constitutional principle of representation.  Congressmen and women have always had to sell their souls along the line somewhere to get elected, but today souls are sold to a Corporataucracy whose only goal is its continuation to profiteer, rape and pillage, now cloaked under the “continuity of government” clause of the Constitution.

The thing I most dislike about the Affordable Health Care Act is the mandatory coverage.  Not because I think every American should not pay for his/her own health insurance once they can afford to, but rather because the greed and arrogance of the insurance/pharmaceutical/medical Corporataucracy is just guaranteed a larger market and more profit.   Had the Supreme Court mandated that the new species of  “people,” the “BEAST” it has “created” be commanded to pay the biblical tithe,(as Grandfather commands the people with whom He covenants) that could be different and also a means to privatize social costs.  But who in Washington thinks Torah these days? The top 20 percent of the Corporataucracy’s windfall profits tithed to legitimate Levites and Koheinim – like the Apache 5 Nations and the Navajo in their midst -- and the poor.  What would Billy Jack think of that?  If something is not done to rein-in this Oligarchy and soulless BEAST, the worst of Ephraimite pride, arrogance, prejudice and bigotry can be expected.

Apologies to the Wolf nation for behavior of Corporataucracy

The final version of the amended Affordable Health Care Act, rest assured, will be “Corporataucracy-engineered.” It will achieve its goals for the insurance, pharmaceutical and medical Oligarchy despite its “crying, ‘Wolf!’ The only reason they are so demeaning the character of my four-legged, totem Wolf brothers, to whom I apologize for the stereotype, is the belief they can squeeze more profit out of the law.

As a youth, hardly aware of my Cherokee heritage except for an unexplainable spiritual drawing, I witnessed a local government help oil interests steal oil-rich land from my late mixed Cherokee maternal grandfather, destining him to moonshine and his descendants to a “hard life.”  In college, a year after the 1972 standoff at Wounded Knee, fate had me moderate a panel discussion, debate and interactions with the LSU student body between the bureaucrats of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the emerging American Indian Movement.  I would like to think that AIM’s message of Government and Corporations teaming up to take more land and resources came through to at least one student body. 

Ephraim gets gold fever and Natives are Removed

As a member of the Native American Equahiyi-Wasi society (ancient pre-settler Cherokee names for Abraham and Moses), I have had the rare privilege to read the intentionally unpublished but copyrighted journals of John Howard Payne.  They are sequestered because Payne’s journals would otherwise rewrite much of American history.

The London poet famous for the song mouth-harped on both sides of the Mason Dixon Line “Home Sweet Home,” found his home among the Cherokee for35 years.  Payne was also personal friends with my paternal gggg grandfather and wrote of him and his family’s fate in his journals. I can report with all certainty that the Government of the traitor, Andrew Jackson, who Removed Cherokee from sacred fires at Little Chota,Ga., and Red Clay, Tn., did so because gold was discovered nearby . My ancestors assisted the family of the Cherokee chief when he was imprisoned with Payne and voted with the chief on the national council to oppose the sale of Cherokee land for which the government, knowing there was billions in gold thereon, offered $5 million. The Cherokee refused and maddened by gold fever, and eager to try out its arsenic technology to retrieve it, Ephraim had the Cherokee Removed to concentration camps, I mean reservations, in Oklahoma (the “hot country.”)  Here in Huerfano County,Colorado, miles of mine tailings contaminated with arsenic, earlier oil explorations who left a big mess and now the go-ahead from Shell Oil Co., to “frack,” are evidence of the way Ephraim has treated Mama in the past, as its personal and corporate latrine.

Ephraimite technology over a fault line in Japan, source of Saddam’s chemical weapons

The City of Walsenburg’s municipal gag order is the latest indictment in my life of an oppressive and arrogant government who often acts with outrageous conduct with no regard for the health and well-being of its citizenry, while looking for every opportunity to squeeze more money out of the public and bully “undesirables.”

And when it comes time to later determine who unleashed Hell on Earth, the palms greased to build a nuclear power plant with Ephraimite technology over a fault line in M’nashe Japan would be something about two-thirds of the deceased souls of the Late Great Planet might want to know.  Another large group of dearly departed and those left behind maimed and injured, may want to know Who manufactured those chemical WMDs, including the VX gas now in Syria?; Who sold them to Saddam? and Why?  But since a military-intelligence whistleblower stated the evidence will point to the Carlyle Group, Bushes, Cheney, Brumsfeld and other Nazi stooges, I predict the U.S. might find some excuse to send in the FBI and be sure the canisters made in Alabama are destroyed with no such “fanfare” or right of the people to question the motive for the Bush Wars and the sinister technology they were designed to protect.

Media allowing ‘war criminals’ to walk; American oil companies provoke Saddam

When is the media going to grow a pair and expose these thugs?   If the Bush wars were really to rescue WMDs of such a toxic and viral chemical nature, not to mention VX gas, which has every Israeli shuddering at its mention, the Bush wars protected “war criminals.”

The 1991 Bush War was provoked by Ephraimite oil companies knowing that Bonesman Satanist Pres. George H.W. Bush would have their back.  As director of the CIA’s Mideast operations ending with the overthrow of American oil companies’ puppet Shaw of Iran, Bush was already despised throughout the Middle East.  When later president, he was frequently burned in effigy. He had engineered with the help of enemy Sa’audi’s, the rape of Iranian resources in the Persian Gulf at costs less than oil could be produced domestically.  It was not widely reported in the American media, but Saddam invaded Kuwait after American oil companies were using the latest Ephraimite technology to drill directional wells from Kuwait into Iraq. At the same time, counter-intelligence was prodding or using mind-control technology on Saddam – having illusions of grandeur, as I reported for Middle East Television,  as the re-incarnation of Nebuchadnezzar.  Provoked or touched in the head with Ephraimite technology, he invaded Kuwait which was historically part of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon.

Just desserts for America?

One could argue that America is deserving of the slow death from nuclear radiation as a Nazi police  state due to the overkill of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for meddling in the affairs of just about every other nation and for secretly embracing the very Nazis who had planned our destruction. For what?  TECHNOLOGY and the resources to make that technology profitable.   What you sow is what you reap is a universal spiritual law.  But the criminals, the elitists who control and operate the Corporataucracy, who have turned America into an armed Nazi police state to defend their interests, who have diverted billions into black operations designed to oppress American citizens unto death -- already have made provisions to escape the Judgment their Hell has unleashed.

The United States Government has openly revealed itself as the enemy of the people with FEMA hoarding the only existing supplies of silver iodine (for radiation sickness). FEMA has attempted to purchase massive supplies of survival food … not for the people but for the “continuity of the (Corporataucracy into which the) Government (has evolved).” I question what loyalty if any, a people should have to such a government.  It is not deserving of our taxes.  It is not deserving of our support on any level.   It is deserving only of our “contempt” and Judgment from Grandfather.

Native prophets foretold ‘sunrise, sunset’ of Ephraim 7 generations ago; Jeremiah agrees

The only good coming from the plume of radiation about to sterilize and annihilate most of America and deform most of unborn America, is the word given by Native prophets seven generations ago. “We will see the Whites come and we will see the Whites go.”  The prophet, Jeremiah, adds some insight with his message to all nations where the God of Israel had scattered Ephraim.  They (those enemy nations) would be brought to a” full end.” (Jeremiah 30:11).  This means a greatly humbled Ephraimite remnant will someday escape from the Church doctrine invented by Constantine and his Nicene councils fueling its greed, superiority and arrogance, repent of its rebellion against the Torah and eventually be reconciled with the God of Israel.  But Ephraim must first be convinced of its arrogance right down to its judgmental religion:  Christianity.

We so identify Christianity with Ephraim because Jacob’s last words to Joseph state Ephraim will become the “melo ha-goyim,” (fullness of the Gentiles).  The Apostle Paul relates the fulfillment of this “sod,” or mystery – a word that clues us to an answer ONLY in the Torah – pointing to Ephraim in the Last Days .

The parable of Two Olive Trees re-examined

Earlier in Romans 11, the Apostle Paul, illustrates his direction to bring the Gospel to “Gentiles” with a parable of two olive trees. In the parable, the Gentiles, represented by branches taken from the Wild Olive Tree are grafted into a Cultivated Olive Tree.

From the Cultivated Tree, SOME but not all of the branches are cut off.  The branches not severed represent the tribes of Israel who remained in covenant, even when they also went into exile.  These comprised the southern Kingdom of the (Jewish) House of Judah and the tribes of Judah, Simeon, (who was only given cities within the precincts of Judah), most of the Levites and the half of Benjamin.The line drawn separating the northern and southern kingdoms, severed Benjamin whose loyalties were split between the Jeruslaem Temple precincts within its border and the House of Joseph whose loyalty was once pledged to the Benjaminite King Saul.

The Gileadite priesthood, Gershonite Levites and “Machirites” east of the Jordan were exiled 17-23 years before the exile of the Ten Tribes under a different set of circumstances in fact precipitated by their brothers who became their enemies, across the Jordan.  Since they also went into exile remaining in covenant, they today comprise the “preserved of Israel” (Isaiah 49:6-8)  among minimally 38 Athap(b)ascan Language group nations of Native Americans.  These include the Apache 5 Nations and the Navajo who further “preserved” themselves from relatives in Canada and Alaska when migrating to the Sacred Four Corners.  The very presence of these maligned Hebrew priests makes the region sacred.

‘Thorny’ Gentiles cautioned to boast only about Torah

In the place of the branches severed are grafted in “Gentiles,” a wild-olive branch in the apostle’s parable which ends with a stern warning. This wild olive is described in the writings of the Talmud as an “oleander” that from a distance looks like an olive tree, but up close and personal where one would expect olives, one finds thorns.

Thorns can’t boast against fruit. So the Gentile faith grafted into Torah is warned not to boast against the cut off branches and especially not to boast against the faithful House of Judah,  If they have anything to boast about it should be what has made the Cultivated Olive Tree fat and rooted:  The Torah.

The diversion of Constantine from faith of Torah

Something happened though back in the 4th Century, when the Church (the Gentiles grafted in of Paul’s parable) went the way of Constantine instead of the root and fatness of the Cultivated Olive Tree or the Torah of Moses. The tree was virtually uprooted with the impudent and rebellious decision by Constantine’s Nicene councils to do away with the holiness and blessing of the Torah Shabbat,(as if that was possible), the Torah feasts and much of the Torah itself.  Talk about boasting against the branches! Without observing Passover the whole meaning and purpose of their covenant was circumvented!  It’s Roman nature since reflects within the Church more the character of Esau: Jealousy, envy, hatred, bigotry, conspiracy.

Branches not severed include Jews, preserved Apache, Navajo priests

Clearly at that point, some 1700 years ago, when the Gospel to the Gentiles (Torah) was rejected by the Gentiles, the Gentiles set up their own “Church” without the sanction of Grandfather.  To the extent they adhere to His laws and precepts and do not exalt themselves, Grandfather tolerates even their sh’tuf (confusing him with Jesus).  But as they were warned, as the blind leading the blind, they will not find the truth and meaning of their faith without an eye-opening return to Torah.

Followers of Jesus’ obligations toward Torah

Deep theological implications arise from this parable. Should the Church never have departed from the “root and fatness” of the Olive Tree? Does the Church boast against those cut off by ignoring the Torah they ignored causing them to be cut off?  Does this explain the silence of the Jewish faith in being critical of Ephraim’s path?  It bears taking a closer look at Ephraim in Paul’s parable.

These are the Ten (non-Jewish) Northern Tribes historically and biblically named, “The House of Israel.” Collectively called “Ephraim,” they were led by judges from that tribe and included M’nashe (except the familes of Gilead and Machir east of the Jordan) and the other half of Benjamin, collectively “the House of Joseph.” In addition to Joes, the Ten Tribes comprised Dan, Asher, Naphtali, Issachar and Zebulon west of the Jordan.  Reuben and Gad, whose relations east of the Jordan with Gilead and Machir were strained, also were aligned with Ephraim as part of the Ten Tribes severed from covenant.

‘Fullness of the Gentiles’

Ephraim, the branches cut off and scattered, have assimilated among the Gentiles and become the “melo ha-goyim.” (fullness of the Gentiles), as Jacob prophesied.  Forsaking the Torah, even though many espouse that they follow the values of Jesus, they have evolved into “lawless” Gentiles.  It is a comfortable faith for Ephraim since it is possible – it believes – to cast out demons, heal the sick and do mighty works of spiritual ministry … without … ever … cracking … the … Torah.  But Grandfather (The Almighty) called the Torah eternally binding on Ephraim. Jesus also warned of this day, called the “fullness of the Gentiles.”

In Matthew 7:22ff, he told his followers, “In that day they will say to me, ‘Master, master, have we not healed the sick in your name, cast out demons in your name and done many mighty works in your name and I will say to you, “Depart from me, you workers of ‘anomian’” (without or against Torah). I never knew you.Torah in the Greek Septuagint is “nomos.” The prefix “ah” in Greek implies a lack or opposition, in this case without/against the Law or Torah. The suffix added to “nomos” is to make the noun agree in number and gender.

The incomplete gospel of the Church

Had the Church never departed from Torah, what would that look like?  Well by now, it should have fulfilled the three missions spelled out for the followers of messiah in Isaiah 49 to “raise up the tribes of Jacob –( The Ten Tribes)” with Torah, “restore the preserved of Israel” (the Native American Gileadite priesthood), with Levitical tithes spelled out in Torah and be a “light to Gentiles,” with the same Torah.  In fact, the latter task would then become much easier.

But the Gentile Church has ignored its responsibility to “raise up Ephraim in its midst” as the tribes of Jacob or to aid in the restoration of the “preserved of Israel.” Instead, it chooses to “rob God,” by milking Gentiles unfamiliar with the biblical tithe and preaching a strange (to Torah) prosperity Gospel which tickles’ Ephraim’s greedy ears. The Torah continues to be irrelevant to Christian systematic theology and doctrine unless it agrees with the foundation of the New Testament. Talk about a generation of reversals.

Four-legged, winged target practice for protection against tyranny

Thus, the ‘balm of Gilead,’ the very medicine Ephraim needs from Mama for its healing is denied because the Apache priests who administer the balm do not have the resources to peform this soul-healing priesthood without tithes denied them by the Ephraimite Church (and Synagogue). Ephraim also seems not so eager to quit using its arsenal of weapons stored constitutionally to protect against government tyranny to “sport-hunt” our four-legged and winged relatives simply for wall trophies. That barbarity since the settlers have arrived violates the Hosea 2:20 covenant Grandfather is wanting to forge to heal Ephraim and reconcile and reunite him with Native M’nashe

Healing the warped souls of Ephraim with Earth medicine

Short of the coming/return of messiah, the only hope for America and much of the world under the spell of Ephraim’s avarice otherwise  is Mama … The spirit of Elijah the Gileadite is busy here in the Four Corners restoring the Gileadite priesthood of Native Americans.  This is because this priesthood has evolved into a voice for Mama “against” the arrogance of Ephraim, just as Moses predicted.  He told Heavens and Earth to give ear to the song he and Joshua sang. Curiously he prophesied before singing that the Heavens and Earth would be a “witness against Israel.”(Deut. 31:28).   Biblically, this means the Heavens and the Earth carry out the judgment as well.

Unfortunately, Ephraim must be convinced of its arrogance before it will bow low to the ground and acknowledge even the right of existence of the four-legged and winged who fill the cross-hairs of the scopes of their sport rifles, or creatures who crawl, much less covenant with them and the Apache priesthood as demanded of Hosea 2:18-20.  But this is the Earth medicine required to heal Ephraim’s warped soul.

An altar watered down and prepared for Heavenly fire

Even though the Apache Israelite priest-prophet Geronimo stated for his memoirs that the Apache did nothing they did not learn from the Whites (Ephraim), the Apache are the most maligned of all Native nations for their “perceived” brutality.  But I would have liked to have been in those inipi before the warriors were sent to defend something sacred, many unsure of exactly what.

Elijah taunted the prophets of Ba’al for not being able to call down fire from Heaven to ignite their sacrifice.  He diminished the chances of himself performing the same miracle by choosing Apache sundancers to pour water, I mean pouring water on the altar to thoroughly soak the sacrifice.

The choice before the untrained  heifer

Given the historical animosity between the 7th generation of descendants of settlers and their “gun, drill-baby-drill, and all-ahead-full fracking mentality” contrasted with the environmental sanity of Native Americans, the rebellious, untrained heifer has a choice.  “Listen to your Mother in inipi.  This land is not your personal or corporate latrine. Respect the right to life of four-legged and winged relatives unless they give up their lives for you to eat. Clean up after yourself or when your Father gets home, he will take you to the Wormwood shed.”

Be forewarned, Mama will side with environmental sanity and “her” favorite son, the Apache priesthood to administer a covenant to that end any day of the week, which is when the Apache here will pour an inipi for a repentant Ephraimite.   That’s because she’s been voided without form earlier by the technology of terrestrials here before the creation of Adam:

In the (very) beginning, Grandfather (sing.noun) created (sing verb) the Heavens and the Earth. And the Earth –( not the Heavens) -- (was/BECAME) void and without form.

Maggid ben Yoseif