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June 2, 2010 / 20 Sivan 5770


First Draft of Treaty Terms:


(Note:  The language of this instrument is still  not finalized.  Your suggestions are welcomed.)


Comes now the Central Band of Cherokee 1806 Congressional Reservation, a Bureau of Indian Affairs Category 4 Cherokee American Indian Tribe and Tennessee State Recognized American Indian Tribe.


 and endorsed by the Equahiyi-Wasi (Abraham-Moses project) to exercise its power to make inter-tribal treaties, the Central Band of Cherokee and the Equahiyi-Wasi having resolved:


Whereas the Birthright of Abraham was given through a promise to Isaac, and spurned and sold by Isaac and Rebecca’s first-born Esau to Jacob for a pot of lentils.


Whereas the same Birthright was given by Jacob to Joseph and remains with the House of Joseph and has never been relinquished by the House of Joseph through the years of exile of the House of Joseph.


Whereas the Prophet Obadiah wrote thousands of years before the enmity between Jacob and Esau materialized into the present conflict, that when Jacob would reclaim his possessions, he would find them occupied by the House of Esau, thereby identifying those Palestinians who today reside in the Birthright territories of Joseph as the spiritual “House of Esau.”


Whereas Obadiah also referred specifically to the “fields of Ephraim” and the “fields of the Shomron” (Samaria), or other possessions of Joseph being occupied by the House of Esau.


Whereas Obadiah warned that all of this House of Esau who would dwell in the possessions of Joseph would be “devoured” by the fire of Jacob kindled by the flame of Joseph, meaning all Palestinians residing there and returning refugees.


Whereas American statesmen have agreed with hundreds of Israeli authorities that the region of Samaria is “unreasonable” as the land for a Palestinian state.


Whereas the prophet Jeremiah wrote that Joseph’s possessions would again be inhabited by Joseph’s children.




Whereas, DNA of Cherokee shows markers connecting the Cherokee with the Galilee, Northern Israel and Lebanon or the territories in which the House of Joseph once lived;


Whereas DNA of Cherokee shows markers also connecting the Cherokee with the Palestinian coastal region or the territories alluded to by the Prophet Zechariah in describing a Palestinian state coexisting alongside Israel in peace.




Whereas, the government of the United States of America and its Department of State is aiding, abetting and promoting a Palestinian state in the Birthright and inheritance of Joseph which tampers with the Birthright, giving it to Esau.




Whereas, Native chiefs, elders, medicine people, all of the undersigned and all who embrace this treaty know, realize, understand and are concerned that tampering with THE Birthright brings a curse according to the biblical promise:  "I will bless those who bless you but those who curse you, will cause themselves to be cursed."  (Genesis 12:3)




Whereas, we the undersigned chiefs and elders from all Native American tribes in North America and members of the Central Band of Cherokee and the Equahiyi-Wasi (Abraham-Moses project) drafting its language, together with a list of supporters (Friends of the Birthright) who constitute Internet co-signatures:


Do Hereby Declare This Treaty as constituting a formal Decree of Interest in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations by the Central Band of the Cherokee Nation and the Equahiyi-


The Equahiyi-Wasi on behalf of the Central Band of the Cherokee Nation and at the direction of Principal Chief of the Central Band of the Cherokee Nation Joe “Sitting Owl” White state the interest of the Equahiyi-Wasi and the Central Band of the Cherokee Nation as follows:


Let it be declared that The Central band of the Cherokee Nation and all who join this treaty embrace an alternative, wholly contiguous, and Biblical Palestinian state that Honors the Birthright of Joseph and without qualification the undersigned endorse and embrace the State of Israel’s right to own and possess in perpetuity the tzahalat (ancestral inheritance) of Beit Yoseif (the House of Joseph).  We embrace the repopulating of Samaria with “Joeish” refugees and Zionists.


Let it be known that Our DNA identifies this request as coming from a Rov (majority) according to Orthodox Halachah, constituting the heretofore “silent” interest of Beit Yoseif.


Let it be written that in this treaty, we declare “Od Yoseif Chai,” (Joseph is still alive) and request that in all future dealings involving the tzahalt of Beit Yoseif, that the interests of  Beit Yoseif be considered by the State of Israel.


Let it be declared, that we further endorse and embrace the biblical alternative Zechariah Plan, and the necessary disengagements and population transfers to separate the leumim (differing peoples defined by different and incompatible ideologies) of Jacob and Esau.  Each displaced Palestinian family and Israeli family should have equal or better accommodations in their new environs within the borders of a contiguous Palestinian state or within Greater Israel, respectively.





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