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As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

(Literal translation of Isaiah 52:14-15)

17 Tammuz 5774 (The fast of Tammuz & 17th yartzeit of my mother, z’’l, Sybil bat Sadie) / July 15, 2014

Working around failure that dooms the world:

The 'treasured priestly garment' of moshiah ben Yoseif


Maggid ben Yoseif

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Today is always a good day to die for Native Americans but this day is an especially good day for me!  Because I have failed and “Tov” in Hebrew (gematria 17) means “good.”

So I am using something GOOD, the 17th yartzeit of my dear mother, Sybil bat Sadie, z''l, to balance a SAD report.  From where I stand, the dialogue with Jewish spiritual leaders in America to seek Levitical recognition for the Apache 5 Nations and the Navajo (minimally) has failed.  But since I cannot allow it to fail – even if it takes my last breath -- I can only report the problem and try to find other avenues to work around it or resolve it even if that means the end of me or my work as a “maggid/mochiah” (storyteller and biblical exegete).

No objections to exegesis or migration research; DNA tests next

The dialogue with two American Jewish spiritual leaders, one recommended by Jerusalem who has written and been quoted extensively on the “Gate to the heart,” the other the recommended’s understudy, offered NO argument disputing the original exegesis of Hosea 1-4:  “Native American spiritual sovereignty restored:  End-times ‘balm of Gilead’ heals land for all relations,” nor the research, “Israelite East M’nashe, Gileadite priests, Gershonite Levites traced to Apache 5 Nations, Navajo at Sacred Four Corners,” both at www.torah-voice.org. But we do not have the resources to test even one Apache patriarch from whom most of the untribed Apache here descend, for the Kohein haplotype.  Given our thesis stated in advance that the Apache 5 Nations comprise this priesthood, a positive test would indicate the Apache nations (and the Navajo) qualify for Levitical tithes from both Church and Synagogue.  (If the test is negative, I will publicly apologize, with a “Nevermind,” and find a cave somewhere to live in as a heretic the rest of my life so I don’t “infect” anyone).

In tests already conducted, however, large concentrations of this extra-Y chromosome connected to direct male descendants of Aaron the brother of Moses or possibly his grandson, Phineas (Pinchas), are found among indigenous (pre-settler) males in the Four Corners area.  In fact, the research based on an Indio-Catholic priest in Santa Fe who also discovered he was a Hebrew priest and had other Indio tested in his parish shows the  haplotype occurs from 20 to 24 times more often than in any other known test samples, including totally Jewish population samples and is also found among the Zuni Bear Clan.  By categorically denying these Apache (and Navajo and Zuni … and any other Natives who have this haplotype of Aaron or Pinchas) any opportunity for Levitical recognition, the resources for an important, even crucial End Times “priesthood” will have been “robbed.”

A sober moment for descendants of Joseph and Judah in the spiritual history of the world

This is a very serious matter.  So serious I have waited for these two Jewish leaders to complete their counting of the Omer, during which the attributes (hearts) of the fathers should have been especially mindful as they prepared for and celebrated Shavuot  (the anniversary of the giving of the Torah at Sinai) .  I have further brought it to Grandfather at four sacred fires for which I was the designated fire chief, and now have waited until the end of the sundance here (Sunday).  It has been discussed widely among Native spiritual elders.  It is so serious I have been reluctant to even report this failure publicly, except America must be warned and Jewish leaders with the proper heart and neshama (soul) toward the House of Joseph must be found and allowed a voice in America … if they are out there. Otherwise, as Ada Fasthorse, eldest granddaughter of Geronimo, prophesied in her note to former President George W. Bush, which was delivered to the White House on July 4, 2007, “the curse will grow much worse.”

We know what it has been like since.  But when Grandfather starts multiplying curses, He is usually blinded by the number “seven,” or multiples thereof.  The earlier sentence of 2,730 years of exile for the Ten Tribes (collectively called “Ephraim”), which ended in 2008, (seven times the 390 days Ezekiel lay facing the non-Jewish “House of Israel”) … times another seven … is serious. Judah can forget about having any help with its Palestinian uprising or redirecting the Palestinians to their biblical state, without the House of Joseph also returning from exile. (See the “Zechariah Plan,” a biblical alternative Palestinian state that respects the Birthright of Joseph at www.torah-voice.org). Jewish sages of Torah wrote long before the House of Esau materialized as Palestinians squatting in Joseph’s Birthright:   Without Joseph, there is no hope to stave off the House of Esau. Game over. Satan wins.  We’ve all been had!

Desecration of grave of Hebrew priest comes with biblical curse

Grandmother Fasthorse, and all spiritual Apache know that the economic curse on America and on the world by America forcing the nations to also “curse” Israel by supporting a Palestinian state that usurps the Birthright, is rooted in a spiritual curse on America.  Many believe this is actually a curse resulting from desecrating the grave of Goyakhla or Geronimo, her grandfather, since alleged to have been a Hebrew priest, making this desecration a most serious biblical matter.  The curse at first was confined to the Skull and Bones society members at Yale University, including the Bush family (W’s grandfather Prescott led the raiding party who dug up Geronimo and made his “skull and bones” the centerpiece of their dark society, in which satanic vows are characteristic).  Two Bush presidents – both Bonesmen -- have pushed a satanic Palestinian state that would “steal the Birthright of Joseph,” (thereby cursing the nations who embrace the suicidal state) and spell biblical prophesied death (Obadiah 17ff) to millions of Palestinians and returning Palestinian refugees and countless Israelis in the process.    Apache are just innocent victims in this curse, because the vast majority just happen to be Gileadite priests with a good sprinkling of prophets and prophetesses and a few, like Goyakhla, the combination of priest and prophet.

Exposing spiritual root of curse on America tied to non-biblical course in Middle East

Nevertheless, an Apache curse always has an evident cause, which is revealed like the skin shed by a snake.  The cause also follows the Hebrew spiritual rule of “m’dah k’negged m’dah” (what goes around comes around or one reaps what they sow) or the cause and the consequences of a curse bear a similarity.  The skin shows it covered a snake, not some other animal.  The land defined by the Birthright of Joseph, which both vowed-to-Satan Bush presidencies attempted to steal for Satan, and which has been propagandized worldwide by Satan to turn hearts against Israelis and Jerusalem, shows it is a “head and crown.” (See logo at www.torah-voice.org). The Apache would say the curse associated with the “skullduggery” of Geronimo, like the skin shed by a snake, somehow relates to the “theft of a head and a crown.” Seems the Apache are more astute on foreign affairs than our State Department and can actually offer a spiritual solution to the quagmire in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians:  Given Satan’s modus operandi to cometh not except to “steal, kill and destroy,” if the attempt to steal the Birthright is the motive (by Satan) for a suicidal Palestinian state in the region, could its spiritual root be “exposed and uprooted?”

If the Bush family ties to Satan, traced to Yale’s Skull and Bones society, are “empowered” with divinations and dark rituals using the desecrated “head” of Goyakhla and other Apache, including the revered Apache leader, Mangus Colorados, together with their femur bones, spiritual leaders serious about ridding their nation of a curse should join with Apache demands.  To halt the curse, the remains of these Hebrew priests whose graves were desecrated must be returned to their relatives “in a sacred manner.” Goyakhla and his fellow Apache must complete their journey before the blood of these Apache Hebrew priests will stop screaming from the Earth.  It would be a matter of conscience for Secretary of State John Kerry, himself a vowed-to-Satan Bonesman to renounce the society and formulate a biblical foreign policy with Israel and the Palestinians.  By Apache logic, the dark society’s divinations and rituals with the skull of a Hebrew priest and prophet whose grave was desecrated has cursed the society members and through the Bush family, America and the world.  Wanna tackle the curse at its satanic root and perhaps show some light to Israelis and Palestinians in the process:  Return the skulls and bones of our Apache relatives in a sacred manner.

Ha-Satan also feared zeal of East M’nashe ancestors

I mention this now because sometimes the wool is pulled over our own heads spiritually so that we allow things to happen that we actually had some control over. If the Apache and Navajo (minimally) are legitimate Hebrew priests and Levites – as my yet to be disputed exegesis and research finds subject to DNA verification whenever we can afford it – and if they are assigned a sacred End-Times priesthood, one can begin to understand why the Apache 5 Nations have been so falsely maligned.  But even that has not changed; ha-Satan has always feared the zealousness for Grandfather from the Gileadites, Gershonites and Machirites of East M’nashe, including and especially Eliyahu (Elijah) ha-Gil’adi (THE Gileadite) and the priest who was not supposed to be priest, Phineas (Pinchas) about whom we studied in Torah on the Shabbat of the sundance this past week.

That pressing thought and need to determine with DNA testing whether Goyakhla was a Hebrew priest addressed, I am disappointed that once again THIS son of Joseph is dismissed out of hand.  I can only encourage any followers who share my concern about the SEAL this action by two Jewish spiritual leaders has placed on America’s  “Israelites” unwilling to reconcile, reunite or even assist one another in spiritual works, to act independently.   Contact Jewish spiritual leaders in America yourselves.  Possibly your prayers and/or actions can change this decree before it is sealed in Heaven.   Possibly you agree that evidence is insufficient.  If so, help us come up with the funds for the DNA tests needed to validate our claim – or prove me to be a heretic and retire me to a cave.  I’ve said my piece to these Jewish spiritual leaders, privately to Jewish eyes only, and given them both an opportunity to explain their categorical denial of Native American Apache recognition as Levites, which both have declined.

Fate of world rests on ‘Jewish/Joeish’ impasse

The hearts of the sons of Joseph and the sons of Judah here, as was proven to be the case in Israel in 2001, are still very much at enmity.  The hearts of neither are turned to the “hesed, (eternal kindness) g’vurah (inner strength) and emet (Truth)” (attributes of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) that could reconcile and reunite them.  This means the very curse looming from Earth changes on Mama Earth and especially in America, I discussed with these Jewish leaders unless a priesthood with authority to promote environmental sanity (Jeremiah 8:22), could result from our dialogue, is now all but a reality.  The way I read that is, as a “maggid” (storyteller) and a “mochiah,” (biblical exegete), I have failed.  But if you have known me for long, you know that just makes me more determined.  ben Yoseif has been bodily dragged away but NEVER given up a spiritual fight.  So, one must dig deeper into Wisdom to deal with this “Jewish/Joeish” impasse and the poor example this impasse sets due to their perceived "world leadership.".  So, because it determines the fate of the world, I must reveal some things whose time has now come.

A question whose answer began with Shabbat

Between my second and third political arrests (for protesting policies and politicians in Israel promoting a Palestinian State that usurps the biblical Birthright of Joseph meaning the annihilation of millions of Palestinians (Obadiah 17ff) and Israelis in the process, I had an encounter with an elderly, holy tzaddik.  In Jerusalem in 2001, because I was “obsessed with Joseph,” and wrote under the name “ben Yoseif” (I did not then have Orthodox smichah but had been given a bat Kol (voice from Heaven) with this name … related at the end of this report), the tzaddik asked a question.  It was a specific question about a specific revelation about a specific character anticipated by many Torah observant to appear in the End Times immediately before the moshiah son of David:  The moshiah (anointed) son of Joseph.

At the time, 14 years ago, I could have answered his question but I did not know this holy Rav at all, and was reluctant to discuss progressive revelations that had been entrusted to me beginning some 15 years earlier between my second and third years at the Oral Roberts Graduate School of Theology, after a prior career as a daily newspaper editor. It all started after I had attended my first full Shabbat celebration at the home of the late Jim, z’’l, and Betsy Gerrish, who had lived in Israel and were co-volunteers at the Tulsa offices of Bridges for Peace, Intl., where I was the volunteer managing editor of the “Dispatch from Jerusalem.”

A testimony that ‘must be made known’

At a celebration transitioning from Shabbat to the work week, called “Havdallah” (“the dividing” between the sacred Shabbat and the common part of the week), the prophet Elijah is honored in song and called “the Gil’adi,” (the Gileadite).  This was a new revelation to me, having never read the Bible until about a year earlier; yet it bore a strong witness deep in my gut.  In the fall of 1986, I was forced to drop out of theology school – I now understand to avoid confusing my mind with required “systematic theologies” until I was equipped with the exegesis to rebut them --  but instead independently researched “the Gileadite” at the Tulsa Jewish community center.  A professor at ORU also asked me to house-sit for him and care for his dog while he and his family were on vacation.  He gave me access to his rare library, an entire wall of books about Elijah.  I read several and browsed dozens more.  This led to insights later validated with the inner witness of the lower abdominal region (which cannot be counterfeited) I have been “forbidden by Heaven” from relating until it appears I now have no alternative left.

Let me state that I discussed this fully with my late father, z’’l, who shares the same given name as mine (I am a Jr.), and after hearing of the controversy and conflict and enmity and slander and other details that would malign “our” name, agreed with me, that I would do these works under the name given in the bat-Kol, “ben Yoseif,” by which I have been known since his passing in 2006 on the sixth day of Succot (the Feast of Tabernacles) We “shook on it” at our last meeting before our last “L’hitra’ot,” (see you later) in the hospital and again in the hospital with his last handshake and words to me, “Son, Go with God.  Godspeed!”   I feel I have done the best I can to avoid the sin of pride by avoiding testifying of “myself,” by retiring my father and my given name with these works to follow.   Even so, the Spirit gave me a direct word, “You have a testimony and it must be made known.”

anointed son of Joseph’s  ‘s’gulah ephod’

The special revelation about which the tzaddik had tested me in 2001, today as the fast of Tammuz ends, I am shouting to the proverbial rooftops because of a recent visitation – since this dialogue failed – which left me with the thought, “It’s time and I have no other card left to play.”  there is no greater occasion to reveal it than now given the impasse between hearts of Judah and hearts of Joseph:

“the anointed son of Joseph has an ephod (priestly garment) that is “S’gulah{Like the "treasured," “chosen” and “mystical” ephod of Pinchas (Phineas)} and assists the work of the spirit of Elijah Ha-Giladi (THE Gileadite).”

It has taken decades to get validation for this revelation; to put it into Hebrew context, in prophetic Hebrew context and especially in Priestly Torah Hebrew context where it intersects with Native American prophecy and ceremony.  The revelation came to me 7 years before the bat Kol  (voice from Heaven) in 1993 that declared my spiritual identity as “son of Joseph” and around the same time the Cherokee K’tuwah society publicly identified Cherokee origins as “Hebrew psalmists (Levites)” by explaining their wampum belts for the first time.  I had never heard of an End-Times “son of Joseph” ministry, much less an “anointed son of Joseph,” although Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce was legendary and I continue to research the connection between “Hosea,”(Jose’) and variations of the name “Joseph” found among the southern Nations that may predate Christian missionaries in south and central America.

Revelations validated in Torah Code software

By 1996, Torah Codes software was being distributed on floppy disks.  I was teaching a weekly Torah study and conducting a “semi-Orthodox” shul for “Joes,” Menuchat Rachel (the compassion of Rachel), in the Akron-Canton area.  During a visit over Thanksgiving to New York City and Queens, Hanoch Young and I visited a Jewish bookstore in Brooklyn, where I purchased an early version of the Codes for a friend who attended our shul, Terry Jones, who worked at Goodyear in Akron.  Hanoch and I also purchased copies of Rabbi Chaim Richman’s translation of “Or Ha-Chaim,” a Genesis Torah commentary, which had just been published and was on a rack next to the checkout counter.

Back at Hanoch’s apartment in Queens, I had him “try out” the software.  He looked up his bar mitzvah name and there was a “skip-interval” match in the pages of Torah!  The code tagged Hanoch as “Reuven,” and much to both of our amazements, echoed what Rabbi Richman had told me about Hanoch, which was also consistent with Reuven.   Once we got over a laughing fit from that, Hanoch challenged me to put my given name in the Codes.  I told him, “Hanoch, I’ve never bar mitzva’ed so I probably won’t be in there at all.”

But Hanoch spelled my (and my Dad’s) given name phonetically in Hebrew and not one, not two, but three matches showed on the computer screen.  Two made whole sentences. While the third does not form a sentence, it comprises a list pertaining to Pinchas, the tent of meeting, the ”eternal portion” (tithe) promised to the priests and Levites, (else one robs God), the altars of Ba’alam set up initially to curse Israel, but wound up blessing Israel instead;  a future wilderness experience for non-Jewish “Israel” to de-assimilate and be restored to Torah, specific cities in East M’nashe, and even the NACHALAT, the portion of the land inherited by Israel.

One match of the letters of “our” given name returned the Hebrew sentence:  “beN yoseiF Yimtzah yisRael Gam s’guLah ephoDto”  (A son of Joseph, will find Israel; also his ephod is s’gulah (TREASURED, mystical or chosen).  My Dad and I had something else in common.  He was born on T’sha b’Av (the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, when the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed by both Babylon and Rome).  He died on the sixth day of the Feast of Tabernacles (when Joseph was the invited guest) and was buried on Simhat Torah (his yartzeit).  I was born about 40 days premature on the very day in the Roman Calendar on which the Temple  fell (T’sha b’Av) in 70 A.D. (August 31, according to Marek Halter in his "Book of Abraham." Forty days later is the Feast of Tabernacles culminating in Simchat Torah.

Christian ordination rescinded

The Torah code Hanoch looked up for me in 1996 validated an earlier Christian ordination and the word of prophecy accompanying it, nine years earlier, even though the Christian ordination had been rescinded two years before in 1993. (The gifts and callings of God are without repentance … and not subject to man’s interpretations of Scripture).  Hanoch also told me that Thanksgiving weekend day in 1996, that I should begin writing under the name “ben Yoseif,” which I have since.

That “Christian” ordination was  revoked when it was learned seven years later -- much to the shock of the ministers who ordained me -- that I had never embraced the belief in the “trinity” or the  deity of Jesus; only as “son of God,” (which I have learned studying in yeshiva, has an explanation according to Halacha that also does not point to deity, which would contradict the Torah).

Curiously that ordination had little to do with Christianity and was all about “Joseph.”  A prophetess ordained the same day, two weeks earlier had given me a word seeing me “like Joseph” with many of his problems, including arousing enmities and jealousies with everything I wrote or said.  This led to the Spirit-filled Rhema Bible Training Center graduates directing my “intercessory prayer training … with musical instruments,” to include me in the pre-arranged ordination ceremony at the last moment, two weeks later.  (We played Bach on wooden flute-like recorders in 5-part harmony usually every Tuesday night.  I was usually tenor or bass. When Bach is played as Bach composed it; “holding” certain notes, it is possible to manifest the inner spiritual witness in the lower abdominal region from which prophecy would often “erupt.”  This occurred routinely at “Glory Productions, Inc.” of Tulsa.)

a lowercase 'messiah' for a sober work

John Goers, the Rhema minister and president of Glory Productions directing the ordination of me, a Rhema missionary back from Guatemala and another couple in 1986, while “in the Spirit,” also was given a Hebrew word he had never heard and did not understand, as he laid his hands on me and prayed for me.  He interrupted the “Word of prophecy,” took his hands off of my head, and asked me, since he did not know, if I knew what a “moshiah” was?  I told him it was "someone who was anointed to do something." So he told me after placing his hands on my head again and being silent for some time, “You are the Lord’s moshiah.”  Of course his mention of Lord pertained to “Jesus,” who the renewed Testament testifies as either and/or both “moshiah ben (son of) Yoseif” of his generation and/or THE moshiah ben David,” His mention did not reflect my belief that “Lord,” as a substitute for the Divine Name, is Grandfather, the Creator and God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Jesus and the Rock and Shepherd of Joseph.  Never being raised in a Church environment – I was a heathen daily newspaper executive editor who had never read the Bible in 1982 and … after an experience with the Light of God in the newsroom that lit up my face as bright as a light bulb and put the fear of God in me, and my reporters and editors … including a few pretty ungodly ones ... in graduate theology school without ever applying by the fall of 1984.

I did not have a lot of the theological baggage associated with systematic theology or what was expected of a “moshiah.”  I took the word at its lowercase Hebrew meaning, that I had the Lord’s anointing to “do something” that would somehow help His cause (in allegiance with Jesus), whose work I continue to believe I was uprooted from an editor’s desk and ordained and anointed to assist and serve!  At the same ordination, John opened his eyes, looked me square in the face, said “I hope you are ready for this,” and slapped me hard across the face, turning my head to audible gasps from onlookers, and warning/exhorting me “this will be a sober work.”

son of Joseph, spirit of Elijah, preserved Gileadite priesthood

No one in my patriarchal line was named Joseph for at least 9 generations.  I’ve had to wait for amplification of that “son of Joseph” revelation to understand and interpret the work of “the spirit of Elijah” and the “chosen priesthood of Pinchas.” Specifically, that it involves the restoration of a specific priesthood called by Isaiah “the preserved of Israel,” (Isaiah 49:6-8) that intermarried with the family of Joseph: Gileadites.  It also involves Gershonite weavers, (also Levites found among Navajo), who like the Gileadites and remainder of East M’nashe went into exile never removed from their Covenant.  Thus preserved.

But the spirit of Elijah THE Gileadite has intermitted been my teacher for the past 28 years since the halls of ORU closed to me.  (It took me a while to realize but a spiritually minded friend and prophetess 11 years my senior -- ordained the night following my ordination in 1986 -- later had me turn a jacket inside out and put it on and prophesied to me how strange I looked and how strange my work would look to even the Christian world)  Recovering from a heartbreak, my heart was moldable mush when I arrived in Israel in 1987 on a one-way ticket.  A dream about nine months later brought much healing and filled in many blanks and began my “re-education” about the ministry and message of Elijah, including if I had listened more closely at the time, his desire to restore and equip the sons of the ancient Gileadites with the spiritual tools to be his instruments.

First-world priests have hard time coping, existing in Second World

The spirit of Elijah has gradually explained this work to me a little at a time since, in terms of a RESTORED not a “saved with the blood of Jesus” Gileadite priesthood (Isaiah 49:6-8), although I have never discounted and always encouraged the “better covenant” with evidence of spiritual gifts possible for anyone of any faith through Jesus of Nazareth as one’s tzadik.  Native American priests may appear as impoverished Apache and Navajo IN THIS SECOND WORLD, and have a very hard time existing, coping and surviving in this SECOND WORLD.  But in inipi (purification lodge), or sundancing or drumming and singing permutations of the Divine Name, they are in their PRIESTLY FIRST WORLD element, with the right, correct, true and sacred HOLY SPIRIT. Most who are serious about their spiritual vows would prefer to do ceremony daily but do not have the resources to do so or … at this juncture … Ephraimites flocking to their purification lodges willing to be “gored.” (Deut 33:15ff)

That buffalo replaces unicorn in Deut 33:15ff not disputed

It has taken 11 years to independently research the migration of the Gileadites and Gershonites assimilated with East M’nashe Joes, including five years to categorically rule out Mormon divinations and diversions, Christian doctrine linked to Emperor Constantine’s political aims – which entailed a post-seminary independent study of the scant exegetical roots for Christian systematic theology -- and other heresies delaying and holding back this Native American priesthood and its “goring together the House of Joseph with the horn of the re”eim (buffalo)” (Deut 33:15), which Christian translations describe as a “unicorn.”  Neither of the two Jewish spiritual leaders with whom I attempted a dialogue, offered any evidence disputing that the “re’eim” is limited to the buffalo of the American southwest, a horn which is used in the Native purification lodge to seal a covenant between humanity, Mama Earth and all she nurtures (Hosea 2:18-20).

What little joy and pride I have remaining after losing everything I owned in an uninsured fire trying to help the Apache; and living like a refugee in my back yard without even running water for the past 17 months  – just to be here for ceremony and help my Apache family and suffer for the House of Joseph -- was OFFENDED by the conclusion that my work of 14 years amounted to no more than a “drash” or story. And the decree made before the research was considered, “I don’t believe it!”by one spiritual leader prejudiced it from the start for his understudy.

A word to the wise for Ephraim:  ‘Respect yo’ Mama’

So, despite four purifications and fires of the hottest Ponderosa Pine from the standing sacred dead of the East Peak Wahatoya Burn area since, and waiting for the sundance to end, I remain a little indignant.  This matter was also brought to the sacred tree, to which fatty flesh and blood renewing the Mosaic covenant and the spiritual life of the people, is yearly offered.    Apache ceremony “goring with the horn of the re’eim”  is the medicine that for whatever reason,  Grandfather and the spirit of Elijah have teamed up to re-acquaint Ephraim with the Creation “Mama” holds dear.  It takes a callous individual to ever sport-hunt or “frack” again after making their covenant in purification lodge (Hosea 2:18-20)

I’ve submersed myself the past seven years in both researching the permutations of the Divine Name in Native ceremony including the two stanzas totaling 26 letters of Y,H and W sung while sundancers are pierced and singing the permutations myself, bodily and spiritually feeling their “ascent.”  Now, I hear Mama speak from the “dust (mud) of inipi,” (purification lodge),

“Until Ephraim can respect your Mother

 Ephraim can respect no life She nurtures.”

Twin Fires petitioned about word making ‘respect’ condition to unite Ephraim, Native M’nashe

This revelation has been submitted to Native spiritual authorities including the Twin Fires – the Cherokee K’tuwah and the Hopi Fire Clan.  It is my belief that it means that only with the descendants of European settlers coming to the same respect for the four-legged, winged, and the creatures who slither and crawl on the ground and to end the sword, bow and violence in the Earth (Hosea 2:18-20) is reconciliation possible between Ephraim and Native M’nashe.

And I’ve had to reconcile this work with Jewish and Christian and Moslem expectations and prophecy and Native prophesies pertaining to this present Seventh Generation counted from the 1830s Cherokee Removals. (My Cherokee gggg grandfather and ggg grandfather were Removed from Sacred Fires at Little Chota, Ga., and Red Clay, Tn., under order of the traitor Andrew Jackson when gold was discovered nearby).  That required the most time of all, including an independent study of about four years of all the available Hebrew, Aramaic and English writings about this “anointed son of Joseph.”  For the interested reader, I recommend a compilation, “The Messiah Texts,” compiled by Dr. Raphael Patai, (ISBN 0-8143-1850-9) in which I learned that everything the spirit of Elijah has been teaching me, is echoed directly or can be discerned from either these pages or the original sources of the words of sages quoted, including and especially the esteemed late 9th and 10th Century sage and philosopher, Sa'adya Ga'on.

Missing link in Christian systematic theology

Then there was the day of sober reckoning, to further count the costs.  Since Christianity long departed from Torah it has no understanding of the necessary reconciliation of Joes and Jews to which the anointed son of Joseph is dedicated (and a few modern Jewish leaders have stated openly,  is destined to fail).  This meant a difficult road ahead that would “go off of the tracks” and concern many that I am even “saved,” (other prophesies at the 1986 ordination).  It means being branded as one with a “false anointing” or worse, even a “rival” to THE messiah son of David, whose interests I continue to serve with all of my being and my few remaining resources.

{Nothing is further from the Truth.  A “moshiah” is simply one who has an anointing for a specific task.  The Church has DEIFIED and made the equivalent Greek term, “christos” into some kind of “consciousness” or divine “office.” But from an exegetical view, Jesus of Nazareth was “anointed” to introduce a means for the assimilation of non-Jewish, non-Gileadite, non-Gershonite, non-Machirite Israel to be renewed, restored or repaired to its covenant, Torah.  This is evidenced by the exegetical link between the Tanach (“Old Testament”) and the Brit Chadashah (Renewed, restored or repaired Covenant also known as the “New Testament.”)  The link missing in “systematic” Christian theologies pertains to the judgments in Hosea 1 that the Ten (non-Jewish) Tribes comprising the “West Bank” would be Yizra’el (a change of the name, Yisrael or Israel which means “seed God will scatter),” Without Mercy and be known as “Not My People.” These judgments are reconciled in the prophesies about Jesus before his birth and during his infancy that conclude him to be Grandfather’s means to Remember His Mercy to His People, Israel. The House of Judah and earlier Israelite East M’nashe went into exile remaining in covenant, unlike the Ten Tribes west of the Jordan who were cut off.}

Native Gileadite priesthood ‘evolves’ into End-Times platform for ‘spirit of Elijah’

And begin questioning my sanity.  The Likutei haMoharan or the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, which my mentor the Rebbe Shani Dor shared with me at our every gathering in yeshiva, or traveling to the tomb of a tzadik, or somewhere else to pray the Tikun ha-Clali, (10 special Psalms) helped my soul make the mandatory descent (to identify with the spiritual condition of Ephraim and M’ nashe), from which I pray I never return and am still ascending.  I was required to shed EVERY theological fig leaf and approach my relationship with Grandfather in the most primitive of covenant terms with upraised hands questioning most of the time. When the research confirmed the Native American connection to Gileadites, the priestly connection of Elijah to specifically THIS evolved Gileadite priesthood became obvious as did the connection with Pinchas (Phineas), a priest not qualified for the priesthood, as we learned in last week’s Torah portion (during the sundance), but chosen because of his zealousness and who became high priest.   Elijah THE Gileadite would restore the sons of the same Gileadite priesthood for his use in the End-Times!!

Mandatory imprisonment, pot-smoking ‘angels’, prophetic ‘split-second’ release

And  paying the costs counted.  As the tzaddik explained in a second contact, it was necessary to be imprisoned “as was Joseph,” but he said I would “know that Hashem’s angels were with me so there would be no cause for fear” and he would pray for me while in prison and I would be released at the split second Grandfather chose and “not a second before.”  (The warden at Ma’asiyahu, Israel’s highest security lockup near Ashdod, where I had been illegally held incommunicado, opened my cell door to free me, just as a siren sounded signaling the beginning of Yom Hatzma’out – Israeli INDEPENDENCE DAY 2001).  When I was initially illegally incarcerated after three prior illegal politically motivated arrests, at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem, before being placed in a cell block with Russian mafioso, my cellmates for the first week were "Gavi, Uri, Rafi," and "Micha," four budding hasids whose rebbe was the same as my mentor’s:  Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. They were arrested and jailed on charges of simple possession of marijuana. These are nicknames of the four archangels. Unable to rise from his bunk due to methodone treatments for heroin addiction was, "Y’shua" (Hebrew for "Jesus").  Confirmation that all the spiritual bases were covered allowed me to take this imprisonment in stride and let it come to its prophetic end.  Everything the tzaddik said has so far occurred as he said it would.  I have no reason to believe the rest of what he related will not also occur.

Many hearts being tried

But the tzaddik didn’t tell me it was necessary for me to made an example so that my house, which had been the headquarters for Eldersgate American Indian Council and several Native American research and Torah-oriented ministries, would have to burn in an uninsured fire to show leaders of  Ephraim the hardness of their hearts toward a “church” of Native M’nashe.  I also was not told that this work would be judged by many Ephraimite leaders “not of God” because I’m judged as being “among the heathen” and because my house burned down!!  Or that I would have to live without city running water (going on 18 months now) as a result of protesting fracking in these sacred precincts.  Or a MAJOR part of this work would be weekly suffering specifically for the spiritual defilements of Ephraim and this reconciliation in Native inipi (purification lodge).  The spirit of Elijah has since explained to me this is because Grandfather is testing MANY hearts, not just the hearts of the Jewish people toward a “son of Joseph.”

But not a single rabbi in Jerusalem – admittedly most feared political repercussions from then Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, who had started the Israeli Secret Police and was using it to his political ends -- would agree to open a giur tiq ... as a JOE.  This would have allowed me to become an Israeli citizen under rabbinical auspices as a “Joe,” so I could have remained in Israel with my Mexican-American Israeli wife and son and our lives would not have been shattered.  More telling from the rabbonim was the demand that all “Joes first become Noahites.” (See my earlier response to the English spokesman for the Revived Sanhedrin at www.torah-voice.org/MbYrepliestoSanhedrinspokesman.htm).

Jews, Joes lacking heart of fathers, robbing God will send world into Apocalypse

Modern Jewish writings destine the anointed son of Joseph of the last generation to fail, ignorant that guided by Elijah’s spirit, ELIJAH would personally fail, resulting in a worldwide environmental curse to MAMA EARTH.  So if the revelation I was given many years ago about the help restoring this priesthood -- is correct, Jews lacking the heart of Judah for his brother Joseph, and Joes lacking the heart of Joseph for his brother, Judah, will send the world into its Apocalypse instead.  If these two families of Israel, chosen to "lead," do not set the right example, the fate of humanity will have chosen the curse over turning their hearts over to their fathers.

I am saddened to conclude that unless something is done immediately to override the prejudice of Jewish spiritual leaders lacking the heart of their father, Judah, for his brother, Joseph, and  to revive and restore the Gileadite priesthood linked to Four Corners area Apache and Navajo and possibly 32 other Athap(b)ascan Language Group nations, AMERICA is doomed.  The House of Joseph comprised primarily of the Ephraimites still enmeshed in Christianity also has failed as the prophet Malachi warned, to “Remember the Torah of My servant, Moses together with its statutes and ordinances” meriting this End-Times judgment as well.

Perhaps in its aftermath, they will be drawn to Torah and inipi.   And Ephraim’s enmity with Joseph-M’nashe is what the inipi (purification lodge) was designed by Heaven to reconcile.

Denying legitimate Levites (Apache and Navajo) their biblical tithe to carry out the End-Times “goring with the horn of the re’eim (buffalo),” (Deut 33:15ff) robs God, Malachi also warned.  The Church and the Synagogue bear responsibility for this tithe not being paid, BOTH thereby responsible for their congregants being bereft of blessings for “robbing God” and responsible for the curse that will come on Mama Earth as a result.

Jewish state on its own until House of Joseph reconciles, returns

Reconciliation between Joseph and Judah is unlikely if possible at all until Joseph-Ephraim has reconciled with Joseph-M’nashe.  The last thing the House of Judah needs is “Joeish problems,” which include reconciling too many denominational factions/divisions to count.   The covenant to reunite Joes was explained to me by the spirit of Elijah in the context of a universally recognized Gileadite priesthood uniting Ephraim (loosely defined as descendants of European settlers) with Mama Earth, where Ephraim can then find communion with Native American M’nashe.   In other words, the anointed “son of Joseph” of this generation is trying to help the spirit of Elijah reconcile Cowboy gun, drill-baby-drill and all-head full fracking mentalities, (direct causes of curses to Earth) with the Native American environmentally friendly alternatives.

The beginning of the ‘full end’ of America

The Christian and Jewish worlds dismiss this restored and evolved Native priesthood at their own peril.  Dating to the First Temple period it is more than 200 years older than anything Jewish.  It also has been totally unknown to the theological world.  And never having been “cut off” from their sacred Covenant, the evolution of this priesthood in its current form given legitimacy in the pages of Torah, poses a real dilemma for Christian systematic theology and eschatology. REPEAT: Unlike the Ten Tribes west of the Jordan River to whom the New Testament (renewed Covenant) is aimed, these East Bank Hebrews were never removed from their covenant.

The prophet Jeremiah warned that every nation to which the Ten Tribes were scattered would come to a “full end.” (30:11 and again in 46:28). That spiritual end, which precedes the physical end is NOW, TODAY, THIS HOUR, THE FAST OF TAMMUZ, 5774.  Two of the most “select” Jewish spiritual leaders who had attended purification lodges, sundance and peyote ceremonies and represented themselves as having neshamas (souls) linked to Native Americans, authorities on the “Jewish heart,” refused to consider or rebut the exegetical or migration evidence, much less to show compassion for the dire poverty of Apache engaged in First World Torah ceremony (Deut 33:15ff), without Levitical tithes to which they should be entitiled.

‘Unteachable’ Ephraim exemplifies attributes of Uncle Esau, mixes sacred (Torah) with profane (politics)

Ephraimite spiritual leaders are no better.  They exemplify more the attributes of Uncle Esau – jealousy, envy, backbiting, protection of turf than the kindness, inner strength and truth of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  And their gullibility is demonstrated because their spiritual works have been defiled by the fruit of the black road of politics.  The Christian Religious Right including the vast majority of Right-Leaning Ephraim within a Church crossing the line between State and Religion, earlier put Skull & Bones satanist presidents and Apache enemies, George H.W. and George W Bush in power to steal, kill and destroy America.  The vast majority of Ephraimite leaders are so pride-filled and arrogant (just as Hosea foretold), totally unteachable (as Hosea foretold) that they dismiss these End-Times revelations coming to Apache out-of-hand while mixing the sacred (Torah) with the profane (politics).

Christian, Jewish spiritual worlds ripe for sword of Grandfather’s Allah

The Christian and Jewish spiritual worlds are in a sorry mess and ripe for the sword of Allahto (His Grandfather’s Allah)  to which all of Israel (then and today) vowed for all time at Mt. Horeb if they or their descendants failed to obey the Torah. (Deut. 29:11-14)  Grandfather have mercy on America unless the heart of Judah is found in American Jews and the heart of Joseph in Ephraim.  These words are aimed at the conviction to help the spirit of Elijah with that task.


bat Kol (Voice from Heaven) given in 1993 and recognized and affirmed by Rabbi Terbe Gilner, z’’l, of Poland and the Supreme Rabbinical Court of the United States, Pueblo (Co.), rabbi emeritus, Abe Raich, z’’l, the Rebbe Shani-Dor of the Revived Sanhedrin and many, many other Jewish, Christian and Native American spiritual leaders, friends and associates.

“You are the son of Joseph your father, and I have given you your father, Joseph’s heart for his brother, Judah.  And I am turning the hearts of the sons of Joseph to their father Joseph.  And I am turning the hearts of the sons of Judah to their father, Judah.  Because there was no enmity or vexation between Joseph and Judah who were reconciled in Egypt, but the enmity and vexation is between their sons."


Exegetical revelations pointed out by the spirit of Elijah (1984 to present)

Challenges to the "stumbling block" unnecessarily dividing Joes and Joes and Joes and Jews and contradicting Torah that Jesus was/is the Almighty come in the flesh:

Matthew 7:22-24:  In that day, they will say to me, 'Master, master, have we not healed the sick in your name, cast out demons in your name and worked mighty wonders in your name, and I will say to you, "Depart from me ye who work ANOMIAN (against or without the Torah), I never knew you."

(Gr.  "anomian," Ah - without, against; nomian (the Torah).  NOMOS is Greek for Torah. The suffix is to make the noun agree in number and gender)

Obviously, in the Last Days, Jesus himself states that there will be great misunderstanding about him because many who purport to be his followers have departed from the Torah in doing their spiritual works.  Connecting the Torah with "knowing him" also seems significant in light of the revelation below.

John 1:1-2  In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and God the Word.  The same was together with God in the beginning.

From the Aramaic P'shita to Hebrew to English (correcting the Greek).  A rule of Hebrew grammar states that when making associations, the formula "John was with Jane and Jane was with John" is reduced to "John was with Jane and Jane, John," OMITTING the second stative verb and preposition.  The Greek text does not follow this law of Aramaic and Hebrew grammar. Evidence that the autograph of John was either Aramaic or Hebrew was conclusive in the exegesis and lectures of the late dean of charismatic Old Testament theologians, Dr. Howard Erwin, z''l, at the ORU Graduate School of Theology. Dr. Erwin pioneered in the research of the Syriac (New Testament Aramaic).  This means the Greek WAS mistranslated from either Hebrew or Aramaic Syriac.

John 1:14:  And the WORD (NOT God who was with the Word in the beginning) became flesh and tabernacled (since Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles) among us.

On the last day of the feast, the Torah scrolls are taken out of their sacred "ark" and become ALIVE in the synagogue as dance partners for congregants.  This is "Simhat Torah," (Rejoicing over Torah) and also the birthday of Y'shua (Jesus) who was born in an empty succah (tabernacle) as the Torah Made Flesh, 40 weeks after his conception on the second day of Hanukkah (commemorating the miraculous Light)The whole world will one day celebrate this birthday ... instead of Christmas, which has hijacked the Torah intention of the birth and first-coming of moshiah ben David.  Or, those nations who refuse to observe the feast suffer drought, as the prophet Zechariah declared.  God has no birthday. Jesus does.

John 14:6:  I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.  No man comes to the Father but by me.

To answer the riddle posed by this parable of Jesus, Psalm 119 describes Derek (Way), Emet (Truth) and Chaim (Life) as Torah, Torah and Torah or in the Greek Scriptures, Nomos, Nomos and Nomos.

Confusion has resulted from followers of Y'shua attempting to do so without shepherds who teach them the understanding of Torah.  For instance, "Christian" good intentions to dedicate a son a Nazirite from birth, defile that effort and annul the intent unless both parents immerse in mikveh (a purification ritual similar to baptism) before conception.   Without this understanding, most of the non-Jewish world is born defiled (in sin) as was the case with even King David. Over the course of millenia, with the Church leaning to its own understanding apart from the understanding of Torah, an entire pervasive ANTINOMIAN libertinism (the LGBT community prophesied in Romans 1), has been given license. This, well-intentioned pastors and teachers and laity is the fruit of the Church or its theologians, seminarians and church leaders who do not teach or promote the Torah laws of defilement also outlined in Acts 15:19ff or how one is purified from such defilements.  They also fail to emphasize the morality of Torah k'Halachah (with the Halachah Jesus told his followers to follow) including the "fences" designed to help young people know morality and immorality, Light and darkness by the age of puberty, increasing our odds for a moral society rather than the Lawlessness that today pervades.

While part of the ministry of a tzaddik (such as Y'shua) is to take upon one's self the "defilements" of others and to remove those "husks" that obscure the soul, the Church is reminded that all of its members are called to this Derek haZedek (the Righteous Path) and to overcome their sinful inclinations in this life.

And, if I hear correctly what Elijah has been teaching me the past 28 years to assist his restoration of the Gileadite priesthood, THERE IS POWER IN PURITY.  All Apache know this. This is called by many Native nations, the White Light on the Red Road. The conformance of the Church to the Torah laws of purity can unleash that power and the greater works, promised by Y'shua to his followers (in the way of purity).

However, idolatry is a hindrance to the operation of this power or can divert it into an unclean realm. (As will PNIKTOS, defiling the blood with unKosher meats or meats not prepared in a Kosher way, as will PORNEOS, which I should not have to explain, as will contact with human blood (relations during a woman's moon for instance). These are the defilements of
Acts 15, from which all followers of Y'shua were cautioned to distance themselves.

Jesus, is himself, embarrassed to be worshipped as the Church's "God" and disappointed that this turn away from Torah has resulted in too many factions and divisions to count. (Try reading Revelation 21 without the arbitrarily placed "red type," and the servant to whom John the Revelator bowed was Jesus who forbade him to do so and told him to worship God).   I believe he is also disappointed that despite his exhortation recorded in Acts 1:6-8, the Church persists in teaching a gospel strictly about him, rather than be "his witnesses" for "his gospel" restoring the Kingdom to Israel.

The unfulfilled portions of that mission in Isaiah 49:6-8 describe to the Jewish, Christian, Islamic and all worlds of faith, the work of the TRUE messiah and his TRUE servants:  "raising up the tribes of Jacob (with a renewed Covenant to Torah), restoring the preserved of Israel (Native American Gileadite priests with Torah understanding and the restored "eternal portion" (tithe) to the priests and Levites and "being a Light to the Gentiles" (with the same Torah, which will make the job a lot easier than Isaiah implies it is without Torah).






Mapping the problem

The outline of Judea-Samaria (above) shows that the northern two-thirds of the proposed Palestinian state (according to the pre-1967 borders), forms a partzuf of a head and crown. The two maps below show this region as (A) the biblical inheritance of  Ephraim, M'nashe and part of Benjamin or the non-Jewish House of Joseph, who is promised its return to the biblical Birthright. (Jeremiah 31:15-18, Hosea 2:1-2, Isaiah 49, and others)

Biblical Ephraim and Manassah

3D Map of Israel


and (B) A 3-D map of Israel (above) that shows Judea-Samaria is the high ground, containing all of the mountains of Israel, except the small Carmel range near Haifa. High ground given to a hostile neighboring state, spells S-U-I-C-I-D-E.


The non-Jewish House of Israel will reunite with the Jewish House of Judah 'ON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL'  (Ezekiel 37:22)


And how to solve it:


A sacred use for Judea-Samaria (to reunite Joes and Jews) mandates a different region for a Palestinian state. Thus "The Zechariah Plan" introduced below.


Biblical alternative Palestinian state








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