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March 20, 2007 / 30 Adar 5767

A personal note

about 'fruit':

I have been asked to give some kind of an accounting or explanation as to why this ministry "Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile" has, in the opinion of some, "not borne fruit." I have also been asked to give some indication of the direction I plan to take this ministry.

Fruit is not promoted

First, there is fruit but I usually do not choose to advertise or promote it.  However, my direction from Hashem is to "scatter seeds" in mostly untilled soil and let others come behind and water. So I have not really been looking for any fruit; just the next field in which to sow or the next task, usually one day at a time, from Hashem.

This is usually because we remain a one-person operation restricted from getting too cozy with leaders of any religious sect. Plus, we are seldom invited back to a congregation that is steeped in unbiblical Christian dogma, such as the Trinity, deity of Y'shua, and the meaning and purpose of "Christian communion."  I also take strong issue with false teachings within the Church that have gotten the focus on the Church rather than those the Church should serve. I speak specifically of the so-called "prosperity doctrine" that usually promotes a "self-focus" rather than a focus on the needs of others.

Focus to seek out and find that which is lost

Frequently our teachings are cut short because these congregations have simply not been prepared with the foundation of Torah by which to understand their reNewed Testaments and we are construed to have taught something heretical. Or we wind up spending days laying that foundation and never getting into the meat of the message of the Return.

This is one reason our focus since arriving in the States in 2001 has been to seek out and find that which has been lost, notably, the House of Joseph in exile among the Native American population.

The branch of M'nashe

One family of Joseph, M'nashe, has been located to our satisfaction within the descendants of Hopi Native Americans (who the Book of Mormon -- theology aside -- indicates may have assimilated with seven cities of the family of Laman ben Lehi ben M'nashe ben Yoseif).  These Hopi migrations throughout the Americas have made M'nashe into a very great mostly Hispanic people returning to the Four Corners (SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, SE Utah and NE Arizona) from the South country. Returnees to "Aztlan" hold the future in their hands in the Americas as the spiritual sovereignty of this nation changes.  (See our M'nashe-Xicano newsletter).

Cross-country trek in the works

Because of this link and the Hopi migrations, the major thrust of our speaking is to Native American congregations.  Accordingly, we are planning one final cross-country ministry trek from the East Coast to the West Coast, revisiting those congregations of 10 or more that have hosted us in the past and adding to the list about a dozen new Native groups.  Then, Hashem has directed us to retrench the message of the Return of the House of Joseph with a trek across Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Others may be called upon to take this Last Days Gospel of the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel to the region of Normandy and to the Scandinavian countries.

Future retrenching begins in Scotland

According to the Mishnah, the retrenching should occur in reverse of the same order and direction that the exile and scattering first occurred. My personal heritage in the family of Joseph hails from royalty in the Scottish Highlands, Wales and Ireland and across Europe toward Asia Minor.  From these British Isles, Joes were scattered throughout the world, but not just from the British Isles.  All of Europe has been home to assimilated Israel and European colonization has spread the assimilation especially of Ephraim into all coastal regions of the Earth. As global changes affect coastal regions, we expect the return of Ephraim to resemble an assembling of refugees.

Finding and reviving the House of Joseph still in exile with Torah Truth is therefore our focus and will remain our focus.

Not a conventional ministry

We are not a conventional ministry and remain fiercely independent of any organized religious group or congregation. We also do not solicit donations or support of any kind and have intentionally avoided becoming a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which would make this vessel for Hashem beholding to the government and subject to the censorship of the government.  Every cent donated to this work comes in the form of unsolicited free-will offerings.

'Silent projects' ongoing

Still, we do have several silent projects ongoing, which relate to assisting our brother, M'nashe, however it may be possible. These include an invitation to open a cave in Cherokee country that has been sealed for 110 years; helping the Membreno Apache (a lot of M'nashe here) obtain a $300,000 matching grant; assisting with the initial planning for the future center for the Tribe of Turtle Island (in accordance with the Native vision of uniting the elders of the world's indigenous peoples); sharing Torah with Native spiritual leaders, promoting Native wisdom and knowledge on healing and living in harmony with Earth, planning a spiritual resources center that would include a Bible College, Absorption Center (to prepare Joes for their aliyah to Israel) and an Academy of Torah Law and Biblical Exegesis, that would focus on Torah and Halachah. (This is my plan for the 22 acres willed to me by my late father at his place of birth in Bright Star, AR.) Also, we have ongoing plans to spread the Gospel of the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel in other regions where M'nashe and Ephraim may be found.

Political protests of U.S. foreign policy in Israel

We also have at least three more unpublished manuscripts to add to the others already on the website, plus a 77-stanza epic poem, "Thy Light Is Come:  A Song to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel." We would also like to some day write a book on our experiences in Israel and the Middle East, Hashem willing. And we have had to involve ourselves to some extent in the political arena to protest U.S. foreign policy in Israel and point out the curses it has brought on America because U.S. policy has effectively stolen Jacob's birthright including the city of Sh'chem in the territory of Joseph) and handed it to Esau in exchange for the unrestricted right to extract oil in Arab countries.

Joeish causes relate to Return

These are all Joeish causes which merit our time, resources and attention.

If anyone may share our interest in these areas and wish to share in our reward in the World to Come by supporting this work and our needs associated with it, which are many, they are welcomed to contact us independently. However, for the time being, it is more prudent and wise to not broadly advertise these plans and others as well as the fruit from them.

And everyone who has been told of Hashem that they are part of the remnant of the House of Joseph who should return, is always welcome to pray for this work which is dedicated to that end.

Shalom Shalom and Hashem's love & blessings,

Maggid ben Yoseif

Mapping the problem

The outline of Judea-Samaria (above) shows that the northern two-thirds of the proposed Palestinian state (according to the pre-1967 borders), forms a partzuf of a head and crown. The two maps below show this region as (A) the biblical inheritance of  Ephraim, M'nashe and part of Benjamin or the non-Jewish House of Joseph, who is promised its return to the biblical Birthright. (Jeremiah 31:15-18, Hosea 2:1-2, Isaiah 49, and others)

Biblical Ephraim and Manassah

3D Map of Israel


and (B) A 3-D map of Israel (above) that shows Judea-Samaria is the high ground, containing all of the mountains of Israel, except the small Carmel range near Haifa. High ground given to a hostile neighboring state, spells S-U-I-C-I-D-E.


The non-Jewish House of Israel will reunite with the Jewish House of Judah 'ON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL'  (Ezekiel 37:22)


And how to solve it:


A sacred use for Judea-Samaria (to reunite Joes and Jews) mandates a different region for a Palestinian state. Thus "The Zechariah Plan" introduced below.


Biblical alternative Palestinian state








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