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September 10, 2008 / 10 Elul 5768


Ancient Oglalah Sioux Prophecy calls for indigenous elders to assemble


MbY says 'red-tailed hawks,' renegade Sioux medicine man led him to Eastern Gate of Aztlan


Apache spiritual leaders Tomas Oso Eaglebear and Jimmy Tenrivers  with Zuni Bear Clan elder Abe Walkingbear and MbY are inviting indigenous elders to Eldersgate, the Eastern Gate of 'Aztlan' to begin planning for the aftermath of the Hopi Purifications.


Aztlan is the Aztec  name for the Homeland.  According to Hopi medicine man Emory Holmes at Third Mesa, Hotevilla, the Aztec were one of the clans of the Hopi who migrated to the South. This means their Homeland (Aztlan) would comprise the Hopi Homeland today known as the Four Corners of SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, SE Utah and NE Arizona.


However, these Hopi descendants returning from the South are now fulfilling the mandate by the Hopi ruling spirit, Massau, to migrate to the four directions ... but to return to the place from which the migrations began.  And when the last of the clans would return, the land that had been staked out by their migrations would belong to the Hopi.  This promise was made 2000 years before anything American was associated with this land.


The return of the last of the Hopi clans from the south -- much of the so-called "illegal immigration" -- signals a change in the spiritual sovereignty of the Americas. The Hopi were promised similar to Abraham that the land they would stake out would become theirs.  The 400-year failed experiment called "Manifest Destiny" -- failed because nothing could be considered a success if it meant breaking every treaty signed with the Native population -- ended at the Native commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Jamestown.


At this ceremony, in June 2007, which I attended as a representative of Tenrivers and an adopted spiritual elder of the Membreno Apache, in my own right as a mixed Chicamagua Cherokee from the Wild Potato Clan and with the blessing of Emory Holmes of the Hopi, spiritual dominion was exercised and spiritual gates long closed were re-opened.  This all occurred the week after a white buffalo and another buffalo with white leggings were born on the same farm in Pennsylvania.


Natives celebrated these births at the eastern extremity of this nation on Cape Hatteras with drumming and singing permutations of the Divine Name, the week before the Eastern gate was re-opened by Native spiritual leaders led by Rappahannock Chief Queen Anne Richardson.


I just happened to be on the Cape fishing -- and fasting when the fish weren't biting -- between meetings with Native American churches and elders, I believe now, just so I could report on this series of events.  Now that the spiritual sovereignty has been restored to Native Americans, it is logical to begin preparing for the aftermath of the coming Purifications long foretold by Hopi elders.


An ancient Oglalah Sioux prophecy states that just before the Great Fires sweep the Plains -- one of the three Hopi Purifications -- that a place should be prepared in the Rocky Mountains for the elders to come and from there they would steward the healing of the land in the aftermath of these Purifications.


I first heard of this prophecy from the late John Wilson, z"l, who was a mixed Sioux who attempted to become a medicine man and met with much hostility.


In helping John sort through his personal effects that survived a propane blast -- he showed me an old poster that had been stapled to a wall in his barn.  It contained the Oglalah prophecy.


During John's last visit to his property from the nursing home in Pueblo before his final hospitalization, he wanted to show me this 80-acre parcel with a river running through it, a few miles to the northeast of U.S. 69 as you travel north from Walsenburg to Gardner, Co.


The moment we set foot on the property, two red-tailed hawks started a wide circle around us.  I was later shown the same parcel by Tenrivers  and with Walkingbear and again our feathered relatives showed up to encircle us much closer this time.  After this, I decided to determine who might own this parcel.  To my surprise it was the same man from whom I was renting a one-bedroom house in Walsenburg until I found a place to purchase. My own landlord!


Every visit to this parcel since has been confirmed and greeted by the red-tails (which the Hopi call the "kwahu" or their eagle), except one, in which I'm pretty sure that our relatives absence was a message in itself.


Whether it is this parcel or it turns out to be another, we believe it is time for Native elders to begin coming to the region, getting to know the vision of the Membreno Apache who were the last and remain the only stewards of this region with weekly purification lodges and Warrior sweats to prepare Sundancers for their yearly suffering.


Elders from the North country including Ojibwa, Algonquin and others are scheduled for late spring visits to Eldersgate, a 103-year-old house renovated by my son and I as a "meeting place" for Native American elders.  It has also served as a western outpost for the Central Band of Cherokee.  Until the defeat of the principal chief in a Tennessee-court ordered election, I was the  ambassador-at-large and director of the band's first foreign ministry established by past Principal Chief Joe SittingOwl White in 2009.  We also host a weekly Torah study here.


Walkingbear, Tenrivers and I compared our visions for several years before deciding to prepare for the Elders.  It seemed to be the most pressing need outside of the community's immediate needs.


Already elders are making plans to come beginning this spring, including four from the North Country.  They will choose the place to be prepared, but our animal relatives apparently already know where it is.


As if they needed to be confirmed, the Apache Sundance at Aztlan in 2006 included an undeniable sign that a spiritual vortex was also in the region.


The last day of the dance, as the dancers were lined up at the Western Gate waiting to come out and dance one final time around the sacred tree person and pick up their buffalo hides and exit, something quite amazing transpired.


Tenrivers offered his customary tobacco on the drum before beginning the drumming ceremony to accompany the dancers. Immediately a whirlwind, which we would commonly call a "dust devil" began beside the drum sucking up the tobacco.  The whirlwind proceeded due north to the sacred tree person in the arbor, rattling the tree person really well but not shaking loose any prayer ties.  This holy wind then made a 90 degree turn and took aim on the dancers lined up, dusting them really well before proceeding due west and hovering over the still burning fire pit until this holy wind exploded and vanished over the fire pit. Some 100 to 150 persons had stayed for the last dance and witnessed this most holy display validating the Sundance and specifically the Sundance at Aztlan.


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