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Monday, March 29, 2010 / Yom Sheni, 14 Nisan 5770

Mystical 'Passover Teaching Seder' airs live;

Pascagoula event 'redeems Passover' for Joes

MbY explains context of Renewed Covenant, remedy of 'lashan hara' in Haggadah

PASCAGOULA, MS. -- A mystical Passover Teaching Seder explaining the Renewed Covenant established by Y'shu/Y'shua/Yehoshua/Jesus in the context of an Orthodox Passover Seder was broadcast live Saturday on and from Manna From Heaven congregation.

The Pascagoula First Nation (Heb. PESACH-GEULAH or literally "Passover Redemption") once committed a "mass suicide" when the entire nation drowned themselves in the Singing River between Pascagoula and Gautier, MS., rather than fight with the warring Biloxi Nation.  The Legend of the Singing River has it that the river continues to "sing" the praise of the Pascagoula.  And now it appears that Creator has chosen this region and a small congregation led by David Matthews of the Creek Nation and his wife, Brenda, to clarify a "Christian" misinterpretation of the Passover that promises to bring the Joeish and Jewish communities much closer together. 

Orthodox Haggadah explains Cup of 'Covenant' chosen by Y'shua

Using the Orthodox Hagaddah (the script recited for the seder), benYoseif explained the cups of Rescue, Redemption, Covenant and Return, from Exodus 6:6-8, the earliest pattern for the seder, according to Orthodox Halachah.

These cups set in the correct order, clarify the ceremony Y'shu/Y'shua/Yehoshua/Jesus observed to institute his renewal of covenant to the assimilation of the Northern Tribes of Israel earlier removed from covenant.  Christian and so-called "messianic" seders rename or change the order of these four cups and obscure their meaning.

"The First Century tzaddik used the traditional seder held on the night following the removal of all chametz (evidence of leaven) or as the New Testament refers to this, "the First Day of Unleavened Bread," ben Yoseif said.  According to Halachah from Mishnah Pesachim, the First Day is an incomplete day and comprises the hours between "noon and the beginning of the seder at the start of 15 Nisan that night.  Contrary to popular teaching, the "Last Supper" held by Y'shua WAS an Orthodox Passover Seder, ben Yoseif concluded.

"Once the leaven is removed from the house and "nullified" by a blessing and vow, Halachah is clear that no chametz may be eaten or even possessed for the next seven days plus the six or so hours before the seder would begin," he explained.

'Body, blood of Y'shua' parallel Torah's Book and Blood of Covenant

ben Yoseif also explained the parallels of the larger broken portion of unleavened bread (the Afikomen) and why it was chosen by Y'shua to declare his "body" and the third cup (that of Covenant) to declare his "blood." This parallels the Book of the Covenant and the Blood of the Covenant Moses read and declared at Sinai after Israel had been RESCUED from Egypt and its firstborn REDEEMED when the firstborn of Egypt died and all of Israel was REDEEMED passing through the Sea of Reeds (the first two cups). But the Third Cup, that of Covenant obligates all who would be called Israel to DECLARE ALLEGIANCE to "na'aseh v'nishmah" to DO and OBEY with UNDERSTANDING THE TORAH as all of Israel did at Sinai. It also points all of the non-Jewish House of Israel in assimilation back to the "everlasting commands of Torah."

From Classical and mystical rabbinical sources or the "teaching of the sages," including the teachings of the modern sage, Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson of Yeshiva D'var Y'rushalayim from the 1980s, MbY also explained the elements in the seder that relate specifically to Joseph such as the dipping of KARPAS (parsely) in salt water.  The Torah sage, Rashi, stated this mirrors the dipping of Joseph's garment (PAS) in blood so his brothers could conceal their conspiracy from their father.

"The very codewords of Joseph and the signs revealed to Moses validating him as the deliverer also were explained as they relate to the "lashan hara" (evil tongue or gossip or slander) which led first to Joseph's exile and later his brothers.  In fact, the atonement for the sins of the tongue is a major purpose of the seder today, which provides a HOLY script on a HOLY occasion to nullify everything unholy that has come out of our mouths," ben Yoseif said, quoting Rabbi Glazerson.

The teaching seder, DVD copies of which are available from Manna from Heaven,  is intended to prepare non-Jewish Joes to observe Passover, which this year begins with seders in the home on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Passover is one of the three festivals of the Torah which most of the Christian community has abolished in its observances, opting for Easter instead.

"We wanted to show the rich heritage of Torah and the unique fellowship of a Passover seder that church leaders have historically ignored and awaken to remembrance especially the House of Joseph among First Nations," ben Yoseif said. 

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