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August 11, 2008 / 10 Av 5768


'Tribes' author vindicated

as M'nashe-East is found in Afghanistan


Shalom and Hoa,


It appears that Rabbi Eliyahu Avichayil, past founder of Amishav, has been vindicated.  He wrote in his book, “Ha-Shevitim” (The Tribes), published in Hebrew in 1988, that the Pathan (Pashtun) were part of M’nashe who migrated east out of Asia Minor (Assyria) and traveled along the ancient Southern Chinese Trade Routes, which include Afghanistan and Pakistan, enroute to the SW Asia coastlands and Burma, Thailand and India, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.


Rabbi Avichayil is the now retired former chief rabbi at Hebrew University who sent yeshiva students along these trade routes to retrace the steps of M’nashe, discovering physical evidence including tumulary inscriptions and markers and similarities in language, that identify them as Beit Yoseif.   As Rabbi Avichayil also wrote earlier, the Shinlung of Burma and India are the major concentration of the House of Joseph-M’nashe who went east and today number about two million.  Add to this an aliyah by a remnant of the family of Lehi ben M’nashe ben Yoseif (separated from his brothers in the Americas) – today’s descendants of the Hopi, according to correlations between the Book of Hopi and the Book of Mormon – and there are plenty of Joes ready to return and become the majority population in the ancient Birthright lands of Joseph.


(The tzadik who commissioned me to “find Rachel’s kids and mobilize them for their return,” in 2001, said there are 1.5 million alive today willing and prepared to return who know they are Joes and there is another million “leaning between two opinions.”)


The significance of the Pathan identity with Beit Yoseif is what is important.  There is no reason why the Pathan (Pashtun) along with the Burmese refugees should not be relocated IMMEDIATELY in the territories of Joseph, thus offsetting the Palestinian majority population in the Shomron and the fields of Ephraim.  See the article on Burmese refugees on his website as well as the biblical Palestinian state to which the Palestinian population should be relocated.  This would immediately begin remedying the curse that Israel has brought on itself at the hands of the U.S. State Department’s and the Bush Administration’s Road Map, which forces Israel to relinquish the Birthright of Joseph to “occupiers.” (The Edomite prophet, Obadiah described those who would be dwelling in the inheritances of Jacob at the time Jacob would return to them as the “House of Esau.”)  It also would properly shift the focus of populating the Shomron to the Joes who belong there.  This past week was the last T'sha b'Av before the ending of 2,730 years of judgment (at Yom Kippur) against the House of Israel. Is it time for the population of the Jewish state to make room in the territories of Joseph for the Joes?


Hashem’s vision for Israel is more than a purely Jewish state.  It involves the return, reunion and reconcilitation between the House of Joseph and the House of Judah, an historic 3,500 year-old enmity that was not resolved before the two houses were exiled 136 years apart.  This reconciliation must occur in the inheritances of Joseph and Judah (Judea-Samaria), meaning that the Palestinian population must be transferred out of this region.  Those who leave will live. Those who stay and the Palestinian refugees the Bush plan would return will all die to the last man, woman and child.  I did not say this. Obadiah did, in warning his own people, since Obadiah was himself a descendant of Esau.


It should also be remembered that European immigrants (Ephraim) fought their brothers of M’nashe in Vietnam and SW Asia and here in the Americas in the so-called “Indian Wars.”  It should also be remembered that the followers of the Book of Mormon, which identified the Native Americans as part of M’nashe as early as 1830,   bear the major responsibility for the deaths and violence of the Indian Wars for not coming forward with their revelation that the Natives and the European immigrants were brothers.


Shalom Shalom and Hoa Hoa,



As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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