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Ancient Apache prayer mentions Holy City;

Changing of the spiritual guard in the Americas


Hoa mitakuye oyasin,


(To all my relatives)


This is the traditional Native greeting when entering into a purification lodge.  I was instructed to begin and end this writing with this greeting.


When Geronimo surrendered and was moved to a reservation in Florida, many Apache captives accompanied him.  But beforehand, Geronimo told his Warriors to hide in the mountains and mix in with the local population.  They hid their Red Spirit within themselves in order to survive.


One of Geronimo’s people still residing in Florida, who recently suffered a third heart attack and is convalescing, is Jay Lonewolf, a talented artist – who paints color blind.  But Lonewolf, by himself for many years in Florida, is a master Apache historian and has retained the original Apache language and what he calls, “the language of our many Fathers,” which he has passed on to his family.


Lonewolf has recently made attempts to connect with the Apache nation in Colorado who did not go on reservation.  These Apache do not have the slave mentality associated with a regimented reservation life.  But the conflict in their souls has led to alcoholism, all kinds of addictions, and problems staying on the right side of the “Man.”  The renewal of the Red Spirit, has helped to deliver these now “spiritual Warriors.”  Lonewolf in his visions connects this to the restoration of ceremonies such as the Sundance and the weekly purification lodges, which are multiplying across the land.  It comes at a time that the spiritual sovereignty of this nation is changing.


Although the message Lonewolf passes on this morning is addressed to me, Jimmy Tenrivers and the “Red Spirits who walk so very proud in a time when the World is in conflict,” he instructed me to share it with ALL.  When you read it, you will know why.


An Apache Warrior speaks


To ben Yoseif, Tenrivers, and the Red Sprits who walk so very proud in a time when the World is in conflict:


Good Day my Brothers and Sisters,

I am out of the hospital and both resting and healing at home.
Although I cannot speak because my voice box is damage, my Red Spirit cannot be silence. We are born to a path in life. This is what Creator plans many thousands of years before our Genesis.

We are taught the Word by The Cloud Dancers who serve Creator. After they teach us this word the Cloud dancer places a finger on the top of our lip and said shhhhhhhhhhhh, later you shall remember. All our life we wonder why there is this indent in our upper lip. Wonder no more my people!

I send you this gift. Please share it with all!!!!!!!!!!


An Ancient Prayer that mentions Jerusalem

It is a prayer that is many hundreds of years old in the language of our many fathers. Please, Please, Please share this with The Red Spirits who walk so very proud in a time when The World is in conflict.

                                (Prayer of the 1st Tribe)

Si' zi' biyi' 'ed yu'd hiljij di isza'ni tc'indii

is a' na' yaii ehd yu'd a lza'

biyi' 'ed yu'd hiljij is oonusii' shiiouut' yolu'son a na' yai

yexa'didela go' deya' keh'eh zeeh tsalit tc'indil

tc'indil yui Jerusilem tuu' ec tu' osshii ve'et owotti'


I dance inside a circle of men and women they say

Long life inside a circle is made they say

Inside our circle dances The great Spirit Among us they say

Having to prepare , he walks , friends they say

He walks back to Jerusilem , where the 1st tribe call home.


May The Creator warm your Red Spirit every day of your Path.

                                                    Jay Lonewolf


Hopi connection with Jerusalem


Chief Mike Gashwarza of the Hopi, just before he rode away on the Great White Horse about 10 years ago, called a meeting of his people on Third Mesa at Old Oraibi, AZ, together with Hotevilla on Third Mesa, the oldest continually occupied places in North America.


He told his people it was time to reveal a great secret told him by his grandfather just before the Great White Horse came for him years earlier.  He was saddened by his grandfather’s spirit beginning to fade and the horse neighing outside of his door.  His grandfather, to lift his spirits told him someday he would be chief and when the time came for him to ride away, he would reveal this secret:  That Tuwanisavi, the place the Hopi call their origin, and which is literally translated (in the Book of  Hopi) the “center of the Universe” was Jerusalem.


When I was told this story by the Lady in White of the Cherokee nation, who knocked on my door in Pueblo, Colorado, totally out of the blue shortly after I had returned from Jerusalem in 2001, I found it hard to believe and had to make a personal visit down to Hopi land.  During the first visit, I spoke with the late chief’s three daughters and one of their husbands.  Jimmy Tenrivers and I returned about 18 months later to seek the blessing of a medicine man on Third Mesa, who also confirmed Chief Mike’s pronouncement. We also spoke with two Hopi men at a campground near the Visitor’s Center on Second Mesa and the lady who operates the Museum and Gift Shop at the Visitor’s Center.  Again, confirmations.


Hopi delegation ready to go to Jerusalem


The Hopi have appointed a delegation to go to Jerusalem and to take with them very ancient pottery shards, but of course the visit awaits an invitation.


In the Book of Hopi, written in 1976 by Dr. Frank Waters, after Waters had lived among the Hopi and was given permission to write of their ceremonies, there is this astounding fact.


Waters wrote that the name Hopi, means “peace” as he was told by the Hopi elders.  Originally, the Hopi were not called Hopi.  That name was given when “seven communities (or clans) of the “Hopi”, buried their weapons of war and declared a vow of PEACE.  Even today, most all Hopi are conscientious objectors to war.  A Hopi will refuse to handle a tomahawk.


Book of Mormon correlations


Although we contend that the entire book was "divined", and while it may contain some truth, it also contains "half-truths, untruths and base truths," the Book of Mormon published 146 years before these Hopi traditions were made public, mirrors the fate of seven "clans" who buried their weapons of war in Alma 23:7-13:




“in the land of Ishmael,” “in the land of Middoni,” “in the city of Nephi,” “in the land of Shilom,” “in the land of Shemlon,” and in the “cities” of Lemuel and Shimnilom.”


And these are the names of the cities of the Lamanites which were converted unto the Lord; and these are they that laid down the weapons of their rebellion, yea, all their weapons of war; and they were all Lamanites.


The Book of Mormon also records that the Lamanites were no longer called Lamanites, but rather “Anti-Nephi-Lehies (NEH-FEE-LAY-HEES).  It does not seem logical that this name would catch on, so it is reasonable that some time later, if Joseph Smith's divined this correctly, the name would have been changed to a name that might reflect the peaceable nature of these people.  Hopi in the Hopi language means "peace."


“For they became a righteous people; they did lay down the weapons of their rebellion, that they did not fight against God any more, neither against any of their brethren.”  (Alma 23:7).


Laman and the Hopi migrations


We also have this tradition about Laman that Smith divined that may tie his descendants to the Hopi migrations.


Laman, (LAY-MAN) the eldest of Lehi (LAY-HE) ben M’nashe ben Yoseif, had been a disappointment to his father.  Lehi observed the rising and falling of the tide of the Red Sea and how it would fill and empty a riverbed.  “That you might be like unto this river, continually returning to the fountain of all righteousness,” his father prophesied.  (1 Nephi 2:9)


The Hopi were told by their ruling spirit essentially the same thing that Abraham was told:  To walk the length and breadth of the land, staking it out so that in the future the entire land that had been staked out would belong to the descendants of the Hopi. 


Link to Aztlan


They were told to make four migrations to the glaciers, as far south as they could travel and to the eastern and western oceans but each time TO RETURN TO THE AREA FROM WHICH THEY HAD LEFT. This Sacred Area is known today as the Four Corners of SW Colorado, SE Utah, NW New Mexico and NE Arizona. The Aztec, who Hopi medicine man Emory Holmes said, were a clan of the Hopi who arrived late to Mexico and Central America, failed to return but told their children to be mindful of their Homeland in the North, which was called, “Aztlan.”


During one of the first rallies for immigration reform in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, while hundreds of thousands marched and filled the streets below, an airplane flew overhead.  On the underside of the wings, painted in large bold, red capital letters was A-Z-T-L-A-N, the spiritual banner drawing Hopi descendants from the South.  These Smith divined as a family of  "M’nashe" who lived in Jerusalem and who was exiled in 600 BCE.  However, Native American DNA shows links to an exile that began around 740 BCE from Israelite East M'nashe and who picked up Mongolian DNA along their trek through Asia to the boats of the Ojibwa at the Siberian Straits.


The vision of Aztlan


ben Yoseif shares the vision of He also shares the vision of the Return to "Aztlan" (the Native Homeland in the North) as part of the larger return of the House of Joseph.   A band of about 60 families of mostly mixed Apache descended from Geronimo's No. 1 warrior, the Membreno leader Victorio have been joined by growing numbers of Chicano (Red People) and have been told to “prepare for the arrival of Native American elders.”  This is in keeping with many Native prophesies for the Last Times, but the one that is most specific again comes from the Oglalah Sioux:  “A place shall be prepared in the mountains for the time just before great fires sweep the Plains where elders will come to plan how to steward and heal the land after the Purifications.”  This was shared with me by a somewhat renegade medicine person from the Sioux nation, shortly before his death in 2007.


This place defines the Eastern Gate of the Sacred Four Corners region, Aztlan, and the gate traditionally where elders assemble.


It may be incumbent on every American but especially the Joes among us to recognize the changing of this spiritual guard and the fulfillment of Native American prophesies regarding this land.  I invite your participation in this work through your prayers and financial help.  Please see the vision of Eldersgate elsewhere in this website.


Hoa mitakuye oyasin,

Maggid ben Yoseif (Tohokwahu)




As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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