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If you talk to the animals they will talk to you and you will know each other.  If you do not talk to them, you will not know them.  And what you do not know you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.  -- Chief Dan George

 Animal spirits remind Ephraim of what ‘human’ means

Humility, ‘respect’ keys to two-leggeds’ peace; ‘spiritual pride’ obstacle

Maggid ben Yoseif

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WALSENBURG, CO. – (H’’b) --Hopi vows to never war again are kept. Millennia later, tomahawks remain buried.  A “peace consciousness” or mentality has “kept the Hopi (People of Peace), the Hopi.” Most of humanity otherwise has spiraled out of control on a “black road” toward a mindset of unhealthy competition, conflict, bloodshed and war all garbed in “spiritual pride.”

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce set the example for his oppressed people whose land was stolen, after making fools of leaders of the U.S. Cavalry for many moons with his evasion strategies.  But SO THE PEOPLE COULD LIVE, he knew the hour to surrender his weapons and declare “I will fight no more forever.”

Witness to the word and power of ‘peace and respect between brothers’

And then there is my East Jerusalem Palestinian friend, Hamad, who was made a witness by the God of Israel to the word and power of “peace and respect between brothers.”  Not coincidentally, Great Spirit harps on the same message today using the animal spirits in Native American purification lodge to remind humanity of what it means to be “human.”

First, Hamad’s story because it underlines the point.  Hamad and his friends Mike and Munir and Machmoud and others were from the Sa’ayad and Avuhaval clans. They lived on the back side of the Mount of Olives and in its all-Moslem East Jerusalem villages.  Construction workers in their late teens and early 20s, they were caught up in the 1987 forced closure of businesses ordered by Yasser Arafat at the start of the Palestinian intifada (uprising). That made them “idle” construction workers more days than not.  They also saved my life on more than one of those idle days, including once when I suffered food poisoning and once when my RESPECT shield was lowered. That happened so I could “see” to write this.

I was uprooted in my last year of study at the ORU Graduate School of Theology after a prior career as a daily newspaper editor and landed in East Jerusalem in the summer of 1987 on a donated one-way ticket.  Until I joined Middle East Television in 1988, I lived about five months on the flat roof atop a three-story house in the E. Jerusalem village of Beit Phage owned by the mayor, an honorable man in the village.  Below at ground level were a few picnic tables that separated a dirt road narrowly treading a cliff at Beit Phage, from Munir’s E. Jerusalem equivalent of a “convenience store.”  These picnic tables were my “church” with the spire of a minaret from an East Jerusalem mosque sticking up from the valley below.  But I usually mostly listened until asked my opinion about something.  The imam of these family clans requested that I read and study with him the Holy Koran in English as a condition to remain in the all-Moslem village.  I did so to RESPECT him and to learn how some of the same stories in the Torah were later re-told in the Koran.

Talk about war and ‘what your Jesus do’

On one such occasion when my string was pulled, about a dozen Palestinians including Hamad, Mike (who introduced me), Munir and Machmoud were seated around the picnic tables smoking Turkish tobacco in their water pipes.  I took a seat.  They were talking about war, specifically whether Israel would retaliate against Syria.  Five Israelis had been killed in the northern village of Kiriyat Sh’mona by Syrians who had flown across the border and escaped on hang-gliders.  East Jerusalem was concerned that the Palestinians would be brought into this war if it occurred since that was the direction Yasser Arafat was then taking the Palestinian people.  As the mayor of Beit Phage who set his clock by Jordanian time and had framed pictures of the late King Hussein of Jordan, z’’l, told me at the time, “Arafat is sending our kids to hell.”

For some reason, Hamad, who I did not know very well at the time except he seemed to always be “good humored” and was constantly playing or the brunt of practical jokes, asked me in the English he was determined to learn, “Dan’el (easier to say than my given name), what your Jesus do?”  A verse came to mind which I paraphrased, “Jesus would say, if someone strikes you on one side of your face, turn to him the other side of your face.”  Hamad laughed as his and other heads shook.  Then he rose from his seat opposite me and walked around to my side of the picnic table: “Dan’el, you say … I hit you, … you no hit back?” Mischief was written on his face and intent revealed by his pauses. Hamad intended to test how RESPECTFUL I was about the advice just given.

‘Why did you hit me?  I’m your brother.’

I gulped a prayer while rising to my feet to face Hamad.  We were about the same height and build but I was about 15 years his senior.  I looked straight into his eyes and the Rock and Shepherd of Joseph (the God of Israel) took over.  I slammed my hands onto Hamad’s shoulders as hard as I could and declared, “Hamad, if you will do this thing, I will knock your block off.” Then my tone softened, my hands slid to his elbows and I added, “Jesus would say to you, ‘Why did you hit me?  I’m your brother.”  Again, laughs and head-shakings at this mentality not at all understood, taught or appreciated in a culture that teaches without retaliation you are less of a man.  But I had not offended anyone and -- here’s the moral to this story relevant to what animals want to teach humans – SHOWED NO DISRESPECT. (It is not disrespectful for an uncle to “rest his hands on the shoulders” of a nephew to set him straight about something, but this is never done to an elder). And because I had made it clear I was not Jesus, it appeared I would not have to counter punch my way out of this. Even so, I had been trained to take a punch by my boxing coach Smitty who would have me spar with his Golden Glove contender, who taught me to counter-punch.

Hamad and I were still standing there for about two seconds not another word spoken as a video on pause. As if on que, a car got our attention, braking to a sudden halt on the dirt road between the picnic tables and the cliff line.  Out of the cloud of dust from the passenger side of the car emerged a big, scowling, burly Arab who I could not identify as either from the Sa’ayad or the Avuhaval clans and only Hamad seemed to know.  (He reminded me of a mad bear that once treed my late father, z’’l, when they were both after the same meal.)

A practical joke that went ‘way way wrong’

The “bear” stomped straight to Hamad and without saying a word knocked Hamad to the ground with a single hard right.  Hamad’s face changed to hate as his teeth clinched and fists clinched the sand and he rose in one motion to retaliate at his assailant, who would make two of him.  But I caught his right in my left hand (as a counter-puncher is trained to do) and yelled, “Regah!” (Heb. “Wait a minute.”)  I had no idea what to say or do after that but startled by my catching his fist, Hamad had just enough pause – on this occasion -- to think before he acted.  His eyes traveled parallel from mine and noticeably up into his assailant’s face and eyes.  It was clear Hamad would lose this fight and this bear was begging him to come at him with an Eastwood kinda glint in those angry dark eyes that also looked bloodshot, hoping Hamad would “make his day.”  (A practical joke that went way, way wrong.)

Then the unexpected.  Hamad dropped his fists. Out of the corner of his eyes looking between his assailant and me, he calmly posed a question as picnic table benches overturned behind us. Grown Palestinian men were falling out of them and rolling over in the sand as they laughed uncontrollably when Hamad asked, “Why did you hit me, I’m your brother!”

Laughing and ‘scratching’:  Comic relief to introduce a serious choice

Six-foot-two, 240 began backpedalling, surveying a scene of pandemonium and not hearing the earlier conversation, the bear (apologies to the Bear Nation) started scratching his mental faculties as well.  He climbed into the car with one final headshake of “What just happened?”, and as the car sped away, looked through the rolled-down passenger window back at Hamad still standing there and his friends still trying to regain their composure.

“You see Hamad. It works!” I exclaimed to more laughter and Palestinian men dusting the sand off their jeans. Then, things got serious.  From somewhere inside of me the words I had never intended to say:  “Just like Hamad had to choose rather to retaliate, so the Palestinian people.  Creator is bringing home the non-Jewish House of Israel to reunite with the Jewish House of Judah and if you do not resist it, it will go well with you.  But if you do resist, it will be like pissin’ against the wind.”  Again, peace boiled down to RESPECT for the foreknowledge, wisdom and understanding of Creator that follows obeying His Way.

A Palestinian succah?

The power of prayers between brothers regardless of faith was brought home to Hamad, Munir, Machmoud, Mike, myself and others when Simhat Torah (last day of the Feast of Tabernacles which also celebrates the biblical birthday of Jesus – see exegetical research on our LinkedIn profile) came and went with no rain.  Usually, in Israel you can time your fall harvest by the fact that the first rain will be on Simhat Torah.  The day when Torah scrolls come to life in synagogues as dance partners and the dance is taken into the streets is also the one day the succahs (Jacob  described as “mangers” when he founded the village of Succot) empty and guests fill the inns.

 The Sa’ayad clan, known for its hospitality unparalleled just about anywhere in East Jerusalem, suggested that rather than I trek every day into Jerusalem during the Feast that they would build me a succah.  Mike’s father found a small Bedouin tent, which we pitched beside the road from Beit Phage to Lazarus’ tomb.  At its entrance, the Sa’ayad clan built me a large triangular shaped frame they covered with greenery and palm branches.  So I ate and slept under my unusual triangular-shaped, “Palestinian succah” which was the talk of Beit Phage and handed out Jericho fruit and nuts RESPECTING all visitors.

A prayer between brothers for mercy and rain

“The God mad at Jews again,” Hamad explained away the brutal heat, the day after Simhat Torah, when the Sa’ayad clan gathered to help me disassemble the “succah” after the Feast ended.  Hamad always could get a laugh out of any situation even while swatting sand flies and blessing/cursing the desert winds that brought a scorching breeze but no rain.

It was hotter than any combination of hot and humid I could remember growing up in South Louisiana and tempers were beginning to get short.  We decided Creator might be upset with Christians and Moslems and Atheists and other faiths as well as Jews and decided to pray together for mercy for us all and for rain.  I’m sure others in and around Jerusalem did the same but joining Hamad and Mike and Machmoud at the top of the mount, where they insisted we join hands at the four directions and I pray, and as I prayed a simple prayer for Creator’s mercy for rain, and tossed some sand in the air, we all felt “something.”

Clouds gather for three-day downpour

That night before turning in, I noticed back on my rooftop perch a single cloud had formed overhead.  The next two days clouds gathered providing relief from the heat.  The third day, the sky broke open. It rained non-stop for most of three days.  Wadis (dry stream beds) in the wilderness of Judea, in the Negev and even in part of the Sinai flooded.  Roads were washed out stranding those who had remained at the topless beaches of Eilat too long after the religious observance in Jerusalem had ended.

In the spring, Mama bloomed! Seeds that had been dormant for decades sprouted flowers and grass as thick and green as a Scottish golf course (until the summer heat returned). Artists and photographers and botanists would come from all over the world to document the “desert blooming” and the resultant surge of plant and animal life in the Judean wilderness.  But during the three days of near continual rain, local flooding was occurring even in Beit Phage.  Hamad came with Mike to ask if we could pray for the rain to stop, obviously believing in the power of prayer when brothers, regardless of faith RESPECT one another and pray together.

Animal kingdom encourages ‘human’ evolution to mindset of peace

That was 1987. Evidence the wars, rumors of wars and general economic, political and domestic instability since.  Instead of the non-Jewish House of Israel returning and reuniting with the Jewish House of Judah, spiritual leaders of the former have aroused enmities with the spiritual leaders of the latter.  Political leaders have circumvented the reunion altogether with a suicidal (for Palestinians and untold Israelis) Palestinian state that usurps the biblical Birthright of Joseph, preventing the return of the largest of Israel’s non-Jewish tribes still in exile.

Failure to address this spiritual priority usurping the Birthright continues to curse the nations of the world who have supported this “suicidal idea of man” rooted in a divination and impure rituals violating the skull of Geronimo at Yale’s Skull and Bones Society.  (See the account of the Apache curse connected to Skull and Bones linked to our profile: “Working around a failure that dooms the world:  The ‘treasured priestly garment’ of messiah ben Yoseif). Citizens of all nations are today controlled by a corporate global elite in a global market place, global economy and part of a global social mix.  In America, where the curse began, a complete Oligarchy (corporataucracy or integration of corporations and government) has taken over.  Perhaps because of the false hope the U.S. State Department had offered the Palestinian people with a state that usurped the Birthright of Joseph, domestic “unrest” in America has since paralleled the lack of any peace in Israel with the Palestinian people … and worsens.  Officials have ignored altogether the biblical state prophesied by Jeremiah and Zechariah.  (See earlier Linked-In column.) Peace will take another generation reared with a more evolved perspective related to “healthy competition” and conflict resolution devoid of pride, especially “spiritual pride.”  Without a “home-grown” peace, if it continues under America’s leadership the world can expect more war and with the same motives for other wars – to keep the military-industrial complex thriving, the “brave” thumping their chests and the corporate elite profiteering.

NO! NO! NO!  This is the seventh generation, Relatives!  “Hoa,” (pronounced ‘Ah-ho’ with the Hebrew furtive patah) “mitakuye oyasin.” Or “ALL my relations.”  Load your canupas and let the beat of the Father Drums sound throughout Turtle Island: The animal kingdom has something to say about this.

Animal spirits are largely the relations in charge in inipi (purification lodge where two-leggeds learn to look “within”).  Sundancers or occasionally one chosen by Great Spirit to carry canupa (CHA-NU-PAH) “a sacred pipe” merely serve as “hollow bones” for the animal spirits to help heal humanity by reminding them of what it means to be “human.”

The theologians’ scream

“Animism! Animism!” I hear the theologians scream. Well evidence that animals have spirits and hear from Creator and are even closer in tune with Creator than humans is all over the Torah and the Prophets.  How did the animals who entered the ark of Noah know to do so? How was Bil’am’s ass able to talk? And what did he say to Bil’am?

I’ve always believed the strongest witness for Truth is one personally experienced or evidenced.

By what direction other than Spirit, would a wild she-wolf leave her mate, 4-paw it over to me (a human) in the woods, and kiss me full on the mouth, return to her mate, stopping half way to look back? (Four witnesses). Why do wambli (eagles) and kwahu (Hopi red-tails) circle lower and lower as you sing and drum permutations of the Divine Name until they sometimes drop a feather? Why does a black widow choose you to bite when you haven’t bothered her web and knowing it’s the end of her life? What kind of message does a toho (Hopi mountain lion) send you with a drop of blood from his latest kill on a path you had just walked minutes before?   Ever been temporarily disoriented (Indio are never “lost”) on a back road and led back to pavement by hawks flying ahead?  Why will animals as tiny as gnats and mosquitoes and as intimidating as osos (bears) honor the hamblechkha (vision quest) circle?  And why would a prairie dog tunnel all around our inipi (purification lodge) but never inside or near the altar?  And I could go on.

Intimate contacts with animal realm change humanity

As in inipi, one cannot have such intimate contacts with the animal realm and not be changed.  Only a callous individual – the animal world would conclude to be “uncivilized,” -- would enter the womb of Mama (the purification lodge), covenant with her and all she nurtures and come out sport-hunting for game one does not eat (and for which one does not offer sacred tobacco before the hunt). Ditto those who would continue to frack Mama.

So as an ambassador for the animal kingdom, already experienced in the “peace process” and commissioned at least for this one blog on behalf of the toho-kwahu-wambli, wolf and spider nations (minimally), I’m led to relate what the spirits of the animal kingdom have told me that kingdom desires from humanity for humanity to heal.

Respect is the key but America still destined to ‘full end’

First, the animal world wants the human world to know that until you learn to RESPECT YO MAMA, (Mother Earth), you will be incapable of the healing in your soul to have a healthy respect for any life she nurtures. That can include human life and on a corporate scale often will.

Translating Tatanka, (the buffalo) whose migratorial circle from Canada into the lower 48 and back was interrupted by settlers’ expansion and the holocaust of the Buffalo Nation:

“All humans build not rooted with respect for Mama will be uprooted. Even America which usurped the Native wisdom of Turtle Island will come to a full end.”  (The prophet Jeremiah agrees)

Buffalo nation lends its horns so humanity can be humbled

“The buffalo nation will complete its circle again,” adds Tatanka, whose spirit rules in inipi.

Tatanka’s words are not to be taken lightly.  When sundancers are pierced they are laid on a buffalo hide as two 13-letter permutations of the Divine Name (YH&WH) are sung. Some dancers drag the skulls of buffalo.  No Native altar is an altar without a buffalo skull atop it. Of all the animals across Turtle Island, Tatanka knows Mama best. Tatanka also lends a most prophetic horn in Native ceremony of the End-Times to “gore the nations together” (Deut 33:15ff) explained below.

“Humans cannot continue pretense of respect for Mama with gossip, slander and evil tongue against Her relations”

agree Wambli the eagle and Kwahu the red-tail (who the Hopi call their eagle).  Because our Apache lodge is among the “People of the South,” a Condor joins us occasionally with the same warning.

“Actions must carry out words, less words become idle chirping,” state the wisest of the winged. “Our eyes are on you.”

‘Can siblings get along if they don’t respect their mother?’

Roars Toho (the mountain lion, who usually only shows up in lodges of the southwest),

“Is this not true in human families?  Can siblings get along if they don’t respect their mother? A den mother commands great respect from her cubs.  Healthy respect starts with the humility of respecting Mother Earth.”

Oso (the bear) leads the other 4-legged, winged and crawlers in a chorus of what could be interpreted as “Amens.”  The sundancer brings home these truths shared between he and two-legged elders and others in the lodge who have ears to hear and eyes to see the man in Ezekiel’s vision and the buffalo, the lion and the eagle.

The Hosea 2:18-20 covenant foreseen by Moses to humble Ephraim

And so we are left with human logic to explain the wisdom of animal spirits and the covenant with animals in purification lodges. For which we bring Hosea 2:18-20:

“And I will seal a covenant for them (the two-legged of the House of Joseph-Ephraim and the Ten Tribes whose exile is foretold in Hosea 1) on that day with the beast of the field and the bird of the heavens and the creeping thing of the ground.  I will banish bow and sword and warfare from the Earth and I will lay them (either Ephraim and/or the animals) down in safety.”

Hosea announces this humanity humbling covenant that bears the fruit of RESPECT needed for peace, with the 4-legged, winged and creatures who crawl.  Its context is the return from exile of the House of Joseph-Ephraim and the Ten Tribes , biblical heirs to the northern two-thirds of the West Bank.  In the same context of the reconciliation of the House of Joseph, Moses when blessing the tribes for their End-Times assignments, before ascending to Mount Nebo, brings out an additional detail about this Last Days covenant.  It involves the horn of the “re’eim,” who Rashi identified as the “wild ox associated with Joseph.” (Deut 33:15ff).

Goring with the horn of the buffalo

Specifically the children of Joseph will be “gored together” (symbolically of course) in Native ceremony with the horn of a buffalo wielded by sundance warriors and canupa carriers.

Native American purification lodges existed by the thousands when European settlers arrived on Turtle Island. Jaundiced with a vision of conquest fed by the Christian heresy called, “Manifest Destiny,” and greedy to own what had only been stewarded before they arrived, few settlers were interested in “pagan” rituals of purification.  At that time, the dregs of Europe were sentenced to America, as well.  Convicts, thieves, tramps and whores defined Joseph-Ephraim as so far removed from Torah faith it could not recognize Joseph-East M’nashe and the never uncovenanted priests of Gilead right under their noses.  To this day a version of Ephraim washed in the blood of Jesus and dressed in Christianity fails to recognize that this Gileadite priesthood has evolved to become a Last Days voice for Mama under the direction of the spirit of Elijah THE Gileadite.  But 400 years have passed with this covenant healing straight from Mama (Earth) being ignored by those it is intended to heal!

How does Mama (Our Living Earth Mother) heal humanity?

Earth itself is a living entity.  The Hebrew word “adamah” (the ground of Earth) is a feminine noun, which is rare in biblical Hebrew. The feminine noun means the Earth has dynamic properties.  It can grow, issue and nurture life, and if we are not careful to keep technology in line with spirituality, Earth can die … again.

Earth underwent a dramatic resurrection after an earlier cataclysm and was re-formed and re-populated with humans by Creator’s re-creation:

“In the (very) beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.  And the Earth (not the Heavens) HAYAH (Heb. was/BECAME) tohu v’bohu (void and without form).” (Gen. 1:1-2)

Civilizations that predate Adam and Eve and the garden indicate some cataclysmic event or earlier terrestrial technology resulted in massive damage to the planet, which was healed by Creator’s “Let there be light,” and subsequent declarations.  Thus the ability of Mama Earth to heal with the very healing power she was imparted when she was healed.  The late noted mixed Cherokee healing evangelist, Oral Roberts, z’’l, once stated that his healing “anointing” came when he was healed himself.  We should also note that Creator did not harp on these earlier terrestrials, whose technologies were obviously out of kilter with spirituality, but instead chose to make His covenant with Abraham and his descendants.

Humility:  Identity with ‘dirt, soil or Mama’

The word “humility” comes from the Latin root, “humilis,” defined by Websters as “low, small, slight akin to ‘humus,’ the soil of Earth.”  This suggests Mama is able to heal “humanity” (note the same prefix) of its pride and arrogance.  Or Ephraim can continue in its own “bris” (covenant) as the Latin word “hubris” (wanton insolence or arrogance resulting from excessive pride or from passion) suggests.  Wanton and passionate insolence and arrogance was the fault Hosea saw especially in Ephraim which could be healed by the Hosea 2:18-20 covenant – with Mama and all she nurtures -- he foretold. (See “Native American spiritual sovereignty restored:  End-times ‘balm of Gilead’ heals land for all relations,” an original exegesis of Hosea 1-4 at our LinkedIn profile.)


Ephraim today is identified as the “fullness of the Gentiles” (the “melo ha-goyim” of Jacob’s blessing in Gen. 48).  Called in Assyrian exile, the House of (King) ‘Omri a.k.a Gomri a.k.a. Gimeraii, a.k.a. Cymri/Kymri (when Anglicized), this Cimmerian root stock populated virtually all of Eurasia, Europe and the British Isles and later colonized the Americas and the world.  Ephraim appears to be the instrument by which Creator ingrafted Abraham into “all families of the Earth.” (Chizkuni, Da’as Zekeinim, Tur and Rashbam so conclude the promise of Genesis 12:3 as a “nivrecu” or grafting rather than a “brachas” or blessing). 

The re-education of Ephraim

But enmeshed in Church doctrine skewed since Constantine and his Nicea council “did away with the Torah,” and seduced by the belief of other faiths, Ephraim must be re-educated.  Once it has re-covenanted with the help of the tzaddik assigned to the task, Jesus, Ephraim must be made aware of its “everlasting responsibility throughout its generations” to observe the Torah of Moses.  Neither is Ephraim aware of its eternal vow made to Creator and to His Allah (Heb. “Allahto” in Deut 29:11ff).  Nor is it commonly taught that if Ephraim does not return to Torah, it welcomes the sword of “His Allah” to his (Ephraim’s) most distant coasts.

One bows low on all fours to enter a Native purification lodge (sometimes irreverently called a “sweat lodge”).  Re-entering the First World in a humble and sacred way also demands we leave behind the accoutrements of this Second World. So off comes everything metal and shiny, moccasins and most of our clothes.  Men must bare their chests. Where lodges allow women, they are usually modestly garbed with dresses that cover elbows and down to ankles and wear shawls as well covering any exposed shoulders.   Some lodges allow a towel.  Some don’t. Before we enter, we recognize and affirm our Hosea 2:18-20 covenant with the 4-legged, winged and crawling creatures whose “spirits” await us inside the pitch-black prayer tent, by saying, “Hoa (Aho) mitakuye oyasin” or in English “To all my relations” as we bow.

Buffalo horn of purification lodge began with Lakota

These are the fitting Lakota words given by White Buffalo Calf Woman when she brought the purification lodge, sundance and five other Red Road ceremonies to the Lakota Sioux, anointing their priestly leadership in the process.  Most all other nations have learned these ceremonies from Lakota, although some nations, such as the Arapaho do present a different tradition about the origin of the sundance.  But the Lakota were the first to employ the all-important and prophetic “buffalo horn” to pour lodges.

No one speaks in lodge without first acquiring a pause and stating “To all my relations” both before and after speaking. No one speaks while the first 5-6 stones are brought in. Traditions vary but these represent the four directions and Creator and Mama or the Native means of “diligently seeking Creator (in all directions)” as we pray and afflict our souls in darkness so in our life outside of lodge, we may “see” clearly our Second World tasks and responsibilities. The “spirits” of these directions portray the four archangels who in the Bedtime Sh’ma prayer of the Jewish faith also represent and guard the four directions.

“In the name of YH&WH, God of Israel, may Michael be at my right, Gabriel at my left, Uriel before me and Raphael behind me, and above my head the Presence of God.”

‘Goring’ with the horn of the buffalo

Just as there is a hierarchy among tribes and clans and chiefs, there is a hierarchy among the animal kingdom in the purification lodge ceremony already discussed.  Outside the lodge the buffalo again rules supreme.

In line with the fire and the pit inside the inipi where “Grandfather stones” glow and smile with their wisdom, is an altar of dirt.  Sundancers make altars of only dirt. They are molded into various forms, usually turtles but sometimes simple, round mounds.  But atop every Lakota altar poured by a legitimate sundancer will be a buffalo skull.  One of the shells from a buffalo horn will be used to dip water and sprinkle or splash or dash it against the glowing Grandfathers, thus “goring” all inside the totally darkened and closed lodge with steam rising from the Grandfathers (stones).  It gets quite uncomfortable as one’s strength is slowly drained, while the lodge gets hotter each of four rounds; but is never life-threatening when dancers and canupa carriers trained to pour lodges pour them SO THAT THE PEOPLE MAY LIVE.

Life incomplete without suffering

Elements of Wood, Wind and Fire combine to prepare Grandfathers touched by no hand but the fire chief and the sundancer using the horn of an elk to place the glowing stones inside inipi.  Whether animals gloat at human suffering I’ve yet to determine, but they definitely feel it should be a part of humanity and a way of dealing with “spiritual pride.”  The Crow spirit, who stays outside lodge to assist our fire chief (known as “Crow”), certainly seems to enjoy sending in glowing rocks.  Crow is a design and fine detail artist whose specialties are Harley’s and tattoos.  Before seeing the light in inipi, he was a card-carrying member of a Satanic order.  He was specially chosen for me to hand over the duty of fire chief shortly before my 62nd birthday.

The joke is told about CryNeagle (the dancer who drug skulls seven years and is renowned for pouring THE hottest Apache lodges – at least off the reservation), Crow and I dying and going to Hell.  Satan called up St. Peter to beg him for a vacation! “Yeah, these three are telling me the fire’s not hot enough and they keep singing that sundance piercing song permuting HIS Name.  It’s giving me a migraine.”

Suffering, without which any life is incomplete, certainly gets our attention and the attention of animal spirits teaching us in lodge. Suffering in lodge brings about a reverence for aspects of priestly ceremony -- permutations of the Divine Name (YH&WH) -- that accompany some lodge songs and sundance songs, invoke the Spirit of the Sacred and validate ancient Gileadite origins.



If you would like more information than available at or a first-hand account of the work of the spirit of Elijah THE Gileadite restoring the Gileadite priesthood among the Apache 5 Nations, the Navajo (minimally) and possibly 32 other Athap(b)ascan Language Group nations, please feel free to contact me. (See LinkedIn profile or this website for contact information.  Cell minutes renew on the 20th of each month, but text messages are unlimited).

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