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Sitra Achara  (the spiritual domain of evil)


gematria  (a mystical approach to unraveling the Torah which assigns numerical values to Hebrew letters. Names and phrases with the same value are believed to have some link. Also the New Testament book of Revelation refers to a "son of perdition" who can be identified with a  gematria of 666)


'anti-Christ'   (the English interpretation of the false christos (Gr) and moshiah or messiah (Aramaic and Hebrew). Its literal meaning is "one with or given a false anointing")


g'vurah (the aggressive quality of inner strength, usually symbolized by lighting a backfire against a specific category of sin or temptation)


Xicano (Xi=Red, cano=people)


M'nashe (one of two tribes who comprised the House of Joseph).


Aztlan (the Homeland. An Aztec name for their home in the American Southwest) sons of Zadok (a priestly sect that will be given authority in all matters of controversy in the Last Days. See Ezekiel 44)


Halachah  (codification of the laws of Torah in a practical way so they can be walked out)


Torah  (the Law of Moses as recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew Bible)


Allah  (the name of God worshipped by Islam upon the direction of the Moslem prophet, Muhammad. In the Torah, the word Allah describes the vehicle by which the God of Israel brings the sword on the people of Israel who do not obey the Law of Moses)


Sanhedrin (the body of 70-72 men who were sanctioned at the time of Moses to decide in matters of controversy and assist Moses with ruling the people of Israel. It is the only ordained biblical authority and the supreme authority recognized by both the Torah and by Jesus in the New Testament)


House of Joseph   (the name associated with the assimilation of the 10 non-Jewish tribes of Israel, also known as Ephraim and the House of Israel. 8th Century BCE prophets call for the return, reunion and reconciliation of the House of Joseph with the House of Judah)


rights of inheritances (Mishnah Ma'aser Sheni states that converts are not allowed the right of inheritance to the ancestral possessions at the time of the Jubilee. Therefore Joes who convert under existing interpretations of Halachah  forsake this right of inheritance. Only the Sanhedrin has the authority to review and revise this discriminatory ruling)


Shomron  (the biblical inheritance of the House of Joseph, which lies north of Jerusalem in the unannexed territories. This area is destined to be reclaimed by the House of Joseph at the time of its reconciliation with the House of Judah. Currently it is part of the proposed Palestinian State promoted by the Bush Administration's Road Map to Peace in the Middle East)


Shavuot  (A festival commanded in the Torah to commemorate the receiving of the Torah by Moses on Mount Sinai. It occurs on the 50th day after the start of the 7-day feast of Passover)


kabbalist  (one who receives teachings mystically and is believed to be empowered to altar human events for the causes of Hashem [God])


As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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