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June 2, 2010 / 20 Sivan 5770

Central Band chiefs invite 'Friends of the Birthright'

to fund treaty expense, signings; 'evade the curse'


As oil gushes from the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, polluting the fragile marshes and wetlands and sending tourists elsewhere, many coastal residents wonder why their lives and livelihoods are again being turned upside down?


As hurricane season begins with forecasts of at least three Category 3 or higher storms, oily and chemically polluted Gulf waters could soon rain down on most of the southern U.S., spoiling lakes and streams and reservoirs from which drinking water comes.  If the oil flows into the Atlantic currents, ditto for the East Coast.   So while others wrestle with how to plug the hole, we wonder whether the oil that has been life and livelihood is now a sign of a curse? Curses -- especially curses for the reasons stated in the Bible -- DO exist.  The Bible says they do not exist without a cause, however.


Since the promise of a biblical curse comes for "cursing the seed of Abraham," and "what you sew is what you reap," if a curse exists it would be evident in the U.S. relationship with Israel and particularly the U.S. designs on Israel's oil.


To sum it all up, the U.S. energy interests in the Persian Gulf resulted in the 1991 Persian Gulf War after Saddam Hussein tried to stop directional drilling from Kuwait into Iraq and met with the oil companies buddy, President George H.W. Bush and his Desert Storm.  Three days after the cease-fire,  then Secretary of State James Baker arrived in Israel with the ultimatums decided earlier for the Arab nations to stay out of the fray:  No more settlements in Judea-Samaria and a Palestinian state according to the 1967 borders.


So rather than help Israel develop Judea-Samaria for its prophetic biblical purpose to reunite, reconcile and restore the House of Israel led by the House of Joseph with the House of Judah or the Jewish people already living in the region, the Bush State Department instead ordered the halt of settlements.  This "curse" against Israel has resulted in the U.S. instead rebuilding infrastucture in Iraq at more than 100 times the cost of infrastucture in Judea-Samaria, not to mention that the ancient land of Babylon is forever cursed.


Since the presidency of George W. Bush, foreign policy from Washington towards Israel has become biblical.  However, the U.S. is portrayed as the nation robbing the Birthright of Joseph and in the guise of a Palestinian state in these territories, handing the Birthright instead to the people the prophet Obadiah said would be occupying Jacob's possessions when his descendants would return to them:  The House of Esau.


Understanding that tampering with a birthright much less THE Birthright is the blackest of black roads, the Equahiyi-Wasi organized by Chief Joe Sitting Owl White of the Central Band of Cherokee is proposing means to "evade the curse."


"Show your loyalty to the God of Israel and to the nation of Israel by honoring the Birthright of Joseph," Chief White said. "Become a Friend of the Birthright and help us fund a treaty we are intending to sign with Israel supporting Israel's right to the Birthright lands that have been earlier proposed as part of the Palestinian State under the Bush Road Map to Peace in the Middle East.


"Funds are needed to prepare the treaty and for regional meetings where Native American chiefs or designated elders will gather to Pow Wow, read and sign.  Funds are needed by our foreign ministry team for travel and to meet with Israeli dignitaries about the treaty, the chief said. "Friends of the Birthright will also have the option to be listed by name and included in the documentation presented with the treaty to Israel."


Interested Friends may contact Chief Joe Sitting Owl White at the Central Band of Cherokee headquarters, No. 1 Public Square, Lawrenceburg, TN.,  (931) 762-3733.




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