Spearheading the Four Corners  Mecca to the purification lodges of Gilead

 Eldersgate Levitical Seminary:  The Gileadite School of Theological Research

                                                                                   Planned initially for Walsenburg, Co., until resistance from the City of Walsenburg; https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-city-state-federal-officials-killed-first-maggid-ben-yoseif?trk=prof-post Planned for Pueblo, Colorado until unable to remain in Colorado; Planned for ??? 

Apache and Navajo were part of the 38 Athap(b)ascan Language Group Nations identified with Israelite East M’nashe and Gileadite priests led by Great Mystery to migrate further south to the Four Corners of SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, SE Utah and NE Arizona.

Following up on research of the past seven years locating a concentration of the priests of Gilead in the sacred Four Corners, a seminary is envisioned to train Native American Gileadites.

Native ceremonies already are powerful but the spirit of Elijah THE Gileadite is wanting to empower them more with observance of the laws of “clean and unclean, sacred and common” in the Torah.  The seminary also would teach Native American spiritual concepts and especially the intimate Native link to our Earth Mother, which Moses foretold and which can heal many in the Last Days.  As East Gate Apache were told by Great Mystery on Mother’s Day, 2011,

“Until Ephraim can respect Your Mother, Ephraim cannot respect any life that comes from her or that she nurtures.”


Native American Equahiyi-Wasi (Abraham-Moses Project) research has found a concentration of the Kohein haplotype DNA, identifiying Hebrew priests in the 4 Corners.


Teaching this respect to all who are detached from Mama’s ‘grounding,’ is a major aim of this seminary; the Native spirituality courses taught by local sundancers, canupa carriers and elders.

Whether seminary happens rests on Sh’mitah Tithes

Every stock market crash has occurred during a “Sh’mitah,” the seventh year in a Torah cycle, when the biblical Tithes for the previous seven-year cycle are due. This is because the Tithes today are not paid according to the biblical command. .The biblical ma’aser (10 percent)  is paid to the “Levite in your midst.” (All legitimate Hebrew priests including Gileadites must be of the tribe of Levi and therefore Levites).  The second ma’aser  is paid to “your poor” four of every seven years.  Until these Tithes are paid, every penny going into offering plates robs the Creator. These ignored social costs also overburden government and taxpayers.

Eldersgate Levitical Seminary: The Gileadite School of Theological Research, a Levitical ministry  is positioned especially this Sh’mitah year (2015), as a means to promote and meet obligations associated with the Tithes to the Levites in your midst.  The “Tithe of the Tithe” donated to Eldersgate will be contributed to Native American ceremonies and especially sundancers.   The same dollars transform  the economy of southern Colorado, promoting it as a spiritual Mecca and provide for Colorado’s neglected and impoverished Apache and Navajo (minimally).  The fruit is an End-Times priesthood foretold in the Torah to “gore the nations together” with the unique synergy of Torah and Native spirituality. Wherever Creator chooses Eldersgate, also would have a “hands-on” theology school, one of its kind in the world, providing theological understanding clearly on the cutting edge.  It would also integrate DNA testing to identify priests, making a DNA testing facility available locally.

To request a copy of our business plan or see our planned course offerings or apply in advance for an on-line adjunct opportunity, please contact me at the contact information on my LinkedIn Network Profile.

Gah geh you e,

Maggid ben Yoseif