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September 8, 2008


A warning to the Religious ‘Wrong’:

Pray … you ‘don’t get fooled again’


Hoa and Shalom,


I would like to weigh in on the nomination of Gov. Cindy Palin, for the GOP nomination of vice president.   A notice asking me to support her among my Native friends in Colorado arrived unsolicited. I’ve gotten two other unsolicited emails asking me about her.  So, I am replying to all fellow Natives who received that earlier notice and am forwarding this to others who operate Native American and House of Joseph lists.  To those who supported George W. Bush four years ago, I will not say, “I told you so,” except this once, but it is truly my prayer that “you don’t get fooled again.”


Three soundings to warning


I have received the same word on three occasions after praying and smoking on whether we can really expect change from the McCain-Palin ticket.  The first was Saturday night after one of two purification lodges held this past weekend by descendants of Geronimo’s Apaches.  Pretty wiped out from that sweat and the meal following, I returned home and fell asleep in my recliner and woke up with Rocky Mountain PBS on the television broadcasting an old “live” concert of “The Who.”  The curious thing was the phrase that woke me up:  “Get on your knees and pray ….. we don’t get fooled again.”  And I did.


Then, on Sunday night at the second Apache purification lodge, Jimmy Tenrivers was praying about the coming election – mostly that whomever is elected will not cause more problems economically to the indigenous people or to Mother Earth by not thinking through seven generations the effects of anything Washington will propose to do.  He stated very clearly – as I told you four years ago, that we will “get who we deserve” regardless of whom our individual votes may choose.  But then he said the same thing virtually, that “The Who” singer said the night before, “Grandfather, we pray that we won’t be fooled again.”


Then last night after returning from the purification lodge, it was near midnight, so I turned on the radio to get the news and listen to Coast to Coast AM while preparing for bed.  It was a special broadcast for people to express what they were as “mad as hell about” and “not going to take anymore.”  Occasionally George Noory does these programs on Coast and you can get a feel for what a cross-segment of the country – and the world -- is feeling.


Between the news at every half hour and the Coast program, there is a musical interlude.  Noory, is a fellow fan of Classic Rock and especially the Rock bands in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when rock musicians were the prophets for change.  Guess what the musical interlude performed by “The Who” was that same night?


Skulduggery:  America’s most serious spiritual issue


My mind is still open to Palin’s energetic arrival, but the only personal letter I wrote to Sen. John McCain, and 99 other U.S. Senators – asking for their help in obtaining the Skull of Geronimo from Yale’s Skull and Bones Society, where it is being used in an unclean ritual -- was answered with a brief statement informing me that his priorities were the people of Arizona.  He stated in a form letter, that he was forwarding my concern to my senators in Colorado, even though the letter I wrote him made it clear that the same request was already being made of all of the Senate and President Bush.  In other words, he was NO HELP at all in resolving the most serious spiritual problem that confronts America. What Maverick?  But the same could be said of Senator Obama, who did not even answer my letter.


Those of you who may have a means to contact Governor Palin or anyone in the Obama campaign for that matter, I strongly encourage to relate the concern that the Bush Road Map promoted by the Bush State Department is the main reason the U.S. is being cursed according to the terms of Genesis 12:3.,   But this curse is linked and compounded by an earlier Bush family curse, which the Apache believe has attached itself to the nation: The skullduggery of Geronimo’s grave by Grandfather Prescott Bush.


Like grandfather, like grandson


Including the Birthright territories of Joseph in a Palestinian State, after Obadiah warned that when Jacob would return to his possessions, he would find them occupied by the House of Esau, means the Palestinians residing in Joseph’s territories ARE the House of Esau and the Birthright is being given – like Geronimo’s head on a platter -- to the House of Esau by the Bush plan.  Just as Prescott Bush dug up Geronimo and took his skull to Yale, “W” and company are trying to “behead” Joseph, (see the logo on my website,  Just like an Apache curse always comes with evidence of why the curse exists “like the tread marks left by a wheel after it rolls over you,” the Hebrew sages believed a “curse without a cause does not come.”  To the Apache nation, the curse on our economy, housing foreclosures, unemployment, weird weather and everything else wrong with the U.S. Government goes back to the desecration of Geronimo’s grave.  The “metote” (fog of the mind) that confuses issues in Washington, will continue until Geronimo completes his journey. And the best evidence of the “cause” is the acts of grandson, George W., who is attempting a beheading act all his own (Joseph’s land forms the outline of a man’s head wearing a crown), after sealing a vow to Satan by kissing the skull of Geronimo and taking the identity of the infamous Gog.  (I’m not making this stuff up. This and much much worse, is what goes on in the Skull and Bones society at Yale).


Spiritual root of Iraqi war


Further, the “spiritual” root of our involvement in Iraq is because President George H.W. Bush and the James Baker State Department struck a deal with the Arab nations to keep them out of the Persian Gulf War and aligned with Saddam.  That deal would restrict Israel from settling the territories of Joseph and halt preparations of the Birthright land for the Birthright people who must come and reunite with the House of Judah.  “H.W.” and Baker, “W.”, Cheney and Condoleeza Rice, all were warned about their choice of defending military and oil industries’ interests in Iraq over the coveted Birthright in the Summer of 2003 at the first rally and march allowed in Crawford, TX., to protest the Road Map. I warned H.W. in a fax from Israel two weeks before the election he lost to Clinton.  I warned Clinton through a fax to Secretary of State Madeline Albright.  NONE OF THESE WARNINGS WERE EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED.  Bush sent his own PR man to the event in Crawford, TX., to try to railroad it, but we had 150 Joes present from 10 states on short notice.  Unfortunately news of this rally was pre-empted by the blackout that struck the Northeast the same weekend.


Obadiah said ALL of this House of Esau residing in Joseph’s possessions (the fields of Ephraim and the fields of the Shomron) will die to the last man, woman and child;  this would include the millions of Palestinian refugees the Bush plan advocates should be returned.  Had the State Departments of Bush 41, Clinton and Bush 43 not pressed Israel to abandon the land of Joseph, those territories would by now be prepared for the return of the Joes.  But compromises made to secure Middle Eastern oil and defense industry interests in the Persian Gulf have proved more the case.  The result – unless this is cut off at its spiritual roots -- will be more blood spilled in exchange for America’s interests in Middle East oil.  America chose Iraq over the land of Joseph; Iraq a land perpetually cursed by Hashem.


Ada Fasthorse, the greatest granddaughter of Geronimo, asked for the return of the skull and femur bone of Geronimo “before the curse” – which has attached itself to the nation because of the Bush presidencies – “gets much worse.”  The skulls and femurs of Mangus Colorados, a more revered leader than Geronimo who was betrayed by the U.S. Army in New Mexico and killed and beheaded, and several other young Apaches whose graves were dug up at Ft. Sill, OK, also were taken to Yale, according to minutes of the secret society reported by Alexandra Robbins in her expose published in The Atlantic:  George W:  Knight of Eulogia.  The same was aired on a segment of 60 Minutes with Morley Safer.


Manifest Destiny and the Immigration debate


I personally delivered her note to White House special assistant to the President in the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs Andrew Ciaferdini, who had been a protocol officer for the State Department. It was delivered in July ‘07 after the Native commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown settlement, signaling the end of the 400-year failed experiment called “Manifest Destiny.” (How can anything be successful at the attempted extermination of and broken treaties with 500 Native American tribes?  See Kevin Costner’s narration of “500 Nations.”)  Manifest Destiny also totally dismissed the prophesies related to this land now called America more than a thousand years before anything American was here.  Notably, this land is promised to the descendants of the Hopi (who according to correlations between the Book of Hopi (1976) and the Book of Mormon (1830) appear to be the family of the Israelite tribe of M’nashe “separated from his brothers” INCLUDING THOSE ARRIVING FROM THE SOUTH.  The immigration debate must be understood in the context of this regional return in fulfillment of the Hopi prophesies.


If Palin is the friend of Israel, as some of your emails seem to be indicating to me, perhaps she can be the Maverick voice to do away with the suicidal road map, clear out the anti-Semitic elements in the State Departtment and point Israel and the Palestinians toward the biblical scenarios of a CONTIGUOUS Palestinian state in Gaza and the regions adjacent, including the fertile Sh’felah; and the return of the House of Joseph as per Zechariah 10:10, so that the Joes spill over into South Lebanon and the Gilead, (Jordan).


The only ‘change’ worth having


The only change worth having is change of the spiritual forces that govern and direct this nation.  THESE changes will result in real and positive change for the people.  But for too long Washington has been ruled by dark forces.  Drive the darkness out of Washington and you can effect real change. But when Hashem tells me to circle the city and pray in several Native tongues before entering the Capital City and not to stay after dark, I have serious reservations that it can be changed by anything but Judgment.


Palin is a pretty face and exuberance incarnated for a heretofore lackluster campaign, which actually gives the Republicans a chance, but before the Religious Right backs the Wrong Horse AGAIN, it would be a good idea to follow the lead of “The Who’s” lead singer and “get on your knees and pray” … and read the book behind the pretty and jazzy book-jacket to get a clear and detailed position of the McCain-Palin foreign policy as it relates to Israel and a Palestinian State on the Birthright land of Joseph.


Do not forget that behind the pretty face and all that capacity, talent and energy is a politician, whose record on the Bridge to Nowhere has yet to be clarified and who has not yet convinced America that she can juggle a child with special needs plus other children and a working husband with the position of governor, much less vice-president or president. 


I wrote all of that to write this:   THE TIME TO REACH POLITICIANS IS BEFORE AN ELECTION.  Someone – perhaps the person who circulated this email and wants to help her cause – should get a firm commitment from Palin that the U.S. will rescind the Bush Road Map.  Otherwise, the curse continues … and worsens.


Hoa Hoa and Shalom Shalom,


Maggid ben Yoseif


As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

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