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March 19, 2007 / 29 Adar 5767

Passover Primer

Hoa and Shalom,

Because Jesus chose Passover to renew the "Book of the Covenant" between Hashem and the assimilation of non-Jewish Israel to which he was sent, it is crucial to understand this festival in its proper observance, with recognition of the emblems of covenant from the Torah and its proper Seder (order).

Accordingly, we resubmit earlier writings explaining the renewed covenant from the foundation of the Torah given at Sinai, which we suggest was the intent of Jesus with his "hard" sayings:  "This is my body" and "This is the renewed covenant in my blood."

Maggid ben Yoseif

A Passover Planning Guide

Passover and lashan hara; Permitted food ; Planning a Seder meal; What you will need; Order of the Seder; Questions about Passover observance

Passover BC   

Does your Passover Seder call to mind the reason for the exile into Egypt and its remedy? Does the Afikomen you eat for dessert taste anything like the Book of the Covenant Moshe read and the House of Israel broke? Read Maggid ben Yoseif's thoughts on Passover about taming the tongue and why the salt water Judah currently experiences could be related to the dipping of Joseph's garments into the blood of a goat ... in our time.

Passover, the Counting of the Omer and Y'shua

Many difficulties with the New Testament text related to the 'Lord's Supper' are reconciled when the context of the text is Torah and Halachah (interpretation of the Torah into Jewish Law).

The Four Cups of the Passover Seder:  How they may reconcile Jews and Joes

Y'shua raised the third cup of the Passover Seder to initiate the "renewed covenant (in, by means of, or with) my blood." That cup represented the blood sprinkled on all of Israel at Sinai and Moses' declaration:  "Behold the blood of the covenant" ... concerning the Book of the Covenant Moses had just read.  The exegetical basis for this teaching is explained.

The mystery of the Afikomen

Various schools of thought regarding the Afikomen point -- in the mind of MbY -- to the search for the larger portion of Israel still in exile and their renewal of covenant. 


As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

Radio interviews with Maggid ben Yoseif on Torah to the Nations with David Mathews, Hebrew Nation Radio Network.

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