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1. To offer and promote a biblical alternative to the proposed suicidal Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria involving:

A. The mutual transfer of Israelis (from the Gaza and regions contiguous) to other parts of Israel, and Palestinians from the fields of the Shomron and the fields of Ephraim (the head and crown in the illustration at right)  TO the Gaza and regions contiguous.   The "Zechariah Plan," is based on the vision a biblical prophet stirred by future events connected with Syria and Lebanon (Zechariah 9), whose very name reminds us to "remember the Almighty" in all we do.  Whatever the evil promoting the suicidal Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria, the Zechariah Plan has as its international precedent, the much more prolonged and much less humane Removal of the Cherokee Nation, for the much greater evil of gold fever. See our blog "Jeremiah, Zechariah prophesy conditional, contiguous Palestinian state"

B. The Return of the non-Jewish House of Joseph to the inheritances of Joseph (the same head and crown region) at the invitation of the House of Judah (Jeremiah 31:15-18, Obadiah 1, Hosea 2:1, Ezekiel 37)

C. The realization that Judea-Samaria (the complete outline) is a HOLY region, meaning it is "set aside" for the Return of the House of Joseph and the reconciliation and reunion between Joes and Jews and therefore not suitable for a Palestinian state.

Biblical Response to the intent to declare a Palestinian State.
Detours on the President's "road map to peace in the Middle East"
Editorial against the "road map to peace in the Middle East"


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