As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

(Literal translation of Isaiah 52:14-15)


el Huerfano (The Orphan) blog of 15 Av 5774 / August 12, 2014


14. Thus said the Almighty:  Concerning all My evil neighbors (col sh'keinai ha-ra'im) who damage the inheritance (nachalat) that I have caused My People Israel (Ami et Yisrael) to inherit:  Behold I am uprooting them from their land, and I will uproot the House of Judah (Beit Yehudah) from the midst of them.

15. And it shall be that after I uproot them I will pity them again and I will return each man of them to his heritage and each man to his land.

16. It shall be if they learn well the ways of My People, to swear in My Name, as the Almighty lives, just as they taught My People, to swear by the Ba'al, then they shall be restored along with My People.

17. But if they do not listen, I shall uproot that nation, uprooting and destroying it -- the word of the Almighty.   (Jeremiah 12:14-17)


Jeremiah, Zechariah prophesy, envision

conditional biblical Palestinian state


Cherokee Removals international precedent

for mutual disengagements to separate Jacob, Esau


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PERSONAL NOTE: As in reporting a news story, every word of Scripture Truth is established from the mouth of two or more witnesses/sources.  For 15 years since first publishing the Zechariah Plan (see right hand column) for peace between Israel and the Palestinians in 1999, and being imprisoned incommunicado and a threat to Israeli national security as a result, I have sought a second witness to this plan involving mutual population transfers of Israelis and Palestinians.  Over T'sha b'Av (the fast of the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, the day both Jerusalem Temples were destroyed by Babylon and Rome), I was directed to read the entire book of Jeremiah.  A purification lodge the next day and recovery from that lodge delayed this reading until the Shabbat of August 9, 2014.


Biblical alternative Palestinian stateMothers know.  Rivka, (Rebecca), the mother of  Jacob and Esau certainly knew that the twins in her womb were opposites.  When they were born, she also knew who was smooth and who was covered with red hair.


When it felt like a war was going on inside her womb, Rivka inquired of the Almighty, who told her ,

"Two nations are in your womb, two leumim from your insides shall be separated; the might shall pass from one leum to the other leum and the elder shall serve the younger." (Genesis 25:22-23)


War in womb sign of eternal conflict, opposite course toward 'His Allah'


A biblical leum describes a people with a specific mindset, ideology or lifestyle.  Jacob and Esau were two different leum with conflicting mindsets, ideologies and lifestyles.  That the elder (Esau who was born first) would serve the younger Jacob is asking for sibling rivalry.  Thus the need to keep them separate "from your insides."


This means that since the separation was ordered before birth (or the realm of the eternal) that it is best to permanently separate these brothers, as Mother Rivka was directed.   The oral traditions bear this out.  When she would walk past a house where the ways of the Almighty were being discussed, Jacob would leap in her womb; and if a slaughter house, Esau.  And while Jacob gravitated toward the Torah of Moses, Esau's children chose a later faith, Islam, also at odds with the faith of Israel and biblically so.  The Almighty had all of Israel for all time vow at Mt. Horeb to both HE and Allahto (HIS ALLAH).  Contextually the vow to Allah, relates to enforcing the obedience of Israel to its Torah. (Deut 29:11-17 following the blessings for obeying the Torah and curse of the "sword" for not obeying it in Deut. 28.)


Biblical prophet from Esau warns Palestinians in Birthright to leave


Obadiah 17ff establishes that the conflict today between Israelis and Palestinians is in fact a Jacob-Esau conflict.  Obadiah, the only biblical prophet descended from Esau,  states that at the time Jacob is returned to his possessions, he finds those possessions occupied by the House of Esau.  In the context of world current events, this identifies the House of Esau as Palestinians and particularly those squatting in the Birthright.


Obadiah tries to warn his people that especially problematic would be occupying the Birthright of Joseph in the "fields of Samaria and Ephraim."  In this event the House of Jacob would be a fire and the House of Joseph the flame of that fire and the House of Esau as stubble for kindling. This warning MANDATES a population transfer of the Palestinian people out of the Shomron (Samaria)  or the head and crown region in the logo above) minimally else millions of Palestinians and returning Palestinian refugees would be annihilated and many Israelis in the process. (Detailed in radio interview linked in right column).


Mountains of Israel (Judea-Samaria) to be prepared for reunion


Since all Judea-Samaria (the mountains of Israel) is set aside for the return, reconciliation and reunion between the houses of Joseph and Judah, this transfer is especially evident. Ezekiel 37:22 is clear that this reunion occurs on "the mountains of Israel."


The evil neighbors of Jeremiah 12:14 who damage this nachalat (inheritance of MY PEOPLE ISRAEL) are clearly uprooted in Jeremiah's prophecy.   The question should be asked, "Where would Palestinians uprooted from Judea-Samaria be relocated?"  The logical answer is to a contiguous region with the Gaza.


Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron infrastructure for conditional Palestinian State


Zechariah was a prophet who experienced many End-Times visions.  In Chapter 9, at a time in the future when all eyes are on the Almighty including the eyes of all of the tribes of Israel, and the Palestinian people are looking for their salvation from Syria, and that expectation becomes ashamed, Zechariah envisoned a conditional biblical state for the Palestinian people.  Its cities include Ashkelon/Ashquelon (which would not be inhabited), Ashdod, Ekron and Gaza ... and one would assume the fertile Sh'felah Valley which unites these regions and provides up to five crop rotations a year.


The main obstacle to the declaration of a Palestinian state is the lack of infrastructure.  The ongoing Israeli-Gaza war sparked by Hamas rocket attacks from tunnels under civilian centers has further destroyed this infrastructure, lending logic to a population transfer of Israelis from the modern Jewish cities of Ashquelon, Ashdod and Ekron.  While that may have been unthinkable before this most recent barrage of rocket attacks, Israel is finding securing these cities more difficult and many Israelis may now volunteer to be relocated.


Jeremiah prophesied uprooting of Judah from midst of evil neighbors


This transfer, Jeremiah prophesied as well:

 Behold I am uprooting them from their land, and I will uproot the House of Judah (Beit Yehudah) from the midst of them. (12:14b).

Israelis disengaged from these three cities and contiguous areas and Palestinians disengaged from Judea-Samaria should have their choice of lands, homes, orchards and businesses in their new environs.  This was the will of the late Central Band Cherokee Principal Chief Joe 'Sittingowl' White, may he be remembered for good, who proposed and had me draft as his ambassador-at-large an intertribal treaty between the remnant of the 500 Nations of Native Americans, Israel and Palestinians modeled after the Cherokee Removals as explained below.


The nachalat (inheritance) of AMI YISRAEL (My People Israel) is not at all a reference to the House of Judah.  Jeremiah was well familiar with the distinctions between the northern and southern kingdoms, Israel and Judah.  My People Israel is a biblical reference to the Ten Tribes of the North, who were removed from Covenant and exiled, but who are promised a brit chadashah (renewal of Covenant such as the New Testament) and return to their possessions along with Judah. (See the Return of the House of Joseph links in right hand column.)


Mutual disengagements modeled after more humane Cherokee Removals


The uprooting of Judah from the midst of the Palestinians in the Gaza and regions contiguous and the uprooting of Palestinians from the Birthright of Joseph and all of Judea-Samaria foretells mutual disengagements and population transfers.  The international precedent for these exchanges is the Cherokee Removals ordered by the traitor Andrew Jackson when gold was discovered near the sacred fires at Little Chota, Ga. and Red Clay, Tn.  My gggg grandfather was one of those Removed from that sacred fire at Red Clay, TN.  He also voted against the sale of Cherokee lands rich with billions of dollars in gold for the $5 million offered by the U.S. Government. So, in the 1830s, Cherokee were instead forcibly relocated from their lands in the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee to the hot country of Oklahoma after a brutal "Trail of Tears," in which many died enroute.


The transfers prophesied by Jeremiah and envisioned by Zechariah should be much more abbreviated and humane and have a biblical motive rather than one for greed.  They can occur over a few weekends and should involve travel of no more than an hour of two by vehicle to anywhere in Israel or the Gaza unlike the hundreds of miles my Cherokee ancestors traveled on foot.


Islamic claim to Temple Mount:  Muhammad's horse came in a dream but Moslems pray toward Mecca with backsides to Hebrew Holy Place


The other argument remaining is Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.  Will the city sacred to Judah and its Temple Mount again become a House for the prayers of all nations? Including the Palestinians?  Or should the Islamic Palestinians concede that Muhammad never came to the Holy City of the Jews and its only reference in the Holy Koran pertains to a vision Muhammad reports of his horse setting foot on the rock under the Dome of the Rock ... in a dream.  When praying on the Temple Mount, Moslems face Mecca to the East, and actually show their backsides to the holy site where Abraham offered up Isaac and the Temple of Israel was later built.


The pity of Jeremiah 12:15, would refer to the Almighty's pity for the Palestinians, to which Zechariah 9 also alludes when the bloodshed is removed from between the teeth and the PRIDE of the P'lishtim (plural of the Arabic name, P'lishti, by which Yasser Arafat called his people) is broken.  Biblically that pride is broken when Palestinian expectations from Syria (ISIS / ISIL?) become ashamed in the Last Days and all eyes – including the Tribes of Israel -- are turned to the Almighty).


Palestinian obeience to Almighty's ways decreed by ancestor's acts


For a time, the sh'keinai hara’im are taught “the ways (PLURAL) of My People.” (This would be the same Torah and/or messianic faith that unites all of Jewish and non-Jewish Israel.  It is decreed for the Palestinian people because their ancestors (by namesake and the remnant of Esau in the land) introduced alien ways to Israel.  The Almighty adheres closely to the spiritual principle of m'dah k'negged m'dah or what goes around comes around or one reaps what one sows).  If the Palestinians learn Israel's ways, they are allowed to remain in ha-Aretz, (the land of Israel), but if they do not learn those ways, they will be uprooted a second time and destroyed.

MbY:  To my Palestinian friends: It is still my belief that you would have as much right to the land as the Israelites returning except for these and other biblical decrees of the Almighty.  I know you would never introduce the worship of Ba'al today, but because those connected by the Almighty with your ancestry did in ancient times, in these modern times you are expected to conform to the ways of Israel's God.   In which case, He never being a respecter of persons, WILL be gracious and merciful and protective of this "daughter of Zion," as Zechariah refers to the repentent Palestinians residing in regions contiguous with the Gaza, once the violence and terror cease. (Zechariah 9:9)


Machmoud, Hamad, Mike, all of my Avuhayal and Sa'ayad friends, your only "misfortune" -- as I explained to you in 1987 with the dramatic sign following outside Munir's store in Beit Phage -- was being born in the land of a Biblical Birthrite for which the Almighty had already pledged to reconcile Judah and Joseph.


I apologize for the cruel hope given you otherwise since, by the U.S. State Department and Israeli political leaders who took millions under the table to guarantee a satanic-inspired, suicidal Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria and have since played you like pawns.


Nephews, hear this promise from the God of Israel once the violence ends,


"I will remove his blood from his mouth and his abominations from between his teeth, and then he too will remain for our God. He will be like a master in Judah, and Ekron will be like the Jebusite. I will encamp at My house (the God of Israel will actually have a camp amidst you, you lucky guys) against any army and any who comes and goes and an oppressor will never again pass through them; for now I have seen their suffering with My eyes. (Zechariah 9:7-8)


Blog masthead

Mapping the Israeli-Palestinian divide ...

The outline of biblical Judea-Samaria (for 19 years called, the "West Bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan") shows that the northern two-thirds of the proposed Palestinian state (according to the pre-1967 borders), forms a partzuf (outline that makes a picture intended to tell a story) of a man's head wearing a crown.

Biblical Ephraim and ManassahThis region is the biblical inheritance of  Ephraim, M'nashe and part of Benjamin or the non-Jewish House of Joseph, who is promised its return to this biblical Birthright. (Jeremiah 31:15-18, Hosea 2:1-2, Isaiah 49, and others).

3D Map of IsraelA 3-D map of Israel shows Judea-Samaria is the high ground, containing all of the mountains of Israel, except the small Carmel range near Haifa. High ground given to a hostile neighboring state, spells S-U-I-C-I-D-E.

The non-Jewish House of Israel will reunite with the Jewish House of Judah 'ON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL'  (Ezekiel 37:22)


... and how to solve it:

On April 24, 2012, the day after the end of Passover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated his support for a contiguous Palestinian state.  Such a biblical, contiguous and conditional Palestinian state was foretold by the prophet Zechariah. Since former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee declared Judea-Samaria "unreasonable" as a Palestinian state, the question must be asked, "Does the Bible anywhere describe a Palestinian state?"  The answer: 



Biblical alternative Palestinian stateA sacred use for Judea-Samaria (to reunite Joes and Jews) mandates a different region for a Palestinian state.



A conditional two-state solution with contiguous borders in the Plain of the P'lishtim comprising the filled-in 'wells of Isaac' and Gaza, Ashqelon, Ashdod and Ekron and the adjoining fertile Sh'felah.


Exegesis of Zechariah 9: Biblical basis for Palestinian state that honors the Birthright.


MbY: JEREMIAH 12:14-17 points to mutual disengagements. 1) Uprooting the House of Judah from among "evil neighbors who damage the inheritance of My People Israel" and 2) uprooting the evil neighbors from the inheritance of MY PEOPLE ISRAEL (distinct from Judah) or the BIRTHRIGHT territories of Joseph. These two biblical witnesses, Zechariah and Jeremiah establish the reality of a future conditional biblical Palestinian state, conditioned upon that state's population obedience to the ways of the God of Israel.


MbY: Please note our June 5, 2012, blog on the recent discovery of a "boundary stone" of Judah at Tel Gezer, that should help biblically minded Israeli and Palestinian leaders determine the Eastern border of the biblical Palestinian state alluded to in Zechariah's vision and linked above.


MbY:  'Pre-1967 lines usurp Birthright; millions of Palestinians will die'

 1220 AM Salem, OR.

(a recording of Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Noon to 1 a.m. CST)


SUMMARY:  Support of pre-1967 borders at a time that Hamas and Fatah are united could set in motion the biblical prophesies of Obadiah.  This would spell the certain death of all Palestinians and returning Palestinian refugees who reside in the Birthright (head and crown region). The pre-1967 borders also steal this birthright from "Jacob" and hand it to "Esau" resulting in a curse on the nations who force this action.


Open letter to chieftains,

elders, council chairs of 500 Nations concerning Birthright

Return to the BIRTHRIGHT territories of Joseph and the remedy of the biblical curse against America


IN THE MIDDLE EAST.'  (The speech not heard from Madrid to Anapolis)


Letters/editorials, other writings protesting the Bush Road Map tampering with the Birthright of Joseph:

To past Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice

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Biblical response to declaration of a Palestinian State.
Detours on President's road map to peace
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Territories of Joseph and spiritual roots of the War in Iraq

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The biblical

'Return of the House of Joseph'

When the Palestinians are relocated to their biblical state, what does the Bible say is planned for Judea-Samaria?  Is it to further develop a modern and wholly Jewish state? MbY says the God of Israel's vision for the land of Israel encompasses more.  It includes the return of the non-Jewish northern tribes (the House of Israel) led by the House of Joseph and reunion and reconciliation with the Jewish House of Judah.

the house of joseph:

Native American M'nashe

Southeast Asian M'nashe

European and Assimilated

Ephraim  -- the Rov

Amish and Hasidic Benjamin


Pleiades in motionThe



the world awaits


Ancient writings about the cause of the flood of Noach indicate a star cluster identified with the House of Joseph, could "right" itself and form a star of David in the night sky.