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As many are astonished concerning you thus: "an outline from a man!" ... "his features mirror the sons of Adam!" Thus he shall startle many nations. Concerning him, kings (rulers) shall shut their mouths because that which was not told to them they shall see and that they had not heard they shall meditate to themselves.

(Literal translation of Isaiah 52:14-15)

May 13, 2013 / 5 Sivan 5773 (Erev Shavuot)


Equahiyi-Wasi research:


The Equahiyi-Wasi Society, (the Abraham-Moses project, researching Hebraic links to Native American tribes) was begun in 2000 by past Central Band Cherokee chief Joe Sittingowl White. Maggid ben Yoseif is one of the 13 Native American professionals tapped for this research.


Native American spiritual sovereignty restored

End Times 'balm of Gilead' heals land for all relations


MAY 2013 -- An original exegesis of Hosea Chapters 1-4 exempts descendants of Israelite East M’nashe -- whose migration is traced minimally to 38 Athap(b)ascan Language group nations including the Navajo and the five nations of Apache --  from the justice “without mercy” decreed for the Ten Tribes west of the Jordan River.  Justice “with mercy” is evidenced by the Native chanting of permutations of the unutterable Divine Name in Native drumming and ceremonies.  This gives the descendants of East M’nashe assimilated with the never un-covenanted priests of Gilead, the authority to administer the “balm of Gilead.” The balm prophesied to “heal the nations” is now defined as a Last Days Covenant between humanity and the four-legged, winged and things that crawl on the ground … and to end the sword, bow and “violence” (fracking) “in” the earth. (Hosea 2:20).

Bear Valley inipi

'Until Ephraim can respect Your Mother, Ephraim cannot respect the life that comes from Her.'    -- The Word of Grandfather


'And in that day will I make a Covenant for them with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven, and with the creeping things on the ground; and I will break the bow and the sword and the battle out of the Earth and will make them to lie down safely.'  (Hosea 2:18-20)


In this sacred inipi (purification lodge) at Bear Valley near Walsenburg, Co., and others like it in the region, Apache descended from Geronimo's chief warrior, Victorio, and other scattered, mixed and untribed Natives weekly suffer, pray and commune with our living Earth Mother until the snows melt at the Sundance site.  Ephraimites wanting to reunite and reconcile with Native M'nashe must also come to terms with Mother Earth, MbY said, adding he heard this with his ear in "the dust of inipi," poured by Sundancers and therefore opening to the westIn thousands of similar inipi, Native Americans suffer and offer sacred medicines and prayers for all relations on Turtle Island.  MbY invites other Joes to visit Eldersgate-Standing Tree A.I.C. and suffer with he and the Apache at the Eastern Gate of the Sacred Four Corners.


A special message from Maggid ben Yoseif

re:  reunion  and reconciliation

between M'nashe and Ephraim


 Israelite East M'nashe traced to Apache, Navajo

in Four Corners region


Geronimo, prophet of Israel


Reprint of MARCH 2011 Ancient American magazine article reporting the migrations of Israelite East M'nashe from Assyrian exile to the Apache and Navajo of the Four Corners.


This edition also includes "Cherokee Clans:  An Informal History,"  based on the DNA research by Dr. Donald "Panther" Yates. Now available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Hastings and other private bookstores and newstands or call 877-494-0044.  Cost is $7.95 + 1.50 for postage.   Only 25,000 in print.  "A collector's item for sure," says past Central Band Cherokee Principal Chief Joe "Sitting Owl" White.


A Torah study of Israelite East M'nashe during a recent Sundance


At above right, the Apache-Israelite prophet,

Geronimo, in his sacred garments 


Cherokee Moon:

The Cherokee New Moon is observed during the 'sliver moon,' just as in Torah ceremony

(From March-April 2010 Ancient American magazine, reprinted with permission of Chief Joe Sittingowl White on the Israeli Habad website)


The 'elchuta' (godhead) and its manifestations

in the Cherokee Council House

(From March-April 2010 Ancient American magazine, reprinted with permission of Chief Joe Sittingowl White on the Israeli Habad website)

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Biblical Ephraim and ManassahMbY:  'Pre-1967 lines usurp Birthright;

Millions of Palestinians will die'


An interview with 1220 AM Radio - Salem, OR


Open letter to chieftains, elders and council chairs of the 500 Nations concerning the Birthright


Return to the BIRTHRIGHT territories of Joseph

and the remedy of the biblical curse against America  

Torah vs. the Book of Mormon and LDS Doctrine and Covenants


Because Native American tribes have been targeted by Mormon missionaries, it becomes necessary to dissect the questionable origin of the divination called, "The Book of Mormon" and the character and credibility of its diviner, Joseph Smith, Jr.

Concluding a 5-year review of the Book of Mormon and the No. 1 faith professing "Ephraimite" identity, MbY urges a Torah-based revival among the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and its splinter groups.


IMPORTANT NOTE: During this study, MbY discovered that the Hebrew gematria of the name of Joseph (156) Smith (510) is 666.  Smith also admitted to receiving his revelation from "an angel of light" whom he called "Moroni."  The New Testament warns of Satan appearing as an "angel of light" and warns of one with a "false anointing" with the number of a name numbering 666.


See The 666 Connection to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Hopi migrationsReturn of descendants of Hopi from South country signals restoration of Native sovereignty


Hopi promised land long before it was called 'America'


The illustrations at left are from the Book of Hopi, by Frank Waters as drawn by Hopi elders. They depict the migrations of the Nation and the markings staking it out long before anything "American" was associated with the land.  Research of the Native American Equahiyi-Wasi society (the Abraham-Moses project investigating Hebraic links to Native tribes) identifies the 38 Athapascan Language Group nations, including the Apache and Navajo who migrated to the same sacred Four Corners region, as Israelite East M'nashe. If so, this family of Joseph-M'nashe most separated from its brothers, has remained in covenant with the God of Israel even though they lived up to their name and "forgot" (Heb. MaNaSH) all about it.


But the massive return from the South Country was long foretold by the Hopi, along with the promise that their descendants would have this land. This together with the end of the failed experiment called "Manifest Destiny" (how can it be judged a success if it relied on 500 broken treaties?) is restoring the spiritual sovereignty of Turtle Island to Native Americans.


Whose America?:  The massing of M'nashe in the American Southwest  


Jerusalem connection to Hopi documented for film festivals

Update on Hopi documentary




Eldersgate-Standing Tree American Indian Council

NOTE: On the night of Feb. 25, 2013, (Shushan Purim), Eldersgate AIC, which housed the offices of el Huerfano, the Jerusalem Torah Voice and the research of Maggid ben Yoseif for the Native American Equahiyi-Wasi society, were destroyed by fire. Because a spruce tree, outside of the front door (sacred to the Hopi) escaped unscathed, the council has been renamed 'Eldersgate-Standing Tree AIC.'


Temporary offices have been set up in a small 5th wheeler in the backyard.  Any who have benefitted from the free revelations of this website are invited to contribute to the rebuilding of this council dedicated to the restoration of Native spiritual sovereignty and ceremony.  See "Native American spiritual sovereignty restored:  End-Times 'balm of Gilead' heals land for all relations."



Note:  Maggid ben Yoseif was appointed ambassador-at-large by past principal chief, Joe "Sitting Owl" White in June 2010 and served in this capacity until all ambassadorships of the principal chief were rescinded by a new council whose election was ordered by the State of Tennessee after a rogue council was set up to challenge the chief's authority.  His ambassadorship ended with notification by this Tennessee-sanctioned council, which include some of the rogue members, on January 13, 2012.  The efforts to establish an intertribal treaty with Israel sponsored by the Central Band, are therefore now negated.  But the articles below are left online as a permanent record of this historical and courageous attempt by Chief Joe thwarted by this rogue council.

¤ Central Band Chief Joe "Sitting Owl" White wants intertribal treaty with Israel

¤ Chief names Ambassador-at-large to head foreign ministry, prepare treaty

¤ Initial draft of treaty spells out terms for Palestinian state that honors the Birthright of Joseph

¤ Cherokee DNA markers cover Eastern Mediterranean, including Northern Israel and sea coast

¤ Central Band chiefs invite 'Friends of the Birthright' to fund treaty preparation, signings, avoid curse

¤ Central Band recruiting mixed bloods of any percentage Cherokee with 'good hearts and morals'




The outline of Judea-Samaria above shows that the northern two-thirds of the proposed Palestinian state (according to the pre-1967 borders), forms a partzuf of a head and crown.    The map below the list of blog topics shows the region is the ancient inheritance of  Ephraim, M'nasah and part of Benjamin -- the non-Jewish House of Joseph, to which they are promised their return. (Jeremiah 31:15-18, Hosea 2:1-2, Isaiah 49, and others)



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