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An important clarification

Note: Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar Ron is a spokesman for the ruling council of the revived Great Sanhedrin

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Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 5:17 AM
Subject: An important clarification
ba-Shem HASHEM E-l 'olam
Dear Maggid ban Yoseph,
I am forwarding this letter to others interested in our plan, so that my position and that of my fellow rabbis and friends are clear to all.
I want to proceed with our plan.  Your suspicions are unbased and can be laid to rest.  As I specifically told Dr. Jones, I do believe there is a historical base for Anglo-Saxons to claim mixed Israelite descent, a source of inspiration to many to return to the Hebrew nation, and the Jewish People.   However, there has a been a small setback, which you have, indeed, sensed.  I dedicated myself to our project based on belief that your beliefs do, in fact, meet the minimal "kashrut" standards.  That was based on Ribbi Shani-Dor's confidence in you, as well as our conversations.  However, others who closely examined your website (while I hadn't, which was irresponsible on my part), raised an important issue. 
I understood that you simply look at Yesh"u as a "Sadiq", a wise, righteous teacher from 2,000 years ago with good things to say, although certainly not a part of G-d, not a messiah, and not even a prophet.  That seemed benign enough.  However, from your website and according to Ribbi Shani-Dor, it is clear you see him as a "world Sadiq", in the way that some misguided Breslover Hassidim see Rebbe NaHman of Breslov (may peace be upon him).  They see his soul as unlimited, all-powerful... Not G-d, but G-d-like.  Some even go so far as to pray to the soul of Ribbi NaHman, to beseech HaShem from his exalted place in Heaven, on their behalf.      And that is where all the good intentions go down the drain, because praying to HaShem through any intermediary (even though a number of Hassidim and Sephardi-Kabbalistic types do it) is idolatry, plain and simple. 
If anyone among you adheres to such beliefs of practices, their oath as banei NowaH cannot be accepted, let alone conversion.   You seem to forget that--according to our agreement--that is the first step for everyone --banei NowaH and Ephramites:  to formally accept the barith of NoaH before a beith din (or batei din) that will be set up in the States  --That is what Ribbi Moshe Kerr was referring to.  (Ribbi Kerr feels strongly it must be done in front of the sepher Torah.  That will be looked into and decided upon.)  If we can move forward, the Ephramites are to be invited to a step above that: Expanded banei NoaHship, for a 2-3 year period, in which they will be expected to accept, train in, and come to practice all miSwoth permitted to banei NowaH to practice.  During the proposed "Ephraim-Banei NowaH Alliance Tour", we will be establishing local leadership, under the Sanhedrin, to oversee this, for both those pursuing the 7 miSwoth, and those who see themselves as "Joes". 
I have taken counsel and received valuable advice from Ribbi Tzvi Rogin, Ribbi Moshe Antelman, Ribbi Yoel Schwartz, Ribbi Moshe Kerr, Ribbi Dov Shtein, Ribbi YaHad Yoseph, as well as those who know you personally, Ribbi Shani-Dor, Vendyl Jones and Sarah Richardson, his daugher.  It is clear to me there is a united front on this issue: 
Anyone who sees Yesh"u simply as a Sadiq, and righteous teacher, who may occasionally learn a thing or two from the New Testament, etc, will be eligible for the oath of Banei NowaH--so long as he is not seen as G-d, a part of G-d, son of G-d, messiah (even Habad-style) prophet, and is NEVER prayed to or venerated as a sacrifice or victim of the Jewish People. 
However, will not oversee the "return" (conversion) of any Ephramite who even sees Yesh"u as a "world Sadiq" a la Hassidut Breslov.  In your personal case it may be a truly benign belief, which I personally like to believe it is.   However, to accept those with such beliefs as a policy for mass conversion is a very real Trojan Horse threat: the entry of thousands who ostensibly have a kosher concept of G-d, history, and the Jewish People--but whose "Hassidic-type" mysticism is a cover-up for private beliefs and practices that are alien and antithetical to the Torah.  Therefore there can be no mass conversion:  Only a large-scale, well-organized program to discern who among Joeish communities is fitting to convert to the Jewish People, and who is not.  And like I said, if that happens smoothly over the next few years, and there is a significant number of Joes, converting ka-halakhah, I will be pushing for a special recognition for the Joes as a legitimate, distinct tribal group (subject, or course, to the annulment of a future Sanhedrin or prophet).
With no regard to the validity of the Ephramite identity with the People of Israel, the Torah is with Judah, who has never left the barith.  What I am about to say is unequivocal, across the board for all the following: 
--The born-Orthodox Jew who fell out of observance as a young teen, now coming back;
--the born Jew returning to observance from a secular upbringing; 
--the confirmed 10 tribesman of the Beta Israel  (Ethopia) or Banei Manasseh (India/Myanmar) doing undergoing official conversion;
--and how much more so  the "Ephramite" with mixed Hebrew ancestry from way back when, lacking contiguous tribal identity or tradition; and certainly anyone else joining the Jewish People--regardless of their ancestry or personal past:
The return to the barith, the return to Torah (full conversion), is one that must be done with utter, abject humility before the bearers of the living Torah, to whom the New Testament is, a self-contradicting, hateful, and abominable work.  There is so much evidence for what you are teaching outside the Christian sources; Yair Davidy's work is a world unto itself.  But there is no room for a "new" or "resurrected" tradition contradicting Jewish sources, based on personal exegesis of the prophets, on the part of an incoming convert--as Jew or Joe.  You must be willing to leave your New Testament teachings behind.  Like Mr. Davidy, (albeit in your own unique style, and your own strong sense of purpose and destiny) continue to do what you're doing, raising awareness of mixed Israelite ancestry of Northern Europe.  It's powerful stuff.. but LEAVE JESUS OUT OF IT .  Out of your website, out your writings, outOtherwise (assuming you don't pray to him as a "world Sadiq" in any way, shape, or form) you will, at the most, only be eligible to take the oath of a Ban NowaH.
To put it simply, you can try to go above my head, below me, around me, it won't help... I personally don't really matter in this equation.  My very communication with you is seen as liberal and perhaps too open-minded.  If you and your people want to return to the Jewish People, you must recognize that it cannot be on your terms, but on the terms of the Torah tradition we bear.  We are the teachers, and you are the receptors of that teaching.  If you accept, you have our blessings.  If not, we're very sorry.   For that, we need an answer soon.
ba-Ahavath HaShem wa-ha-barioth
(In love of HaShem and His creatures),
Rabbi Michael Shelomo Bar-Ron

Mapping the problem

The outline of Judea-Samaria (above) shows that the northern two-thirds of the proposed Palestinian state (according to the pre-1967 borders), forms a partzuf of a head and crown. The two maps below show this region as (A) the biblical inheritance of  Ephraim, M'nashe and part of Benjamin or the non-Jewish House of Joseph, who is promised its return to the biblical Birthright. (Jeremiah 31:15-18, Hosea 2:1-2, Isaiah 49, and others)

Biblical Ephraim and Manassah

3D Map of Israel


and (B) A 3-D map of Israel (above) that shows Judea-Samaria is the high ground, containing all of the mountains of Israel, except the small Carmel range near Haifa. High ground given to a hostile neighboring state, spells S-U-I-C-I-D-E.


The non-Jewish House of Israel will reunite with the Jewish House of Judah 'ON THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL'  (Ezekiel 37:22)


And how to solve it:


A sacred use for Judea-Samaria (to reunite Joes and Jews) mandates a different region for a Palestinian state. Thus "The Zechariah Plan" introduced below.


Biblical alternative Palestinian state








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