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June 2, 2010 / 20 Sivan 5770

Central Band of Cherokee names Ambassador at Large


LAWRENCEBURG, TN. -- The principal chief of the Central Band of Cherokee has appointed Maggid ben Yoseif, an intertribal elder, Native American minister and former American and Middle East journalist who lived among both Israelis and Palestinians its Ambassador-at-large to negotiate an intertribal treaty with Israel and head the tribe’s first foreign ministry.


“The U.S. State Department continues to force Israel to relinquish the Birthright of Joseph as part of the State Department’s proposed Palestinian state,” said Chief Joe 'Sitting Owl' White in naming ben Yoseif, mixed Cherokee who has also been adopted by the Membreno Apache sundance community, to negotiate with Israel.


“All Native American chiefs and elders and medicine people know you don’t mess with birthrights.  Despite repeated earlier warnings by ben Yoseif our State Department is messing with THE Birthright. It is the blackest of all possible black roads.


“The Central Band of Cherokee recently published 10 years of research by the Equahiyi-Wasi, a Native society of 13 professionals who have been researching cultural, historical, archaeological, linguistic, spiritual and DNA evidence linking the Cherokee to Equahiyi (Abraham) or Wasi (Moses).


The DNA evidence published in the March-April 2010 edition of Ancient American magazine, links Cherokee lineages tested to “Eastern Mediterranean origins, Sitting Owl said.  "Within the Central Band Cherokee and we are quite certain all of the bands of the Cherokee and our offshoot tribes and clans lies DNA evidence linking us to Northern Israel, the Galilee, and the Eastern Mediterranean coast.


"The DNA evidence links the Cherokee to this region and therefore to this problem.  As one of the Equahiyi-

Wasi, ben Yoseif helped us to understand that the Palestinian state as proposed by the State Department usurps the Birthright of Joseph given to him by his father, Jacob.  So we want to see an alternative, biblical and contiguous Palestinian state that honors the Birthright," the chief said.


"We are planning a number of regional meetings across the U.S., to give chiefs from all tribes an opportunity to read the treaty and sign it," ben Yoseif said.


The chief would like to establish ties with all Middle Eastern nations who are mentioned in a favorable way in the Scripture, but his first objective is to support without qualification, Israel’s right to Judea-Samaria.  The Equahiyi-Wasi believe Judea-Samaria cannot become a Palestinian state, since, ben Yoseif explains "it comprises the Birthright and the region long prophesied where the children of Joseph will be reunited with the children of Judah."


"Another goal of the foreign ministry is to encourage other Native tribes to similarly exercise existing treaty powers to sovereignly support Israel’s right to the Birthright, promote the biblical alternative Palestinian state and circumvent the cursed foreign policy of the State Department in hopes of saving this nation!” ben Yoseif said.


He added that the office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had earlier been contacted .  The State Department had not replied.


ben Yoseif was a career daily newspaper writer and editor in Mississippi and Louisiana and executive editor at the New Iberia Daily Iberian before moving to the Middle East in 1987.  A year later he rejoined the media as chief news writer and features producer for Middle East Television at its Jerusalem bureau.  When METV discontinued its English news programming in 1989, he was hired as a senior member of the editorial staff at the Jerusalem Post as an assistant editor of two weekly news-analyses special sections, and relief religion writer.  He also wrote one column:  "The speech nobody heard in Madrid."  This attracted several rabbis to invite ben Yoseif to study with them as a non-Jewish Joe in their yeshivas.  He also started an underground newspaper, "The Jerusalem Torah Voice and Investigative Report," which has focused on the biblical alternative peace process since its founding in 1992.


In 2001 "ben Yoseif" was given "smichah", a kind of ordination as a "maggid" or storyteller by the Rebbe Shani Dor of the revived Jerusalem Sanhedrin Court and charged to "go find Rachel's kids (the House of Joseph) and mobilize them to return to their biblical inheritances as the biblical alternative to a Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria."


In the summer of 2003, he led the protest against the Palestinian State proposed under the Bush Road Map to Peace in the Middle East, the first protest march allowed through Crawford, TX., near the ranch home of the former president.


ben Yoseif founded Eldersgate American Indian Council at Walsenburg, CO., the eastern gateway into the Sacred Four Corners in 2007 and was named to the Equahiyi-Wasi in 2009.


He has a B.A. degree in journalism from Louisiana State University, an MBA in business administration from Northeast Louisiana University and has studied theology at the ORU Graduate School of Theology, with a Moslem imam in East Jerusalem and with rabbis in Jerusalem.





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