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March 1, 2012 / 7 Adar 5772

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The 666 connection to the LDS Church

  The Satanic origin and purpose of the Book of Mormon and LDS Doctrine and Covenants

2012,  Maggid ben Yoseif Jerusalem Torah Voice in Exile 

O'siyo  (Cherokee) and Hoa (Apache) greetings:

Sun dancers here in Colorado and much of the Native American community are constantly targets of Mormon missionaries.

In 2008, we got fed up.  Jimmy Tenrivers and I organized a delegation to go to Salt Lake City and complain.  We scheduled a meeting with the Council of 12 and then president (the "Prophet") Gordon Hinckley.  As we were waiting in the lobby of the building with the obscene golden spires to meet with the Council of 12 and the "Prophet," we later learned that Hinckley had suffered a stroke and died.  Instead we met with LDS historian, Marlin Jensen one of the members of the Council of 50.
I had been challenged some years earlier first by a member of the LDS and later, because of my understanding of Hebrew and the history of ancient Israel and migrations of the exiles, by Cherokee, Apache and Hopi elders to read the Book of Mormon and learn as much as I could about the doctrine and covenants it inspired.  This is because in 2001 I was commissioned by the Rebbe Shani Dor of the Revived Sanhedrin, with the approval of four other Sanhedrin rabbis to leave Jerusalem to "locate the House of Joseph" among my Native American relatives and elsewhere and mobilize a remnant of them to return to their ancestral Birthright as the biblical alternative to a Palestinian state in the Birthright region.  This occasioned the critical review of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith (which you can see in five short articles at  To these elders' knowledge, a knowledgeable critique of this book had never been written examining it from a Native American perspective.

One question for the LDS historian

The LDS Church and its spiritual weirdness (I'm sorry I don't know what else to call some of your beliefs) had deeply taken root in some Native tribes, including the Cherokee band of my gggg and ggg grandfathers before the Removal and for whom I am past ambassador at large.  As a spiritual elder at one of the sun dancers' inipi (purification lodge), I volunteered to go with Tenrivers and help represent the Apache and Cherokee.  We had one question for the LDS historian:

"If the Lamanites about which the book speaks and who you believe are the ancestors of Native Americans were never removed from Covenant, as evidenced by their progenitor, the alleged prophet Lehi, (LAY-HEE) then is not Jesus irrelevant to us?"  The question was asked to expose the core of Mormon theology as warmed over Christianity, cognizant of neither our obligations to our everlasting covenant in the Torah nor our preserved status as part of Israel.

My personal research, as one of the 13 Native American professionals tapped for the Equahiyi-Wasi society, (the Abraham-Moses project formally researching since 2000, the Native links to ancient Israel, Abraham and Moses) has shown that a family of Joseph never removed from Covenant (Israelite East M'nashe) did pick up its Mongolian DNA during a centuries-long trek.  Once freed from Assyrian conscription they can be traced journeying through Pakistan, the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan, Tibet, Mongolia, northern China and Manchuria enroute to the Siberian Straits where the Inuit (Eskimo) assisted their passage into Alaska and Canada.  Depending on when the tribe passed through Mongolia, the Israelite East M'nashe DNA could be much more widespread.

Navajo weave rugs like Hebrew priests

The research through various legends, linguistic clues and unique ceremonies and an emerging obscure Hebrew priesthood traces six nations of these 38 Athap(b)ascan Language Group nations (minimally) further south to the Four Corners:  The five nations of Apachu and the Navajo.  The Navajo today are the only people in the world who employ the unique geometric waft and weft twisted weave of the ancient Hebrew priests.  Earlier, the Apache also had this understanding.  But the weave on the Choshun (Breastplate holding precious stones representing the 12 tribes) described in ancient Hebrew writings is identical to the Navajo weave ...  on their rugs, according to Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Revived Sanhedrin.  (See "Israelite East M'nashe Traced To Four Corners" in March 2011 Ancient American magazine, which is now available without cost at ).

Because there is truth to our Israelite heritage, which the Book of Mormon perverts, and because the Bible makes clear that Israelite East M'nashe was exiled 17-23 years ahead of the exile of the remainder of the Northern Tribes who lived west of the Jordan River, we needed to impress the LDS historian that to this day, we remain covenanted with Grandfather.   We were not asked this at the meeting, but I was prepared to submit and prove that the Native American population comprises the "n'zirei Yisrael" (preserved of Israel) of Isaiah 49. Both Jacob and Moses refer to a family of Joseph "exiled from his brothers," with the term "n'zir," usually translated "exiles" or "separated ones."  Since "M'nashe" resided on the eastern side of the Jordan, opposite the sibboleth-speaking "Mannasah," on the western side, this verse usually refers to Israelite East M'nashe.  But amid the exile of Israelite East M'nashe, the most separated are the Athap(b)ascan nations residing in the Four Corners:  The Apache and Navajo.  And the most separated of these six nations are some "untribed" Apache descended from Geronimo and Victorio, his chief warrior.

Ceremonies, medicines remain 'holy'

Our ceremonies, the sundance, which shows evidence of orchestration by a Hebrew priest, the Dance of Welcome (later changed to the Ghost Dance), given to us in 1890 by Big Brother Jesus (similar to a Hebrew hora but we dance it in a spiral), our stomps and other ceremonies are of the Sacred Spirit as are our medicines, sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco.  Since these remain "holy", they should not be used in common ways.

In short, we did not require being "missionized."  The LDS historian made no argument and helped secure $3,000 for the Apache-Mechizo sun dance that year.

The link to Israelite East M'nashe since established beyond doubt, indicates the Native American population may be the ONLY family of Joseph never removed from Covenant.   This means things we understand from Big Brother Jesus who appeared to our elders in 1890, would correct the LDS doctrine -- and Christian and other Messianic doctrines -- but they are too prideful and arrogant to accept correction from "sons of the forest."

Joseph Smith was/is a 666

With this preamble, so my motives are clear, I want to take off of my shoulders and place on the shoulders of the spiritual leaders of your nation, tribe, synagogue, church or ministry some very alarming information I discovered during my research and spiritual quest to understand and debunk the Book of Mormon and its doctrine and covenants.

I should need to go no further than to state that the Hebrew gematria of Joseph (156) Smith (510) = 666
Smith said he received his revelation from "an angel of light", which Smith, then a teenager, called "Moroni."  I believe the reNewed Testament states that Satan comes in this manner, as an "angel of light."

The five part series at  contains other insights that should be alarming.

A foreign policy out of Hell

But the most alarming concern to me is the belief by LDS that this land, (the US, which Natives know as "Turtle Island") is the inheritance of the House of Joseph and a new Jerusalem will be built in Independence, Mo.  This means a Mormon president whose spiritual beliefs have been influenced by a 666 who may have himself been a channel for Satan, may place a lower importance on the Birthright of Joseph in the land of Israel than has already been placed on it by previous administrations, assuming this is possible!!  This should be a very great concern because of the ongoing curses involved with tampering with a Birthright, the curse lingering from the Bush presidencies for the desecration of the grave of Geronimo, (an Israelite prophet), and Grandfather's purpose for returning the House of Joseph to their ancestral inheritance to reunite with the House of Judah.  And despite contacts from at least two dozen Cherokee and others from other Native American tribes, the former FOX commentator Glenn Beck, who is also LDS, in his several weeks of discussing the pre-1967 lines made no mention that these lines usurp the Birthright of Joseph.  HAD HE DONE SO, I WOULD NOT BE WRITING THIS NOW.

A full explanation of the Birthright is available at

Satan could be using anti-Obama sentiment

It concerns me that especially the Evangelical Christian Right seems/(ed) so intent to defeat President Obama in a re-election bid that it might be blinded to "sell its soul" by supporting a Mormon -- any Mormon who does not understand, respect and honor the biblical Birthright of Joseph -- in the White House.

Anyone who would vote strictly out of a spirit of "beating Obama," which is/was the mantra the GOP has/had adopted -- WHO NEGLECTS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO PRAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND HIS LEADERSHIP -- is guilty of the same spirit of rebellion that motivated young Smith!  Also, the resentment of the GOP against the president really needs to be reflected to the GOP in spiritual terms.  Look in the mirror.  The LORD God chooses a nation's leaders not based on what the people of the nation "want"  or think they want, but rather, according to the spiritual principle of m'dah k'neged m'dah (what you sow is what you reap).  To correct Mick Jagger, "You can't always get what you want, but with the LORD, you ALWAYS get what HE THINKS you need."

A divination rooted in rebellion to oppose Return of Joes

When Smith's divination was published in 1830, its flowery KJV language and inclusion of prophesies of Isaiah may have seemed innocent enough but deceived many, even the "very elect" of Ephraim, as the reNewed Testament predicted.   But my investigation also found that four years prior he was arrested and convicted of fraud for using the same divining stone by which he later "translated" alleged golden plates, never seen by witnesses except in "visions" ... "for fear of death", to "divine" the location of buried treasure.   Of course the major question today and which I ask in my review is "Where are the plates today?  Show me the plates!" which by all clues if they ever existed may have been writings of the six nations of the Haudenausaunee (Iroquois) customarily written on gold, silver and brass plates and hidden from the Turtle men (Spaniards) who would melt these plates for their precious metals.

Since Smith never made any overture with the plates toward his neighbors, the Haudenausaunee, the initial assumption of Native elders is that a rebellious teenager -- rebelling at religion in general -- stole the plates and used them for his own purposes and a religion of his own making ... out of "the spirit of rebellion," which the Bible calls "the sin of witchcraft."   I would add that those purposes are materializing today as the religion for Satan (divination) that in the Last Days would garner opposition to the Return of the House of Joseph as the biblical alternative and solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Until now, things have gone according to plan.

Bogus books, fraud destroy credibility ignite false doctrine
Further, within his "Pearl of Great Price" are the Book of Moses, which adds to the words of Moses, a strict prohibition in the Torah; and his Book of Abraham.  Smith claimed to "translate" the latter from an Egyptian papyri that had been part of a traveling mummy show.  It depicted a man with a raised dagger and another man lying on a slab of stone below him.   Smith translated it as the story of Abraham offering up Isaac as told in Egypt with much spiritual weirdness.   But later when the Rosetta stone was discovered and it became possible to decipher Egyptian glyphs, the papyri turned out to be a page from a funerary text in the Egyptian Book of the Dead called, "The Book of Breathings."  This and Smith's earlier glass-looking fraud conviction destroy any credibility Smith may have purported to have.
Those two books, the Book of Moses and the Book of Abraham, are the source of all manner of strange doctrine, which regrettably has never been re-examined much less withdrawn from LDS beliefs by the LDS leadership.
Question by 'angel of light' distracts from Torah answer

Finally, gullible readers (I don't mean to be demeaning except to emphasize that without a foundation in
Torah before reading the Book of Mormon it would be easy to be drawn to this divination) are drawn into and actually mesmerized by the book revealed by the "Angel of Light" (Moroni).  Toward the end, this Moroni challenges the reader to pray about whether the book is true or not and receive a witness to this effect "in their hearts."  This betrays the logic of the Torah which sets a standard for whether a prophet is true or not by whether his words line up with and do not contradict the Torah. Anyone unfamiliar with this very strict admonition is vulnerable to the heart tingles so easily counterfeited by dark forces.

Silence of LDS leadership allows Esau to usurp Birthright

Smith's divination of the BoM and his doctrine and covenants fail even the Torah expected of New Testament believers.  
His doctrine and covenants further usurp the legitimate Hebrew priesthood of Native Americans (Zadokites?) who in the Four Corners region have the extra Y chromosome in their DNA (the Kohein haplotype) from 20 to 24 times more often than any population sample in the world, including totally Jewish population samples.  Most tragically for the LDS, they claim to be Firstborn Ephraim without embracing the Birthright of the Firstborn and instead -- through the silence of the LDS leaders about the Birthright -- allow it to be usurped by the people Obadiah called "The House of Esau."

You will want to read the brief reviews.

At your convenience, I also would welcome a reply.

Gah geh you e and Ah ho,

Maggid ben
Yoseif (son of Joseph)  K'alijah Lioneagle Jr.

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